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Mobile Home Floor Repair Contractors & Cost

Mobile Home Floor Repair Contractors Can Save you From Lots of Hassles

Water damage is the number one problem that you could face in your mobile home flooring. This is especially true for homes that were built during the seventies and even earlier. During these days, manufacturers merely relied on the particle board flooring. This is made of cheap materials that are just saw dusts bound together with lots of glue.

When it comes to any water damage on your mobile home flooring, it is necessary that you hire mobile home floor repair contractors. It’s the best way to ensure successful results which is of course what you’re looking for.

Any water damage on the floor, whether it is a result of water leakage from the heater, a flooded toilet or perhaps spilled water from the kitchen, could lead to weak and soft spots on the flooring. The soft areas are bound to collapse each time you walk on them so you have to make sure that you address any issues on your mobile home flooring as soon as possible by calling mobile home floor repair contractors.

Repairing Damaged Areas of your Mobile Home Flooring

Repairing the damaged areas of your mobile home flooring will require lots of steps, although this will also depend on the nature of the damage and the size of the area that got damaged as well. Remember that you can no longer fix the particle board when it has been damaged. This is because it gets soggy just like a cardboard box when it gets wet.

Although you cannot undo the damage, you can still fix it by laying new flooring that is sturdier than the previous flooring and one that is capable of withstanding water damages and other types of damages that your mobile home flooring is often being subjected to.

First of all, you need to prepare the tools needed for the repair job. These tools are tape measure, claw hammer, tape measure, safety glasses, jigsaw or circular saw, pencil and straight edge. If you are not equipped with any of these, then hiring mobile home floor repair contractors would be a better option.

There are basically two ways to repair a damaged particle board. First is to cut out the soft spots and holes then replace them with a plywood material. You can also choose to redo the entire flooring of the mobile home, if you think it’s necessary.

The piece by piece option is often time consuming and is a really difficult process. If you will leave some gaps, you may have a hard time in laying new linoleum. If you are not careful enough in cutting out the old flooring, you will cause damages on the joists and you could end up in serious trouble. It is much easier to simply lay plywood on top of old flooring. You will save several hours of time and you will not have to keep on coming back in only a short period of time and you will not have to replace another section of the board if more water damages will occur.

Covering the Flooring with Linoleum

If you plan on covering the new floor with linoleum, you may need to use both sandpaper and wood filler. Take off all of the furniture in your home before you start. It is much easier than having to work your way around with your bed, chair and other obstacles lying around.

It is recommended that you remove the things on your work area and place them in one area of your home or in a room. If you do not have someone to assist you with the job or if you feel that the job is too much to handle, you better ask the professional mobile home floor repair contractors to do the job for you.

Take this Chance to Improve your Mobile Home’s Flooring

Replace your current mobile home flooring if it is tiles or linoleum. Make use of this opportunity to improve the looks of your home by changing the color pattern and updating the entire floor covering as well. You can then install new carpet on the flooring.

You can choose to reuse your existing carpet if you are trying to save on mobile home floor repair cost. But exercise extra caution when removing the carpet so you will not end up ripping it or tearing it off. Store the carpet in a safe place while you are working on the flooring. As soon as the carpet has been removed, take off any staples, nails and floor tracks. Ensure that the flooring is clean as well and a quick sweep using a broom can help to keep off big debris away.

Next Steps

Next, grab a tape measure to determine the dimension of the room and take note of the measurements so you will have it with you when you go a hardware store. Make sure that you use of a 75-inch thick outdoor plywood. This is not that expensive so if you are trying to save money, then this is ideal for you.

It is also much easier to install and is often fairly smooth and as such, you will not have to do a lot of sanding or filing right before the new tiling or linoleum will be installed once again. Another advantage to the plywood material is that if you choose to use the linoleum, the adhesive will work fairly well. This is one of the reasons why lots of mobile home floor repair contractors will recommend this flooring material for mobile homes.

Make Use of Galvanized Wood Screws and Nails

It is also recommended that you use galvanized nails and wood screws when repairing your mobile home flooring. The nails and screws must be long enough to be able to penetrate deep within the layers of your flooring then towards the joists. Apply a screw or a nail after every six inches of the flooring and have some extras in hand just in case you will commit mistakes along the process or if you just want to add few more on certain areas in your floor.

Bring your new flooring at home then cut it into appropriate sizes. If you are able to handle uncut plywood sheet, then go for it. The less cutting is required, the faster that the job will finish. Begin at one end of the room and then work your way towards the opposite end. When laying each piece, make sure to check two things. First, take note of the knots as well as the imperfections. And second, notice the gaps that are in between each piece then keep them as close as possible.

Begin nailing and screwing the mobile flooring down. Get as many nails as possible into the joists. Make sure to place a nail after every 16 inches such that the new flooring will be securely in place when you are done.

Reinstalling the Carpet

The carpet can now be re-installed. If you will hire mobile home floor repair contractors, they can do this for you aside from repairing your flooring. This will greatly save you lots of hassles. You do not really need to think about sanding or filing, however, you must replace the old carpet pads. This is because these pads could absorb moisture, mildew and odors as well.

If you wanted to use the linoleum, then you must fill any cracks, gaps and dips within the plywood. Home improvement stores and hardware stores sell plenty of these products and can help to get the job done faster and more efficiently. You just need to make sure that you sand off and sweep the mess right before you begin putting the linoleum down.

Some Practical Tips

In order to account for the raised entryway, make use of a threshold or riser. They are much easier to install and using a few screws can certainly do the job. You will sure save your toes and add some decorative touches to the room in just one shot. When you are done, then put away your tools and try walking round your mobile home. You sure will feel better at the thought that your mobile home flooring is now secure.

If you feel that there are still some areas on your flooring that are damaged, then do not take the risk of having to do the repair again. It is time consuming and is truly frustrating. Instead, call the mobile home floor repair contractors and request for them to quote you for the job. Sometimes, the contractors will recommend mobile home floor replacement.

Hiring Professional Repair Contractors

It is not easy to repair the flooring of your mobile home especially if the damage is extensive. You are not trained for this job and it is really time consuming. Just by looking at the steps listed above, you know that you’re better off hiring a contractor who specializes in mobile home floor repair.

There are several things that are more important that you need to attend to. This is why it is important that you leave the job to professional mobile home floor repair contractors. Our website can help you in getting in touch with these contractors and we can also help you in requesting for quotes on the cost of repairing or replacing the flooring on your mobile homes, so use our website now!

It’s free to use and it’s very easy to use. Just supply the details being asked, send the form, and that’s it. You just need to wait for the contractors to get in touch with you.

Mobile Home Floor Repair