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A Complete Guide to Hiring Professional House Painters Near Me To Paint Your Home Exterior

Painting the exterior of your house is not an easy home improvement project. Even if you claim that you have knowledge on basic painting job, the project comes with lots of challenges that you might end up feeling frustrated in the end. Thus, consider hiring a professional house painter when it comes to your home painting job, most especially if it involves painting your home exterior.

A home exterior painter can help to give that perfect and fresh look for your home. While these professionals know the tricks of the trade, it is definitely a good idea that you also educate yourself.

Tips to Get the Best Paint Job

There are so many professional house painters near me available to hire these days and most of them have specialized skills that can ensure a good paint job. Here are tips to help you through.

  • Before you hire a painter, you must first set up a meeting with them and discuss more about the project.
  • You should have the contractor to explain to you what exactly it is that they are capable of providing for you and what it is that you want them to provide for you.
  • Find out more about their experiences in handling home painting jobs and ask for references.
  • If the painting company works with subcontractors, find out about the credentials of the subcontractors as well.

Consider Hiring Painters From Early Summer to Late Fall

Painting conditions are usually best during average temperature, such as a temperature of 70 degrees. Low temperatures can also trigger the paint to get frozen and crack during the process of painting, while having high temperatures can also lead to poor surface adhesion.
Exterior painting should normally start in early May and will continue until the first two weeks of November.

Explore Your Paint Options

A good painting contractor can also advise you on the best brand of paint to use on your home’s siding exteriors. They can also advise on what would be the best weather condition for the painting job to start.

Before you hire the contractors, you must make sure that you understand the pricing of the entire painting job. Exterior painting will cost $25 to $40 for every gallon so you must always keep in mind the number of square feet for the project that will require how much primer is used.

Usually the contractors will not quote flat fees since the cost is not always accurate. Each and every project will vary in cost depending on the size of the home or condominium unit, as well as the amount of painting work that needs to be done.

Interior painting work is usually much easier and cheaper compared to exterior painting work. The reason is because interiors will usually require far less preparation since the surfaces are flat and painters can work freely without having to deal with the weather changes. Hot weather, rain, dirt, bugs and cobwebs are just some of the challenges that exterior painters are faced with. Moreover, rain is such a nuisance and the hot weather can be challenging for the painters.

Recommended Paint for Exterior Painting

Almost all paints these days are usually latex-based and can be cleaned easily with water. This means that the combination of fresh paint and water is a true recipe for disaster. Painting the exteriors will require that the surface must be dried for sometime before you can proceed afterwards.

Also, there are some places that may enjoy lots of sunny days. However, they also get to receive thunderstorms from time to time. Planning around the exterior painting job can be challenging for most exterior painters.

On the other hand, hot and dry weather can also pose challenges especially for those who live in dry and hot climates. Some people think that this might be great for exterior painting. However, a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees is definitely less than ideal.

Just like most people, paint would prefer indoor temperature as well as humidity levels. Working under the shade in a 90-degree weather is definitely tough. Although the breeze feels really great, adversely affects the drying time of the paint and tends to dry the brush out, which makes cleaning up and smoothing the finish problematic.

Cobwebs, Bugs and Dirt

Another huge challenge when it comes to exterior painting is the preparation. Although only a few interior areas will be exposed to a little amount of dirt, this is usually the norm for each and every nook when it comes to working outdoors.

The bugs and cobwebs are also a pain when it comes to exterior painting. For instance, you may need to reposition some of the decorative columns due to the presence of bugs.  As a result, the bases will need to be temporarily shimmied and lifted.  When you work on this, you might also notice some peeling paint right at the bottom of the columns.

There are instances when you gently scrape the peeling area of your home exterior, it will quickly become very obvious. All along the corner, you will notice a line of dirt and much finer grit than salt but not as fine as flour. The soiling has basically prevented the sprayed paint from adhering into the walls. If such area is brushed, then it might have worked much better.

Thus, in order to get the best results, the surface that needs to be painted has to be cleaned well. When it comes to finishing the column bases, all of the loose paint should be scraped away and the nooks and crannies have to be cleaned with a damp rag.

It will take a while for the paint to be dry, enough for it not to act just like flypaper. Although some flies are much stronger than the others and could free themselves up, this is not the case with those minute gnat type of bugs.

This is the reason why professional home exterior painters have the habit of having a damp rag with them when they paint. They will normally hold into this in between their hand and the paint pail. When the flying pests will become an unwanted addition to their smooth and flawless paint strokes, they will park their brush in the handy pail and use their free hand and rag to whisk the pests away. After this, they will do a quick touch-up on the area.

In this day and age of the Internet, a lot of people would refer to DIY videos and other online resources to help them get things done. But there are actually a lot more benefits in hiring professional painters especially if you need your home exteriors painted, which is a much more difficult task.

If you are thinking of painting your home exteriors soon, you should think twice before you try to do it yourself. As you may know, painting is such a challenging job and it requires finesse, skill and incredible patience.

Hiring the professional house painters can provide you with a much better result for your home exteriors. Moreover, the professional cleaning crews can pick up after themselves, so you will not have to worry about arriving home to a newly painted but messy home.