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12 Ingenious Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Increase Home Value

Kitchen Remodel Ideas
Remodeling your kitchen is a good way to increase the value of your home. According to recent estimates you can expect to recoup up to 80% of the money you put into your kitchen remodel. This percentage is not a hard and fast rule, but is something that is within the reach of most home remodeling projects.

As for what elements of a kitchen remodel give you the best return on your investment, this is not a simple question. It can vary widely depending on a lot of different factors. When you are truly looking to increase the value of your home with a kitchen remodel you must keep in mind that it will not be your personal tastes that matter.

Every decision you make must be firmly based on getting the maximum return on your investment. This requires careful research. Look at the average kitchen in your area and make your kitchen better than these kitchens. It is not always about putting the costliest option into your kitchen. Many times it is better to go for a mid range option in one area, and in another area splurge.

When you get this balance between cost and benefit right you maximize the impact of your kitchen remodel on the value of your home. Getting this balance wrong means you spend too much on your kitchen, and you get less back on your investment. Taking the time to research, ask the right questions, and get the right answers is one of the most important aspects to your home remodel project.

Ingenious Ideas For You To Explore about Kitchen Remodeling That Improve Home Value.

Talk to real estate agents: Make sure you are putting the right pieces into your kitchen for your location. Talking to a local real estate professional is a great step in planning your remodel. Going only by your personal preferences you can make choices that nobody is looking for in your area. Speak to a local real estate agent and get them to give ideas on what buyers in your area are looking for.

Prioritize based on resale not personality: Even though this was pointed out above, it is so vitally important it deserves to be said again. When you are doing your kitchen remodel you must put aside personal tastes. The best return on investment will occur when you make the choices based on what will help your home sell for the best price.

Keep colors and styles simple: Modern trends and designs are more neutral in colors and styles. Forgetting this and going for any sort of unique color scheme may hurt the resale value of your home. Select a simple flowing style that isn’t overly specific to any one design. By keeping your design choices simple and elegant more buyers will be interested, increasing the value of your home kitchen remodel.

Don’t go to cheap, or too expensive: Although your first impulse may be to simply buy the most expensive options, this is not always best idea. It is also not the best idea to buy the cheapest material possible and hope that you get more than its value in the overall remodel. Buy appliances that make sense for your kitchen, not just whatever is most expensive in the catalog. Finding the right selections at the right price is your goal.

To open the kitchen, or not: This is not as simple of a question as it may seem. While many home owners are looking for the open concept home, removing walls is expensive. There are also very valid reasons to leave your kitchen with the walls intact. Slate has the best explanation of why you should leave your walls intact in this article.

Try for granite: If your budget is large enough to afford it you should go for granite countertops. Your countertops are one of the most visible parts of a kitchen remodel. This means when you splurge, one of the things that you should splurge on is your countertops. You can often get the best return on your investment by selecting a lower quality stone. Stone that is a 2 or 3 may be something you can afford. This will give you that natural stone many buyers look for at a reasonable cost.

Buy appliances which will last: Be realistic in your cooking dreams. Very few people actually need a full gourmet kitchen. You can often achieve the best return on your investment by buying upscale appliances that are durable and long lasting. By avoiding the gourmet and going for what your buyers will actually use you often get the most for your money.

Splurge on cabinet functionality: While replacing your cabinets does not often give you the maximum return on investment, this does not mean you can’t make good choices that improve the value of your home. Keeping the cabinets but replacing the doors with soft closing ones can update your home. Adding drawers into the bottom cabinets can improve the value of your kitchen as well. As long as the structure is sound the cabinetry often can be refinished.

Don’t confuse the buyers: Look for ideas in a similar style to your home. Avoid putting a contemporary style kitchen into a colonial style home. Potential buyers look at your home based on the exterior, and expect that style to be present in the interior as well. Only a small portion of potential buyers are looking for a kitchen that is radically different than the style of their home.

Never forget a wow or two: Just because you should keep the styles and colors simple enough to appeal to a wide audience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few wows. Planned carefully a couple of standout things in your kitchen make it seem exciting and interesting. So go for more expensive knobs, or unique pendant lights. The best “wow” is one that a potential buyer can replace fairly easily. So that even if a buyer doesn’t like that element they know it is something they can replace after the sale closes.

Examine your kitchen for what is really wrong before starting: To have the most impact on the value of your home look at your kitchen for what is wrong. Functionality is the main consideration that you must address. A beautiful looking kitchen that doesn’t have the right flow won’t improve the value of your home as much as a good looking kitchen that someone enjoys cooking in.

Research what will actually save money: As you look for kitchen remodel ideas, you must do research. This includes looking at comparable homes in your neighborhood. The goal is to be just a bit better than your neighbors, not to price your home or kitchen out of them. Look at the kitchen appliances in your neighborhood. Go one step up from those appliances. Once you know what to buy, then research ways to get it the cheapest. Look for remnant sales, auctions, contractor sales or any other way to get it at the best price. Every dollar you save improves your return on investment.

Final Thoughts

The best kitchen remodel ideas that increase home value are those that work for your home. There is no one idea that will fit every home. Keep in mind these different ideas as you plan your kitchen remodel. A properly planned kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home up to 80% of the money you put into it. This is not a task to be entered into blindly.