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Landscaping Safety Tips to Remember

Landscaping Safety Tips
Landscaping is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, so if your job is in the field of landscaping, it would help if you know some of the landscaping safety tips. Remember that landscaping will require the use of some dangerous tools, such as heat and power tools, as well as those that have sharp implements. Furthermore, the job often consists of a repetitive work that can lead to a painful and even debilitating workplace injuries.

In the industry of landscaping, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth more than a pound of cure. It is always a good idea to prevent any injury right before it even takes place. Here are the safety tips that each and every landscaper should know in order to keep them protected while doing their work.

Stay Visible and Dress for Safety

Motor vehicle accident is often the number one cause of fatal accidents among the landscapers. So to ensure safety against these accidents, landscapers must make sure to wear clothes that have high visibility colors.

Moreover, sturdy shoes, gloves, long pants as well as ear and eye protection must be worn during work in order to stay safe. It is also important to dress according to the weather and to avoid wearing loose clothing and several jewelry and accessories that could cause accidents. Below is a list of the necessary protective safety equipment that every landscaper must wear.

  • Chainsaw protective chaps
  • Eye protection
  • Face shield
  • Gloves
  • Hard hat
  • Hearing protection

Keep your Tools Sharpened at All Times

Remember that a dull blade is much more dangerous than a sharp blade because if the blade is dull, the user might need to exert a lot of force just to get the job done and this can be pretty dangerous. Thus, it is important that all hand tools that are required for landscaping are kept in excellent working condition.

Rotten handles and split blades should not be used and must be replaced immediately. It is also important that the chain of the chainsaw is sharp and that the tension is taut. By keeping all tools in good working order, landscapers will be protected against repetitive stress related injuries.

Keeping all tools in good condition is a tip that is not only applicable among landscapers, but also on other professions as well. For instance, one of the safety tips among construction workers is to make sure that all the electrical tools and construction equipment are maintained well and in safe condition and must be inspected regularly.

Familiarize the Machines and Tools

As mentioned, landscaping is a job that requires the use of several power tools, such as blowers, tillers, mowers and trenches. All these tools can lead to severe injuries, especially if they malfunction and are used improperly. To ensure safety in the use of power tools, landscapers must therefore read the safety manual right away, even before they begin to use a new tool for the first time.

Although the garden hand tools are much safer than the powered equipment, some of the most common gardening tools like shovels and rakes can lead to injuries. Here are the tips to keep in mind.

  • Make sure to keep all hand tools in good condition. Replace any rotten or split handles and keep all blades sharp.
  • Buy high quality tools that will fit your needs and uses. For instance, if you’re tall, go for tools that have handles, long enough to keep you from stooping over when working.
  • Do not ever leave the shovel, hoe and rake on the ground facing up. Injuries due to exposed metal, most especially head injuries from the handles that pop up unexpectedly, are among the most common hazards associated with these kinds of tools.

Be Careful with Repairs

Before you attempt to fix any power tool or clear a jam in your mower, make sure that the equipment is not connected to any power supply or that the power is turned off. Most importantly, ensure that all the blades have stopped moving before you begin fixing it. There have been so many landscapers that have ended up with tragic amputations as a result of the spinning blades from the lawn mowers and other high-powered tools.

Observe Proper Use of Mower

A mower is the most common type of equipment used in landscaping. Landscapers should know how to use the mower properly in order to ensure their safety. In order to avoid any injury with the mower, the landscaper must pay close attention to his or her surroundings before they begin using it. Whether you are using a riding mower or perhaps, a walk-behind mower, here are the guidelines to follow in order to ensure your safety.

  • Carry out a pre-mowing inspection of the lawn and take away any debris, limbs, rocks, and other items that could serve as a hazard. Pay extra careful with concealed hazards, such as the holes.
  • Keep your feet and hands away from any of those moving blades.
  • Fill your mower’s tank with gas right before you start working. By filling the tank in full, you can avoid the need to fill the tank again at a later time when it’s hot.
  • Mufflers that are loud and faulty should be replaced.
  • Turn off the engine before you start unclogging or servicing the mower. It is also ideal to turn it off when you need to adjust the mower and before you remove the grass bag. To ensure further safety, take off the ignition wire right before you start working on the machine.
  • Carefully inspect the mower to ensure that all guards and other safety devices are kept in place and to also make sure that the device is working properly.

Chain Saw Safety

Aside from the mower, another tool that you may need to use when landscaping is the chain saw. This tool is great for cutting trees and chopping off fallen limbs. Unfortunately, this tool is associated with so many injuries, such as chain cuts, strains and sprains, burns, falling trees and limbs, etc., In order to avoid injury, you must be very careful in using this tool in landscaping.

Make sure that you stay alert when you saw. Most of the injuries happen below the waist when the landscaper is not focused on what he or she is doing. It is also important not to use the chain saw alone. Having someone else to stand nearby is necessary in case of emergency.

Consider a Fire Safe Landscape Design

According to research, an average of seven people dies each day in the United States due to home fires. Thus, when landscaping your home, consider a fire safe landscape design. This is a landscape design that can help to prevent house fire as it reduces your home property’s vulnerability to wildfire.

This design makes use of fire resistant plants that are planted strategically in order to stop the spread of fire in your home. These plants are great for areas that are prone to fires, such as in the state of California.

Whether you are working as a landscaper or perhaps you just want to try landscaping your own home, these safety tips are a big help to protect you from any landscaping related injuries.