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Plumbing was developed even during the ancient times. The Greek, Chinese, Indian, Roman and Persian civilizations had developed plumbing systems to create a wastewater system that will prevent waste water from contaminating potable water and their surrounding areas. Water pipe systems had been discovered in India, which dated back 4000-3000 B.C.

More sophisticated plumbing systems were built during 2500 B.C. as Egyptians started using copper pipes for their plumbing. These irrigation and sewage systems were used inside the pyramids. During 1500-1000 B.C., more sophisticated drainage and plumbing systems were built, particularly by the Crete people. In 710 B.C. the first shower, composed of slaves climbing on ladders to pour water to their masters, was invented by Sargon the Great.

The Romans had developed far more sophisticated plumbing systems composed of lead and bronze piping systems. They have also already created intricate drainage and sewer systems. Public baths had emerged and aqueducts have been built. The Romans had built around 220 miles of water channels, aqueducts and pipes. These have supplied water to residential homes, public baths and public wells.

The first flushing toilet was invented in 1596 A.D. and was gifted by the inventor, Sir John Harrington, to his godmother. This has started the innovation of plumbing systems on commercial and residential properties. From hotels and the White House to common residential houses, structures started using improved plumbing designs until the common elevated water tank has been released and has been used in both commercial establishments and residential homes up to present.

Main Types of Plumbing System to Know

Listed below are the three main types of plumbing systems. Each one has their own purpose so it is important to differentiate the three to three to better know what kind of plumber you need.

  • Potable water system

The first type of plumbing system is the potable water system. As the name implies, this is the system where water used in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else in the house comes from. This is the most sanitary plumbing system since it contains the water used in drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. Due to this reason, this pipe system needs to be clean and made contamination-free all the time.

Cracks, dislodged pipe joints and damages to the pipes and other parts of this plumbing system need to be repaired immediately. This is to prevent contamination to the water being supplied to the house. Plumbers specializing in potable water pipes need to be called to ensure that proper tools, products and repair methods are used in doing repairs. This will guarantee that the entire system remains sanitary and the water will not be contaminated.

Food grade pipes, fittings and hoses need to be used in this type of plumbing system to ensure that the water running through it is safe to consume and use for cooking. Due to this reason, you should hire a plumber who is familiar with such products. They are more knowledgeable about different types of food grade materials, which will help you get more options that can save you money when purchasing spare parts for the pipes.

  • Sanitary drainage system

Drain-waste-vent system, bathroom drainage system and kitchen drainage system all compose the sanitary drainage system. This is where waste water and waste products are moved towards the septic system. Fecal matter, waste from kitchens and waste from ventilation systems are the waste products that run through these pipes.

This is not the most glamorous type of plumbing system but it is also quite important. It ensures that the household is free from contaminants and waste water that could harm the health of the homeowner and the entire household.

Because of this, this plumbing system needs to be maintained regularly. Cracks and damages on the pipes need to be fixed immediately to ensure that the waste water and waste materials will not contaminate the potable plumbing system and the entire house.

This will also ensure that the house will not suffer from water damage, which can be expensive to repair since damaged parts need to be replaced. The smell of the water passing through the pipes will also cause the damaged parts to be replaced to keep the smell from coming back after the repairs.

Sewer pipe backup and clogging are also issues that need to be resolved immediately to avoid overflowing sinks and toilets. Plumbers specializing in sewer systems need to be hired when this type of plumbing has a problem to ensure that proper measures are followed and the clean pipes are not damaged.

There are specific materials and equipment that plumbers need to use to inspect the pipes and to repair damages and remove blockages. Hence, do not hire a plumber that is not fully equipped for sewer pipe cleaning and repair. Since problems with this plumbing type can be disastrous, it needs immediate attention and proper care when repairing.

  • Storm water drainage system

Storm water drainage system is the third and last main type of plumbing system on this list. This holds the storm and rain water collected from the area around the house. The pipes lead to a place farther from the house, which will ensure that the water stays out and will not cause water damage to the foundation and other parts of your home.

Though this is not the most used type of plumbing system all throughout the year, it is still important as this helps maintain the integrity of a structure. Since a home’s foundation needs to be dry to prevent premature deterioration, you also need to ensure that your storm water drainage system is working efficiently and does not have blockages that will send the rainwater back into the house and the surrounding area.

Debris can easily get into the pipes because leaves and other objects outside the house can easily be carried by rainwater into the drainage system. Thus, filters are needed for this drainage system. The drains where the rainwater enters the pipes need to be covered with a filter to ensure that clogging will not occur after the rain. This is also important in keeping large insects and pests from entering the pipes, which also prevent clogging of the pipes.

