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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget
Coming up with a plan for outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget does not necessarily mean having to sacrifice the style and overall functionality. Renovating your existing kitchen outdoors is truly expensive. You also need to ensure that you use weather resistant and durable materials, and furnish it with high quality appliances. There are also plumbing and electrical works that you need to take care of before you can have a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

But do not be discouraged with all these costs. There are lots of easy and often inexpensive ways to come up with an outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank.

Devise an Outdoor Kitchen Plan

In any kind of project that you plan to undertake, coming up with a plan should always be the first step. So the first thing that you need to do is to determine where you will place your kitchen outdoors. It is a good idea to keep it as close as possible to your interior kitchen in order to easily and conveniently transfer ingredients, dishware and tools to and fro.

Setting up the outdoor kitchen near an exterior wall will also allow you to easily get access to electricity and plumbing, if your plan includes having outdoor refrigerators and sinks. Just keep in mind that tapping into the plumbing and gas lines of your home, as well as hard wiring appliances, can be costly and may require that you obtain building permits. But if you will hire a professional kitchen remodeler, they will take care of all these for you.

So to devise a plan for your outdoor kitchen, come up with a list of your entire outdoor cooking requirement. Make sure to prioritize how you want the kitchen to function and then look for furnishings and fittings that can fulfill all these functions.

Cooking and preparing food in your outdoor kitchen will only require the use of a charcoal grill or a gas as well as some space to store foods and other kitchen necessities. A well efficient outdoor kitchen will require the need for more kitchen equipment as well as some modern amenities.

Include the Basics and More

When creating your outdoor kitchen plan, you should include the cooking area, storage for keeping kitchen necessities, countertops for preparation and serving as well as trash and recycling bins for the convenience of cleaning up. So think about how and what you will usually cook in your outdoor kitchen and purchase the necessary equipment. You can perhaps buy appropriate number of burners, grill, storage cabinets and counter surfaces.

If you want to expand the purpose of your outdoor kitchen, then include an outdoor kitchen bar on it along with a stool. Include a roof that will protect whoever is cooking, and a protection against pouring rain and the blazing heat. You also need to think of other extras such as the fridge, wood-burning ovens, running water, etc.

Consider Recycling

Check out any of those re-use centers and salvage yards in your area and see if you can salvage old outdoor kitchen cabinets, building supplies, countertops, appliances and other materials you will need for your outdoor kitchen. Just make sure that these items are still in good condition that you can still use them in your outdoor kitchen. You may consider painting the kitchen appliances so they will look brand new once again.

Another way to save money on your outdoor kitchen construction is to make use of bricks or flagstones to enclose a grill and some of your outdoor kitchen equipment. Building a prep station out of old shipping pallets as well as a premade surface or a countertop made of stone is a consideration.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Components

Building an outdoor kitchen from scratch can become very expensive. Consider checking out those big box stores for any modular outdoor kitchen components that you can mix and match to come up with a wide array of workstations. You can also visit those discount stores as well as those home and garden retailers in order to check out weather resistant accessories, patio bars, outdoor kitchen furniture as well as other practical gear that can help to improve your outdoor kitchen’s curb appeal.

You can finish up your outdoor kitchen by installing dining table chairs, as well as a living area. You can then add comfortable lounge chairs beside the cooking station in order to resemble an al fresco living room that will allow for cooks as well as visiting guests to interact. This is also a great idea if you are fond of hosting outdoor parties in your home. Just remember to install proper outdoor lighting or perhaps you can arrange outdoor lamps in order to illuminate your kitchen as well as the outdoor space for relaxation.

Be Imaginative

Rethink how your inside furnishings could satisfy your needs for outdoor living. You can perhaps stock a rolling serving cart or install a movable island along with grilling implements, paper towels, seasonings, cooking spray and perhaps a gallon of water. You can then use the serving cart to move items in and out of your kitchen, or when needed.

Garden and patio furnishings, such as resin cabinets, potting benches, prep stations and benches that have lift-up seats as well as teak deck benches can all serve as affordable and stylish storage options for your outdoor kitchen. If you want to be able to conveniently get access to a water source, then check out those heavy-duty garden sinks that can hook up into a hose and cost less than $100 only.

There are also those nifty freestanding stations that can hold coolers and act as giant coolers while also providing a service and preparation surface and can serve as storage too. Another good place to check out to get good bargains for your outdoor kitchen are camping retailers that sell a wide array of compact utilitarian pieces that will serve as serving, wash-up, prep and cooling station.

Just like with any home improvement project, saving money on your outdoor kitchen renovation will require thoughtful planning as well as a good deal of research. Having a concrete plan on hand can help you to save money on your outdoor kitchen renovation.

Proper Placement is a Good Factor

Outdoor kitchen can get very expensive and there are some elements that can push your budget even higher. Adding anything that will require hiring a plumbing or electrical contractor can add up on the cost quickly. The best thing that you can do when it comes to this is to position your outdoor kitchen beside an entrance or in an area that’s in close proximity to a water hose in order to have easy access for cleanup. You can choose a propane tank or charcoal instead of installing gas or pump lines into your cooktop or grill. Moreover, look for items that are portable so you can easily carry them with you if ever you decide to transfer.

For more affordable ideas on kitchen decoration for outdoors, consider using those salvaged materials like reclaimed wood or other recycled materials like pavers, bricks and stones.

Never underestimate the importance of having a stylish but inexpensive décor. The most important tip when it comes to outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget is to use affordable but stylish items.  You can visit flea markets and vintage stores for these.