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Lawn Sprinkler System Contractors Near Me: Get Quotes From The Best Local Irrigation Companies

This will Help if You’re Searching for Lawn Sprinkler System Contractors Near Me

If you’ve just had a good lawn installed or you’re planning to have one installed, don’t forget to check out lawn sprinkler system contractors. You have to take care of your lawn to preserve it. You’ve made a good amount of investment on your lawn so it just makes sense that you take care of it and a good lawn sprinkler system is a must. If you’re in the process of having one installed, then it makes sense to have a good sprinkler system installed to avoid problems in the future that will be inevitable if you don’t have one installed.

What is a Lawn Sprinkler System?

Basically, it’s an irrigation system. In simple terms, it waters your lawn. Your lawn needs regular watering and you can’t rely on the rain because you don’t really know when it’s going to rain and how much rain you’re going to get. If you want your lawn to get the right amount of water, you should have an efficient lawn sprinkler system in place.

It’s not just about watering your lawn. The system also includes a drainage system so as not to drown your lawn. Simply put, your lawn sprinkler system has two jobs – watering and draining. Only a good contractor can take care of this so make sure to hire the right one with the help of tips that will be provided in this article.

Why should you have a good system installed? It’s already been established that your lawn needs the right amount of water to survive. You can’t under-water or over-water. In addition to saving your lawn and making sure that it always looks lush, you can actually save money. Yes, you need to spend money on irrigation installation companies, but it’s going to be money well spent considering that it can help prevent over-watering.

According to statistics, more than half of wasted water across the US is due to inefficient irrigation systems. This is why you have to hire the services of a good and experienced company that has a proven sprinkler system if you want to save money. Sure, it’s not that much savings at first, but it’s going to add up as you get to save a small amount of money each day by avoiding overwatering.

Here are the other practical benefits of having a sprinkler system for your lawn:

  • You don’t have to water your lawn by hand every day.
  • You can improve your home’s curb appeal with a lush lawn. This can help increase the value of your home. For the present, your home can stand out among the other homes in your neighborhood. That’s what good curb appeal can do.
  • You’ll have a lawn that you and your guests will enjoy using and looking at.
  • You don’t have to look at hideous garden hoses. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful and expensive lawn. The sight of garden hoses will destroy its overall look.

Should You Hire a Landscaping Company that Only Offers Irrigation as a Side Service?

In a lot of cases, the pros that you’ll encounter are actually landscaping contractors that are offering irrigation as a side service. This means that they specialize in everything about landscaping which of course includes irrigation. Should these companies be considered or should you focus your search on companies that only focus on irrigation?

There are pros and cons. A do-it-all landscaping company understands everything there is to know about landscaping and they know what needs to be done to have a beautiful and functional lawn. They know how to take care of lawns because they install lawns. This means that they know how to set up a good irrigation and drainage system that can help take care of the lawns that they’re proud of.

It can also save you a lot of time, effort and money if you’re going to hire someone that can do it all for you which is important if you’re in the planning stages for a lawn. Instead of hiring two companies, you can just hire one company. Hire a good landscaping company and have them take care of the irrigation as well. You can get a great deal in this case and you can lessen your headaches because you’re just dealing with one company.

On the other hand, you can’t deny the fact that a company that focuses on irrigation alone is hard to resist. This is because they’re focusing all their resources into making sure that they install a good lawn sprinkler system. You also don’t have to worry about the contractor’s mind being elsewhere on a different landscaping project because you know that they only do lawn sprinkler systems.

Needless to say, both of them have their pros and cons so it’s hard to say which one is better. The important thing is that you choose a company well. You have no use for a local contractor that does it all if they focus more on their more profitable services. On the other hand, you have no use for lawn sprinkler system installation contractors that charge a lot of money in order to cover for their potential income loss for not offering other services. Just make sure that you hire a good company. It doesn’t really matter if they’re an all-in-one landscaping company or an irrigation company.

The Installation of a Sprinkler System

Different lawn irrigation companies have different methods of installation. But generally speaking, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • The contractor will install the system.
  • He will show you how it was set up and will teach you how to operate your new sprinkler system.

Yes, it’s that simple. This is why you have to make sure that you’re going to hire someone that specializes in sprinkler systems so that you just have to sit back and relax while they do the job.

How long will the process take? It’s just going to take a day or two depending on how big your property is. Just make sure that you’re hiring an experienced company in order to preserve the beauty of your lawn. The best one will install the system without causing too much stress on your lawn.

An experienced company can also handle maintenance and repairs. You need to get in touch with a trusted pro if your system needs repairs or maintenance so that you’ll continue experiencing the benefits of having a good system.

Choosing a Good One

It can be hard to choose out of the many lawn sprinkler system companies. You can follow these tips to make sure that you’re hiring the right one:

  • Make sure that they’re licensed, bonded and insured. These things can help ensure that you’re protected and that you’re dealing with legitimate contractors.
  • Have them explain their irrigation system and ask for proof that their system has saved their clients a lot of money. There are several systems to choose from like rotary, drip and mist. There are systems installed above ground and underground. Ask them for their recommendation and ask them why.
  • Speaking of clients, ask them to provide you with a list of past clients that you can check as references. You can also check their portfolio to see their past works.
  • Ask how many qualified technicians they have on payroll. This is very important if you’re going to hire a good company because there’s a good chance that they’re very busy with projects. You have to make sure that they can accommodate you.

In addition to their technicians, their office should be well-staffed as well. You’ll probably have a lot of questions to these lawn sprinkler system companies and it’s comforting if a human and not an answering machine picks up the phone so that your questions can be answered.

  • It helps a lot of they have decades of experience across them. In fact, it’s not unusual for an experienced company to boast of over a century of combined experienced across their technicians.
  • They should provide 24 hour emergency service. While they can ensure a good installation, it helps a lot if you know that you can pick up the phone and contact them if there’s an emergency that needs to be taken care of.

The Hiring Process

It’s not just a matter of hiring the first one that has impressed you. There’s a process that helps you hire the best out of the many lawn sprinkler system companies:

  1. Reach out to several legitimate companies in your area. Ask them to send you a quote for their services. Make sure to request for an itemized quote.
  2. Study the quotes that you’ll receive. Make sure to compare the prices and the services that you’re getting.
  3. Choose one or two from this list and set up an appointment for them to visit your property.
  4. Have them inspect your property. This way, they can plan for the perfect system that takes into consideration the plants, water source and pressure and even the conditions of the soil. A good one will also interview you so that everything will be clear. Take this chance to ask questions as well.
  5. After the 4th step, the contractor/s will draft a final estimate. Make sure that the estimate is clear to you.
  6. Choose the one that you want after checking out the final estimates.

Once these steps are done, the contractor that you’ve hired will get to work. The best lawn sprinkler companies will just need a day or two to finish.

An Easy Way to Get Quotes From Sprinkler System Services Near Me

We have set up a service that allows you to get quotes quickly and easily. Just access the form on our site, provide the details asked, and send the form. We’ll send the form to local irrigation contractors so that they can send you an itemized quote. Once you’ve received the quotes, just follow the other steps and tips to hire the best one.