Services Provided by Local Plumbing Contractors Near Me

Since plumbing systems have improved, the jobs in creating, fixing and replacing plumbing systems also boomed and progressed. There are plumbing contractors all around the US and around the world that provide specific services to allow property owners to have effective and efficient plumbing systems.

  • Bathroom plumbing

Bathroom plumbing is the most common service that plumbing experts offer since commercial establishments and residential homes are equipped with bathrooms. Installation of bathroom plumbing system as well as fixing of plumbing issues is one of the main details of bathroom plumbing service.

Professional plumbers often charge by the hour and property owners can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $150 per hour for their service. Of course, the price will depend on the difficulty of the job as well as the scale of the project. Bigger jobs that require larger equipment will, of course, cost more.

  • Bathtub installation

Bathtub installation is a seemingly simple task but requires a lot of effort and skill since tubs are not only heavy but can also have a lot of modifications that require a plumber’s expertise. From preparing the plumbing connections to placing the bathtub on the best spot inside the bathroom, everything is done by professional plumbing service companies.

Bathtub installation can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,500. Plumbing company clients can also expect to pay higher fees if their bathtubs cost more or if the tub needs modifications prior and during installation.

There are heated bathtubs that need electrical connections. This requires plumbing companies to hire licensed electricians to handle such task as these experts are the only ones skilled and knowledgeable enough to do the installation. This will, of course, cost more on the part of the client but is quite worth it since the quality and safety of the tub is ensured.

  • Bathtub repair

Bathtub repair is also a fairly common service. Bathtubs that have been broken or are not functioning efficiently are repaired by plumbing experts to help their clients save money by not having the need to spend more money on a new bathtub.

Changing or replacing of tub faucets and drains is one of the main types of service that expert plumbers do when fixing tubs. Restoration of old and dilapidated bathtubs is also included in their list of services. It would often cost $300 only to reglaze a bathtub while replacement of old tubs can cost as much as $4,000. Of course, the state of the tub will be inspected by expert plumbers to determine whether the tub is fit to be reglazed or should be replaced instead.

  • Dehumidifier installation

Dehumidifiers need expert installation as these are delicate systems that cannot afford to have leaks. Since dehumidifiers improve the quality of air inside an establishment or a house as it removes excess moisture and allergens, it should be installed with care and precision to guarantee that the quality of air is not degraded or contaminated with harmful particles and allergens.

Plumbers are the ones to call for dehumidifier installation as these experts know how to properly, accurately and delicately install this type of system. The connection from the exhaust fan to the dehumidifier system should be faultless to ensure that the air won’t have contaminants that can pollute the air inside an establishment. The duct where the dehumidified air flows should also be contaminant-free and sealed to guarantee that the released air inside a room is clean and free from contaminants, allergens and humidity.

Dehumidifier installation costs about $2,600 per unit. Having plumbers install multiple dehumidifiers at once can minimize the cost since clients need to hire a plumbing expert once for multiple installations.

  • Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning is another service that expert plumbers offer. Though this task seems easy, it can be complicated especially if the drain is not easily accessible. Expert methods are needed to ensure that the drain is properly cleaned and is not damaged during the cleaning.

Drains that are clogged due to broken parts are also handled by professional plumbers. Plumbing experts often bring replacement parts with them when tackling drain cleaning so that they won’t have to get back to their headquarters to grab additional tools and parts when necessary.

Often, diagnosis of the issue is established by the plumber by interviewing the client. This can make things easier since the service providers can bring the necessary tools and spare parts prior to their visit. This is not always possible especially if the client is clueless about drains and plumbing. Personal inspection of the drain is needed for this.

It roughly costs about $110 to $215 for a bathroom drain to be cleared. Laundry drain cleaning costs $150 to $215 while clogged toilets cost $110 to $275 to clean. A $50 service fee is also included in these jobs.

  • Emergency plumbing

Plumbers are often called not only for installation but for emergencies as well. This service is often about clogged drains and leaking pipes and faucets. Since these are plumbing issues that need immediate attention, clients can call for emergency checkups and repairs.

Of course, this often costs more than regular plumbing services since emergency plumbers can be called in at any time. Homeowners can call emergency plumbers even in the wee hours of the night when there are issues with their plumbing that cannot wait until the morning.

  • Faucet installation

Faucet installation is not always considered a major plumbing job by inexperienced and untrained individuals but it is actually something that only a registered plumber should do to ensure that the faucet will not leak and will function properly. Professional plumbers make sure that the type of faucet installed in certain parts of the house is appropriate for their function. This will prevent the faucet from getting broken during use, keeping homeowners from having the need to call for plumbers to correct the problem or replace the damaged faucet with a new one.

