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How much does it cost to remodel a small basement?

remodel a small basement
Remodeling your basement is often an expensive and account draining endeavor. You can often spend between $7000 and $15,500. Every basement isn’t a full scale remodel though. Some homes have a small basement to work with. The average home has a footprint of around 1200 square feet.

A small basement is one that is around 700 square feet or less. Small basements have both advantages and drawbacks when you are thinking about remodeling. The smaller area can mean that your project costs are far below what would be required for an average sized basement.

The cost to remodel a small basement often revolve around the intended use of the basement. Remodeling a basement into an entertainment space is much less expensive than a full apartment.

Facts About the Costs of a Small Basement Remodel

  1. A remodel is more expensive than starting from scratch. Starting from scratch saves around $2000 on demolition costs.
  2. A small basement may be able to be remodeled on your own for around $5000. Calling a professional in may cost as much as $15,000.
  3. Drop ceilings will likely cost between $1,400 and $4,200 for the smaller sized basement.
  4. A benefit of a small basement is waterproofing costs are much lower. Instead of thousands of dollars you may be able to spend as little as $500.
  5. The cost of a basement remodeling project is approximately $10 to $35 per square foot.
  6. Smaller basements often are perfect for basement finishing systems. These come as a complete set including walls and ceilings complete with outlets and fixtures.
  7. Remodeling a small basement will often mean you can’t put a bathroom in this will lower the overall cost by up to $10,000.

Quick Cost Breakdown For Your Small Basement

The list below will help you determine a beginning budget for your small basement remodel. The costs below are approximate and based on using standard materials.

What Fits Into a Small Basement?

A small basement may seem like it has no room. That it is only room enough for storage. However this is not the case at all. Listed below are some elements that you can fit into your 700 square foot basement.

  • Each bedroom – 150 square feet
  • A bathroom – 40 square feet
  • Living room – 200 square feet
  • Each closet – 30 square feet