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Small Garage Remodeling Costs Made Simple

Small Garage Remodeling Costs
Your garage is an often untouched part of your home. The uncomfortable truth is that far too often a garage is not used for our vehicles. A study put the percentage of homes that actually use their garages for parking at an astonishing 15%. This means the overwhelming number of garages are merely storage rooms.  This is especially true when you have a smaller garage. It tends to be true that often a small garage is turned into a storage room.  The costs involved in remodeling your garage can seem overwhelming. Our small garage remodeling costs made simple guide makes it easier to wrap your head around.

This is good news from a remodeling standpoint.  Unused space is prime real estate that you can use to your benefit. Even small garages can be remodeled into something that benefits your home. This can be anything from a simple cleanup job to a complete conversion into living space. No matter your intent, knowing the cost to remodel a small garage is vital to your success.

When considering a small garage remodel, you can pay as little as $2,500 to as much as $30,000.  On average the cost to remodel a garage will be around $11,000. These costs are not set in stone, though. Your choices on materials will largely determine the overall cost of your remodel. Your budget will take less of a hit on a smaller garage, which is another bonus, and there are many ways to save. A breakdown of the costs follows.

Small Garage Remodeling Costs Made Simple

    Minimal Remodeling- When considering a minimal remodeling the emphasis is on fixing what is broken in your garage. The most significant cost involved is usually in fixing and dressing your concrete slab. Other minimalist remodeling ideas are garage remodeling ideas that which increase your home value.

      Fixing the slab ($500): Repairing  the concrete slab is often the first step in any garage remodeling project. Leaving a cracked, oil stained, or otherwise damaged slab causes more problems later on.

        Sealing ($750): If you are only fixing your garage up and not looking to convert it you can apply a coat of polyurethane sealant, concrete paint, or another concrete flooring option.

    Partial Remodeling- The next step up from your minimal remodeling project is to turn your garage into a space that looks better. This is not going to turn it into livable space, but it will make it visually more appealing by covering the bare studs with drywall and installing a window.

      Windows ($500): If you are considering remodeling your small garage into any sort of living space you will need to install windows. If you are going to convert your room into a bedroom this window will need to be up to code and may cost more.

      Walls ($1000): Covering your bare walls with drywall is a good way to give your garage a little more style. Painting your new walls will cost you around $20-$35 dollars an hour if you choose not to do the work yourself, which you should.

    Garage Conversions- A true garage conversion means turning your garage into living space. This means bringing doors and windows up to code, installing interior walls and dealing with the garage door. Our guide to how to remodel your garage gives all the details you will need to succeed.

      Plumbing ($600): If you are looking to add a sink in your garage it is not an inexpensive choice. The base cost of $600 is for a sink located adjacent to existing plumbing. The cost to put in a sink rises higher if the concrete slab has to be channeled to put in new drain lines.

      Electricity ($4 per square foot):  An electrician will cost between $65-$85 per hour. The average cost to expect is around $200 per outlet that you wish to add. This does not include bringing any existing wiring up to code. It also does not include the cost that an entire new breaker box may add ($600).

      Heating & AC ($1000-$5000): Adding central heat and air into your garage can either be simple or difficult. If you have a robust heating and air conditioning system in place it is as simple as expanding your existing ducting. If the additional square footage of your garage is more than your system can handle you will need to add in a new unit. Luckily a small garage usually is able to be fit into your existing system.

      Interior Design: What you decide on your interior design will change your costs dramatically. Adding in custom design elements like crown molding ($5/liner foot), or recessed lighting ($200/light) can make even a small garage remodel become costly.

      Expanding Your Garage ($15-30 per square foot): If you choose to expand your small garage into something much more involved your costs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Learning how much it costs to remodel your small garage will let you make some smart choices. Knowing the true costs involved means you can get a good budget put together. Your small garage doesn’t have to remain a cluttered mess. With a little time, some effort, and of course some investment, you can turn your small garage into a cozy hideout.