Having experienced and knowledgeable plumbers do the job the first time will save homeowners time, money and effort since professional plumbers will choose the best type of faucet and will properly install the faucets. Investing on a faucet installation for a one-time service is much better than needing to hire multiple inexperienced plumbers or doing DIY jobs.

  • Leaky faucet repair

Leaky faucet repair is another service regularly offered by plumbers as this is one of the problems of most homeowners. Leaky faucets are not easy to repair since the faucet is already installed and these water features are not easy to remove. Expert plumbers need to make sure that the surrounding areas are not harmed to minimize the expenses of the clients as well as prevent the area from looking untidy and unfinished.

Leaky faucets that are irreparable need to be replaced. Of course, expert plumbers will inspect the faucet and the adjacent pipes and parts first prior to diagnosis. This will prevent unnecessary expenses which will enable homeowners to spend their excess budget on other home improvement activities.

  • Frozen pipe repair

Frozen pipes do not only cause inconvenience to homeowners but also cause unexpected operating costs. Hence, professional plumbers inspect frozen pipes first to avoid repairing or replacing pipes that are not affected or are not damaged. Proper measures are also followed to ensure that the water will not be contaminated, especially when the pipes need to be opened due to severe blockages.

Frozen pipes on walls are harder to repair since these are located in hard to reach areas and the walls cannot be disturbed most of the time. This is one of the instances wherein only professional plumbers should address the issue to avoid damaging adjacent areas that can easily be preserved through expert repair methods.

  • Garbage disposal installation

Big projects such as garbage disposal installation should only be done by professional plumbers as this involves machines and blades. Since the motor can be sensitive, especially when it comes to the wiring system and the connection to the plumbing system, only professional plumbers are qualified to install and repair this type of feature to a kitchen sink.

The entire drain system of the sink should be accessed to install the garbage disposal system, which will not be very effective if inexperienced DIYers will do the installation. The electricity source of the system should also be accurately installed to prevent electrocution and other accidents. Professional plumbing companies often partner up with registered and experienced electricians to guarantee that the electrical connection of the motor is correctly wired.

Hiring plumbing companies will lessen the cost as professional electricians are already partnered with the company that clients are going to hire. This eliminates a homeowner’s need to hire a separate service provider.

  • Garbage disposal repair

Garbage disposal systems can get broken if not used properly or if there are items that are not meant to be disposed in the disposal system that had ended up in garbage disposal. Though it would be tempting for homeowners to do the repair themselves as this might save them a few bucks, it would be best to call for professionals instead.

Professional plumbers make sure that only the faulty parts are replaced and everything that can be salvaged is reused to minimize the cost of repair. Expert plumbers also make sure that the exact issues are diagnosed prior to repairs to avoid purchasing spare parts that are not really necessary.

Replacing the blade is one of the most common reasons for garbage disposal repair. Since this is the part where garbage is grinded, it is the part that usually needs repair or replacement. It would help plumbers to determine the brand and model of garbage disposal before the repair is done to allow them to bring the right kind of blade for replacement and lessen the repair duration.

  • Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting gets rid of blockages inside pipes that are not reachable by regular blockage removal methods. Expert plumbers should do this type of pipe cleaning method as this uses knife-like pressure reaching 4,000 psi. This can cause major damages to pipes and other parts of the sewage system if not done correctly and accurately. Hence, this type of service should not be done by DIYers, particularly inexperienced ones.

Hot water is also used for this kind of service to ensure that blockages made from grease are removed. This will guarantee that second calls for cleaning pipes would not be needed since the first session is already successful, which is not guaranteed if DIY projects are done.

Water jetting services are not that expensive, though. A service of cleaning pipes that are estimated 50 feet in length costs about $250 to $350 for residential houses, though $300 to $450 is the average cost on most areas. For slightly bigger projects, homeowners can expect to pay at least $450 for the service.

  • Kitchen plumbing

Kitchen plumbing is planned first prior to installation. Professional plumbers will inspect the area of the kitchen as well as the existing plumbing connection, if there is one, to allow them to determine how the plumbing should be installed. Clients who have no plans for the plumbing system will be presented with sketches for the plan and homeowners who have pre-existing plans will be consulted for changes if there are things that should be altered by the plumbing experts. This will ensure that the plumbing system will go with the kitchen design and the sewage system.

Kitchen sinks are not the only one that professional plumbers deal with when it comes to kitchen plumbing installation. Plumbing connections of all the appliances in the kitchen should be installed and connected to make things simpler and not cause issues with the entire plumbing system of the house. This will also lessen the plumbing installation cost since only one company is hired and there are no parts of the kitchen that will require adjustments to accommodate new plumbing connections.

