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Signs When It’s Time to Hire Ice Dam Removal Services Near Me

Ice dams are a large pool of ice on your roof. These are often formed from frozen water that has been melting. The water can seep into the roofing and cause water damage to your roof, attic and other parts of your house if it is not removed properly soon.

But since ice dams are dangerous to remove by yourself, especially if you are not a licensed contractor and your roof is fairly high, you need to hire ice dam removal services near me to do the job for you. Improper removal of ice dams can also cause the roof to get damaged. This will cost a lot to fix and might even take a long time to repair. Hence, it would be best to let experts handle the work so that you can make sure that your roof is in good hands.

When to Hire Ice Dam Removal Services

Read the list below to help you know when it is time to hire ice dam removal services. This will prevent you from waiting too long until the ice dams have damaged your home. It will also keep you from wasting money on hiring professionals when there are really no ice dams on your roof to remove.

  • Icicles on the gutters, drains and underside of the roof.

If you notice that there are icicles on the gutter of your roof, you should hire ice dam removal services. Icicles are one of the signs of ice dam formation on roofs so you need to ensure that you are calling for professional help once you notice it.

You should also hire roofing contractors when you notice that there are also icicles on the underside of your roof. This means that the snow on top of the roof has melted but the water has frozen again. And since ice dams are made from frozen water that has melted but got stuck on top of the roof, the icicles should be one of the obvious signs that you need to take note of.

These are also hazardous since falling icicles can cause injuries. Make sure that you have a professional remove the icicles. Avoid standing underneath these solid and pointy ice formations to avoid injuring yourself. Make sure that small kids and pets do not get close to icicles as well.

  • Water stains and moisture on the soffit.

The soffit is another part of the house that you should observe during winter. If the soffit shows signs of water damage or has water stains, it is time to hire roof snow removal services. Ice dams have already formed if there are water stains on the underside of the roof since the snow has already obviously melted.

Ice dams that stay too long on top of the roof will cause water damage by the slow dripping of the melting water. Since it will be harder for the snow to melt right away, the dripping of water will take a very long time. This causes the water to start seeping into the different parts of the roof and show stains later on.

  • Dripping water on different parts of the house’s exterior.

Dripping water on other parts of the house is another indication of ice dams. If there is water dripping on the exterior walls, this means that the ice dam is slowly melting. This can cause a big problem on your part if the water leaks onto the foundation of the house and cause premature deterioration.

Your siding can also get stained, which can start the rotting process. Make sure that you have your entire house checked for water damage when an unexplained source of leak is noticed in your house.

  • Water stains and moisture on the ceiling, walls and different parts of the house.

You should also check the interior of your home. Even if the ice dam is on your roof, which is a part of your home’s exterior, the water that melts from the ice dam will seep into the interior of your house. This is the reason why ice dams are not only harmful on the exterior of a house but also its interior.

Check your ceiling and walls since they are the most common places where water tends to travel. The attic should be checked frequently to ensure that there are no water stains and moisture buildup.

  • Ice developing on the overhangs.

Overhangs are also the frequent place where ice develops when there are ice dams on the roof. You can hire drip edge installation companies that will ensure that your overhang is properly installed to avoid damages during winter months.

Make sure that you have this cleaned as well to prevent pooling of water on your roof.

  • Stagnant water on the gutter of the roof.

The gutter of your roof should be clear from stagnant water to keep it from deteriorating. If there are pools of water on the gutter, hire roof drain contractors to clear the area from debris and other causes of stagnation.

Of course, you need to hire ice dam removal services near me so that the ice dam will be removed and the cause of stagnant water will be gone. Make it a point to have your roof, gutters and soffit checked to ensure that there are no damages that can cause your roof to perform poorly, especially during the rainy and winter months.

Watching out for the signs listed above will help you hire help without waiting for the damage to get bigger on your house. Since water damage is expensive to repair, you should be aware of even the subtle signs of forming ice dams on your roof. This will keep your roof intact and will prevent the ice from forming under the shingles, causing damage to the roofing materials as well as the underlayment.

Make sure that you are also hiring the best ice dam removal services in town. Do not deal with companies that will just force to remove the ice dam without considering the consequences of sudden and forceful ice dam removal.

Signs When It’s Time to Hire Ice Dam Removal Services Near Me

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