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Before you hire a plumber, it is ideal to know the main types of plumbing systems first. This will help you determine the best contractor that you need for the job.

Plumbing systems might be a little confusing for some homeowners who are not familiar with this. This is especially true if they are not experienced in installing or repairing plumbing systems. Most of the time, plumbing is considered to be the system that handles waste from bathrooms and kitchens. Though this is partially true, this type of plumbing system is just one of the three main types. It is important to also learn about the other two so that homeowners will be able to call the right plumbers near me for the job when one of their plumbing systems has a problem.

Main Type of Plumbing System to Know

Listed below are the three main types of plumbing systems. Each one has their own purpose so it is important to differentiate the three to prevent hiring the wrong type of plumber.

  • Potable water system

The first type of plumbing system is the potable water system. As the name implies, this is the system where water used in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else in the house comes from. This is the most sanitary plumbing system since it contains the water used in drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. Due to this reason, this pipe system needs to be clean and made contamination-free all the time.

Cracks, dislodged pipe joints and damages to the pipes and other parts of this plumbing system need to be repaired immediately. This is to prevent contamination to the water being supplied to the house. Plumbers specializing in potable water pipes need to be called to ensure that proper tools, products and repair methods are used in doing repairs. This will guarantee that the entire system remains sanitary and the water will not be contaminated.

Food grade pipes, fittings and hoses need to be used in this type of plumbing system to ensure that the water running through it is safe to consume and use for cooking. Due to this reason, you should hire a plumber who is familiar with such products. They are more knowledgeable about different types of food grade materials, which will help you get more options that can save you money when purchasing spare parts for the pipes.

  • Sanitary drainage system

Drain-waste-vent system, bathroom drainage system and kitchen drainage system all compose the sanitary drainage system. This is where waste water and waste products are moved towards the septic system. Fecal matter, waste from kitchens and waste from ventilation systems are the waste products that run through these pipes.

This is not the most glamorous type of plumbing system but it is also quite important. It ensures that the household is free from contaminants and waste water that could harm the health of the homeowner and the entire household.

Because of this, this plumbing system needs to be maintained regularly. Cracks and damages on the pipes need to be fixed immediately to ensure that the waste water and waste materials will not contaminate the potable plumbing system and the entire house.

This will also ensure that the house will not suffer from water damage, which can be expensive to repair since damaged parts need to be replaced. The smell of the water passing through the pipes will also cause the damaged parts to be replaced to keep the smell from coming back after the repairs.

Sewer pipe backup and clogging are also issues that need to be resolved immediately to avoid overflowing sinks and toilets. Plumbers specializing in sewer systems need to be hired when this type of plumbing has a problem to ensure that proper measures are followed and the clean pipes are not damaged.

There are specific materials and equipment that plumbers need to use to inspect the pipes and to repair damages and remove blockages. Hence, do not hire a plumber that is not fully equipped for sewer pipe cleaning and repair. Since problems with this plumbing type can be disastrous, it needs immediate attention and proper care when repairing.

  • Storm water drainage system

Storm water drainage system is the third and last main type of plumbing system on this list. This holds the storm and rain water collected from the area around the house. The pipes lead to a place farther from the house, which will ensure that the water stays out and will not cause water damage to the foundation and other parts of your home.

Though this is not the most used type of plumbing system all throughout the year, it is still important as this helps maintain the integrity of a structure. Since a home’s foundation needs to be dry to prevent premature deterioration, you also need to ensure that your storm water drainage system is working efficiently and does not have blockages that will send the rainwater back into the house and the surrounding area.

Debris can easily get into the pipes because leaves and other objects outside the house can easily be carried by rainwater into the drainage system. Thus, filters are needed for this drainage system. The drains where the rainwater enters the pipes need to be covered with a filter to ensure that clogging will not occur after the rain. This is also important in keeping large insects and pests from entering the pipes, which also prevent clogging of the pipes.

Make it a point that you know the different types of plumbing systems before hiring professional plumbers. This will allow you to hire the right one for the job, which will save you time and money. Even though professional plumbers near me are also servicing multiple types of plumbing systems, it is still best to hire a plumber that is an expert at a specific plumbing system to ensure that the best practices are followed to correct the issues. This will keep you from hiring multiple plumbers who are not truly familiar with the plumbing system that you want them to repair for you.