When it comes to additional plumbing systems for new appliances and sinks, professional plumbers make sure that the parts of the kitchen that will be affected are minimized. The original plan for the plumbing system is consulted to guarantee that no existing pipes will be damaged due to the installation of the new kitchen appliance or feature.

  • Plumbing inspection

Plumbing inspection is needed on a regular basis to ensure that the plumbing system is not having major issues that will need expensive repairs once the warning signs start to appear. Homeowners are advised to hire professional plumbers to have their homes inspected to minimize emergency service calls. Investing on regular inspection will pay for itself as time goes by since homeowners won’t have to have their plumbing system fixed.

Plumbing issues can be corrected and repaired early on, which will not cost a lot because the problem is relatively small. Plumbing issues that suddenly explode often requires costly repairs since the affected area is already pretty big. Bigger repairs will cost a lot more than regular inspections and these also cause a bigger hassle on the part of the client as well as the plumbing company.

Plumbing inspection includes sewage system checkup as well as faucet and shower inspections. Drains and pipes are also assessed to see if there are leaks and blockages that need immediate attention. The report of the expert plumbers will determine whether a house’s plumbing system will need repairs or not.

  • Plumbing repair

Plumbing repair involves a lot of services that involve correcting of issues with water pipes, drainage systems and sewage systems. Most plumbing issues should be addressed only by experienced and knowledgeable plumbers to avoid errors in the repairs. Since plumbing systems are expensive to install and repair, DIY repairs are not recommended as this can ruin the entire plumbing system of a house or building.

Water pipe repair should be done only by registered plumbers as improper repairs can contaminate the pipe and cause the water to be tainted. Even pipes that are not leading to the kitchen should be repaired with care and accuracy to ensure best results. The same goes for drainage and sewage systems since contamination can lead to disaster.

Professional plumbers need to inspect the area first before providing a concrete plan for the repairs. Estimates can be given prior to inspection if the client is able to provide detailed description of the problem. Nonetheless, personal inspection is still needed to finalize the repair methods that the plumbers will use.

  • Sauna installation

Sauna installation is a big task and an expensive one too. It is one of the many projects that should only be trusted to registered and experienced plumbers as a simple error can cause thousands of dollars to correct. It can also be quite detrimental to the health and safety of the users if the installation of the sauna is not proper and secure.

Saunas should be leak-free and the connection of the sauna machine should be safe to guarantee the safety of the users. Effective saunas are also placed on the best spots, which expert plumbers know where. Since experienced plumbers are familiar with these kinds of projects, they are able to design sauna plans to maximize usage and benefits. This is not always possible when DIYers do the job since inexperienced individuals will not be able to accurately calculate the efficacy of saunas in regards to the sauna room.

  • Sauna repair

Saunas that are not functioning properly should also be repaired by professional plumbers only to ensure that the machine will not get damaged further. Hiring registered plumbers will also guarantee that the workers know what they are doing and are not going to leave problems without completely fixing them unless, of course, if the problem is unsolvable and a new sauna machine is needed.

Registered plumbers are just safer to hire overall since plumbing companies check the background and criminal record of all their employees to ensure that all workers have not been involved in crimes that can make the company and the workers questionable. This is one of the most important things that homeowners need to remember when hiring plumbing companies since these employees can access homes and establishments.

  • Sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning is a very unpleasant business that professional plumbers handle. Aside from the smell and the dirt from sewers, the safety of the homeowners is often one of the main concerns of clients, making them more inclined to hire professional plumbers instead of doing a DIY sewer cleaning project.

Sewer cleaning can be quite dangerous due to the waste matter that can infect improperly protected cleaners. Lack of equipment for cleaning sewage systems can lead to accidents and contamination. This is not worth saving a couple of dollars; hence, homeowners are advised to hire professional plumbers instead. This will not only save clients money and time but can also save them from deadly diseases and infections that they can easily get from the contaminated water from sewage systems.

  • Sewer line repair and replacement

Sewer line repair and replacement are harder than it seems. If contamination is not the main issue, difficulty in guaranteeing that the sewer line will be leak-free is another concern that homeowners should think about. Only experienced plumbers are qualified to handle this type of project since sewer lines cannot afford to have leaks and blockages. It can spell big problem to homeowners and the entire neighborhood if sewer problems appear and when repairs are not successful.

Unsuccessful sewer repair can increase the problem since the repair would cost more. The timeframe of the issue is also longer since the issues with the initial repair should be fixed as well. Hence, professional plumbers make sure that the sewer line is properly inspected first before they provide a diagnosis to the client. This will not only ensure that the repair methods that will be used are correct but will also prevent after-service repairs, which can be a hassle to all parties involved.

Sewer line replacement should be planned and executed accurately as well to avoid replacing parts that are not actually damaged or leaking. This will save clients money as the only affected parts are included in the project. Expert plumbers make sure that they are not replacing sewer parts that can still be salvaged and repaired to minimize repair and replacement costs, which makes hiring professional plumbers worth it.

  • Sump pump installation

Sump pump installation needs accurate and efficient installation for it to work without fail. Since sump pumps keep basements and home foundations from getting dry, it is important for homeowners to get only professional help for its installation.

Well-established plumbing companies are the best ones to hire for sump pump installation since they can guarantee that the sump pump is connected properly to the sewage system where the pumped water should go to avoid soaking the foundation with water and moisture. The electrical system of the sump pump should also be ensured to avoid accidents and electrocution.

Plumbing companies that are experienced in dealing with sump pump installation are partnering with licensed electricians to properly connect the sump pump to a power source. This is something that homeowners cannot guarantee when they hire unreliable plumbing companies.

Professional plumbing companies also make sure that the type and size of the sump pump being installed in a residential house or commercial establishment is appropriate. Since the size of the sump pump should accommodate the size of the area it covers, proper selection of the type and size of the sump pump should always be correct to avoid costly problems.

  • Sump pump repair

Sump pumps do not often need repairs but once they break down, repairs are needed immediately. This is to keep the sump pump from totally breaking down and also to keep the foundation of the structure from deteriorating. Appropriate repair equipment and proper repair methods are needed for accurate repairs and minimal expenses.

Professional plumbers make sure that the repairs are going to be as simple and as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality of the service. This is one of the main reasons why it is much better to hire professional plumbers instead of fly-by-night companies.

  • Tankless water heater installation

Tankless water heater installation is a bit more expensive than tank-storage ones but they are more economical in the long run. Since the heating of water is by demand, usage of gas or electricity is minimized. This results in lesser cost of water heating expenses, which is an effective way in reducing bills on a monthly basis.

Proper installation of tankless water heater is necessary, though, to ensure that the water is heated sufficiently. The size of the water heater to be installed also needs to be adequate so that the amount of water supplied is enough for the needs of the household. This will keep the tankless water heater from being overused and from overheating due to its incapacity to supply the sufficient amount of water needed.

Professional plumbers often charge around $1,500 to $2,500 for installation of tankless water heaters. The cost may sound a little too high compared to storage-tank heaters but the overall cost of maintenance and usage is fairly low.

  • Tankless water heater repair

Tankless water heater repair should also be done only by professionals. Since heat and water are involved, proper repair of the heater should be ensured to keep the system safe.

Overheating water heaters are quite dangerous and repairs should be done immediately to avoid accidents. Aside from timely repairs, accuracy is also key in a successful tankless water heater repair. Plumbers should be able to determine the cause of the problem and apply remedies that will both fix the issue and minimize the inconvenience and expenses of the client.

Professional plumbers always ensure that their repairs are error-free to avoid accidents and costly mistakes. This also prevents after-service care that is in a way helpful to homeowners but is also a hassle since services such as tankless water heater repair should only be done once for the convenience of the clients.

  • Toilet installation

Installing a toilet is not only hard but time-consuming as well; especially if the bathroom has prebuilt features and the plumbers need to take extra care in not harming and damaging the surrounding areas where the toilet should be installed. The connections of the toilet should be properly planned and installed to ensure that the toilet and the other features such as the sink and the bathtub are working properly.

Toilet installation should be considered heavily as well as this is one of the areas in the house where residents use on a regular basis. Waste disposal is an important aspect of every home, making it necessary for homeowners to assure the quality of their toilet. Due to this reason, professional plumbers make sure that everything in bathrooms is installed properly. This will not only improve the quality of the toilet but would also bring more convenience to the users. This makes hiring expert plumbers worth every penny.

  • Toilet repair

Toilet repair does not only involve a clogged one. Damaged toilets should also be immediately addressed and repaired to ensure the safety and comfort of its users. Expert plumbers inspect toilets carefully to determine the main cause of the problem. This does not only enable them to repair the problem easily and quickly but it also allows plumbers to give proper advice to homeowners in regards to proper usage and cleaning of toilets.

Professional plumbers do a visual inspection of the toilet and checks for signs of problems before proceeding with the repair itself. Of course, estimates can be provided to prospect clients as toilet issues are caused by a list of reasons that experienced plumbers are aware of and have already dealt with. This makes it easier for clients to have their toilet repaired since they will get an estimate for the repair and have an expert check the problem, which will not only establish the cost and timeframe of the repair but also the repair methods and materials needed for the job.

  • Trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless sewer systems are cheaper to maintain and would not cause landscapes to be dug out. Repairs are also not as intensive and laborious as trench sewers. Hence, more homeowners are choosing trenchless systems for their sewer. This is a good option since trenchless sewer repair is commonly offered by professional plumbing companies.

Trenchless sewer systems require specific equipment and knowledge in effective repair methods to work effectively after having certain issues. Though plumbers are immediately needed for repairs, this type of sewage system is quite advantageous. Thus, homeowners are advised to hire a registered plumber for repairs to lengthen the lifespan of their trenchless sewer system.

Professional plumbers can also choose to replace trenchless sewer pipes to prevent further problems in the future. This is a typical approach that can diminish the chances of the sewage system from getting broken again in the near future.

  • Water heater installation

Water heater installation can be laborious and delicate depending on the type of water heater that will be used. Regardless, professional plumbers know how to do this kind of work through their studying and experience. This ensures that expert plumbers can install water heater systems regardless of the type and size of the water heater unit.

Of course, the plumbing system of the house or commercial structure should be considered and inspected. This will determine the size and type of water heater system needed. This will also ensure that there are no areas in the water heater system that are faulty or would cause the entire system to fail. Professional plumbers do the necessary inspection and planning of the installation to avoid errors, particularly in choosing the best kinds of water heaters.

Water heater installation can go as low as $870 with an average cost of $2,500. Of course, bigger houses and more sophisticated water heater systems will require more funds as these use more tools, materials and workforce.

  • Water heater repair

Water heater repair is another service that professional plumbers offer. Water heaters that are not functioning or working properly should be immediately inspected to find the cause of the issue and to correct the problem. Professional plumbers do a series of inspections to assess the issue and provide accurate and appropriate repairs that can effectively correct the problem while minimizing repair costs.

Replacement of some of the parts of the water heater unit and other parts of the plumbing system might be needed. This is normal for water heater units and systems that are a bit older. Newer units can have issues as well that need part replacement but this is a rare occurrence, especially when the unit is fairly new and is still under warranty. This is not entirely impossible, though, since there are some units that need repairs and replacement earlier. The manner of usage of the heater will also determine the lifespan of the water heater system.

  • Water leak detection

Water leak detection is fairly easy to do for leaks that have been present for a long time. Since water stains and water damages are obvious for long-term water leaks, it would not be too hard for regular homeowners to detect leakage. However, for leaks that are fairly new, but distinguishable, professional plumbers are needed to locate the exact location of the leak.

Expert plumbers can detect the source of water leaks using proper methods and tools that will prevent disturbing walls, ceilings and other parts of the house where leaking pipes and connections are possibly located. Proper repair methods are, of course, used by professional plumbers to ensure that the water leak will be fixed. The right materials for the repair are also used to ensure that the problem is fixed without causing additional issues to the plumbing system.

  • Water line installation

Water line installation is a very laborious and delicate project as this involves the entirety of a house or commercial building. Professional plumbers are needed for this kind of work not only to make things easier but also to guarantee that the water line system is safe to use. Since the pipe connections will go to the bathrooms and kitchen, the water supplied to the house should be clean and free of contaminants. This can only be assured if the water line installers are aware of all the safety measures and safety codes required by the concerning agency.

Hiring professional plumbers will also guarantee that the water line is free from leaks and other issues that can be really expensive to fix. Since water pipes are often running on crawlspaces and hard to reach areas, professional installation is required. Hiring only highly experienced plumbers will ensure that the quality of installation of the water lines is top-notch, regardless of where the pipes should come through.

  • Water main installation

Installation of a functioning water main may seem easy but it is a vital project that should only be handled by professionals. Because the main pipe is the major source of water supply all around a house or structure, it is important to guarantee its quality to avoid inconvenience and water supply problem.

This type of service is often provided by professional plumbing companies to large-scale projects as water main installation involves large pipes that supply water to several houses or buildings. Plumbing companies that are familiar with this project scale are commonly the best one to hire since both small and large-scale projects are not too hard for them. Issues with the installation project can easily be handled by such experienced plumbers.

  • Water main repair

Professional plumbing companies are the only ones that should handle water main repair as this is not only a delicate issue but a big one as well. Water mains are not simple or easy to repair since the size of the pipes is big which makes it hard for inexperienced DIYers to handle.

Accurate connecting of the pipes is also needed to prevent leaks. Since leaking is the major cause of water main repair, it should be the most important thing to check when doing repairs. Preventing leaks would not be easy especially for the size of the pipes on water main lines.

Larger equipment is needed for major repairs, which regular homeowners would not have. Professional plumbing companies, however, invest in these types of tools, making it possible for them to do such repairs without difficulties. The expertise of registered plumbers also makes it one of the main reasons why hiring registered plumbing companies is necessary for water main repair.

  • Water removal and damage restoration

Water removal and damage restoration cannot be done unless professional help is hired. Since water damage is a big problem, especially for houses that are built with wooden frames and walls, professionals should be called to remove and restore water damage. This will ensure that the affected area is completely repaired and the adjacent parts that can be affected by the rotting of the deteriorating parts are also removed.

Professional plumbing companies do not only handle issues with water leaks but also offer repair services for water damage. Since they are knowledgeable when it comes to water and its effects on building materials, they are the best ones to hire for water removal and damage restoration.

Causes of the water leaking into the house will also be addressed by professional plumbers as this is one of their expertises. Homeowners can expect their house to be totally rid of water damage when experienced plumbers handle such cases. This makes it worth hiring professionals over trying to do things on their own without prior experience, knowledge and proper equipment.

  • Water softener installation

Water softeners might seem like unnecessary additions to plumbing systems but they actually do a lot of good to homeowners, particularly when it comes to the quality of water the homeowners use. This type of system should be installed carefully to avoid contamination and to ensure that there will be no leaks that will appear in the plumbing system after the water softener unit is installed.

Clean and safe water on demand will increase the convenience and improve the health of clients hiring plumbers to install water softeners. And since this type of machine needs to be installed on pipes that are connected to the main water supply of a household, this should be done accurately. Hiring only registered and well-established plumbing companies should be the target of homeowners who want to have safe and healthy water supply.

  • Water softener repair

Water softeners, like other water processing units, can also break down and have issues. Homeowners need to hire only experienced plumbers for this type of repair to guarantee that the repair is done properly and there will be no other issues that the water softener unit will show over a short period of time after the unit has been repaired.

Replacement of the water softener unit parts might be one of the main solutions for such issues as broken units usually have damaged parts that cause the entire unit to malfunction. Professional plumbers not only replace all the right parts but also use only the appropriate spare parts. This is essential in ensuring that the water softener unit will not break down again and will continue to work accurately for a long time.

  • Water testing

Water testing is another service that professional plumbing companies offer to allow clients to determine whether their water source is safe or not. It is also provides information to clients and plumbers about the source of the problem with a plumbing system.

Water testing has a lot of categories but usually, residential water systems are tested for contamination and quality of the water supplied to a household. Plumbing companies usually recommend certain tests for water samples and supplies to determine the real issue with their client’s plumbing system as well as the main source of the issue.

The cost of eater testing will, of course, base on the type of test needed. The nature of repair or problem will determine the type and number of tests needed to confirm the cause of the issue as well as the right repair methods or remedies needed to solve the problem.

  • Water treatment system installation

Water treatment system installation is frequently installed in commercial facilities since these establishments are the ones that generate waste materials more. Residential houses can also have water treatment systems but these are not common since residential homes are fairly small and the amount of waste accumulated by households is not as significant.

Nonetheless, water treatment systems are a great way to reduce pollution as well as make water supply stable. Since it prevents contamination, this is a system that all commercial establishments need as well as most residential houses should have.

As for water treatment from fresh water supply, the system is different and is much smaller and cheaper. Installation costs only $1,500 to $2,700 for the system, which will be installed and connected to the water used mostly in kitchens.

  • Water well repair

Water well repair is usually done by fixing the water jet that suctions the water from an underground source to allow the flow of water to be continuous. Professional plumbers are needed for this kind of project since water wells are often dug deep enough that inexperienced DIYers cannot easily reach where the water is situated. Professional help is also needed to guarantee the safety of the homeowners since DIY repairs from unprofessional and inexperienced persons can be quite risky, especially when holes are dug.

Replacing the well pump might be necessary for some issues, especially for older pumps. Of course, proper testing of the equipment will be done first to rule out the main problem. For well pumps that have no chance in getting repaired, new ones are installed.

Well pump repair costs about $1,000 which already includes the replacement of the pump. For wells that are dug deeply underground, the repair cost can go as high as $2,000. Of course, the overall cost of the project will still depend on the specific factors of the project.

  • Well drilling

Professional plumbers also offer well drilling as one of the main parts of their services. Water wells should be dug deep enough until it reaches the water table. Expert plumbers have a way to determine the actual depth of the well underground to ensure that the right water source is tapped.

The type and size of the water pump is also determined based on the needs of the household and the water table. Naturally, bigger households will need a bigger water pump to supply sufficient amount of water to the residents of the house.

Well drilling usually costs about $12 per foot. The costs can get up if there are specifications on the project that will require the plumbers to use additional or bigger equipment or if the digging will take longer than usual.

  • Well pump installation

It seems like an easy enough task but well pump installation is not only hard but complicated as well. This is particularly true if the installer is not an experienced one. Poor installation can lead to the water in the well pump to flow back into the well, rendering the well useless after a while. This should not happen, especially to water wells that have only been installed recently.

Well pump installation will require equipment and tools that are not commonly used by homeowners. Hence, it would be better for homeowners to hire professional plumbers for this kind of work. The work will not only be done in record time but will also be done properly.

Homeowners can expect to pay about $1,000 for a simple water pump installation. Some pumps might cost $2,000 or more to install. Yearly inspection, though, costs only $100 to $200. This is fairly small considering that well pumps are hard to install, access, and repair.

  • Boiler installation

Boiler installation is a very difficult task. It is another one of the types of services that require professional plumbers only. Boilers need to be installed with accuracy to prevent leaks. A simple mistake can lead the boiler to not work properly and cause accidents. Hence, homeowners are advised to not let inexperienced plumbers to handle the installation job.

The demand for heating will determine the size of the boiler to be installed. Naturally, larger boilers are used in bigger houses with more family members. Smaller boilers are often installed inside smaller houses with not more than 4 to 6 people residing.

  • Boiler repair

Boiler repair should only be done by experienced plumbers. Just like in boiler installation, boiler repair can be quite complicated. Errors in the repair can also lead to accidents and even fatalities. Hence, it would be best for homeowners to avoid dealing with boiler repairs on their own and let the experts do the work.

Boilers consume a lot of energy and a simple error in the system can result to big accidents. Hence, even the simplest issues that require a simple repair job should be done only by professional plumbers. This will guarantee that the repair will be successful and the boiler will not break down and cause fatal accidents.

  • Septic system installation

Septic systems process a lot of waste material; hence, these should be installed with care. Septic systems need to have precise structure to prevent issues that can lead to failure of the entire septic system. Professional plumbing companies are fortunately knowledgeable about such systems and are able to plan septic system installation effectively while trying to work on the requests of their clients.

This is significant when it comes to limiting the expenses on a project. Since well-established plumbing companies will do their best to accommodate the budget of their client, certain aspects of the septic system installation need changes. The effect of the changes will depend on the skill, knowledge and experience of the plumbers as the approach of the installers has a great effect on the final outcome of the installation.

Homeowners can expect to pay about $1,500 to $4,500. But since septic systems are different from one another, the actual cost of each project differs. There are projects that would not cost too much due to the fact that the area where the septic system will be installed is not hard to prep and is already viable for fact and effective septic system installation.

  • Septic system repair

Septic system repair is often offered by plumbing companies that offer septic system installation. Since these companies are already quite familiar with septic systems, they can easily detect sources of problems on the system. Plumbing companies that handle septic system installation are more experienced in repairing such systems. Most experienced plumbers have had their share of repairing septic systems, though, so it won’t be too much of an issue for homeowners to look for knowledgeable plumbing contractors to do the work.

Septic system does not only involve clogged drains but also overflowing tanks. The cost of repairs will depend on the area of the septic system where the problem stems. The type of equipment needed as well as the repair methods to be used will also determine how much plumbers will charge for the service. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 for septic system repair or replacement.

  • Water pipe laying

Water pipe laying may seem effortless but for pre-existing structures, it can be a hard and complex procedure. Water pipe laying involves a lot of digging, which could mean disaster to landscapes. To reduce the effects on the landscape and other parts of the property that can be affected with the laying of water pipes, professional plumbers who are experienced in installing water pipes in existing landscapes and garden should be hired. Plans for simpler water pipe laying would be arranged to minimize the effect of the digging to the surround areas.

Water pipe laying costs about $1,500 to $2,000 for an average water main line. Copper pipes are often used to prevent contamination and to guarantee the quality of water being supplied to houses and establishments. Residential homes use about 6-inch pipes to allow adequate supply of water.

  • Sink unclogging

Unclogging sinks is often an emergency repair job that professional plumbers face on a regular basis. Clogged sinks are not usually scheduled for repairs as homeowners often want their sinks to be repaired immediately. Hence, clogged sink repair is often under emergency repair services.

As for scheduled repair services, the fee is a bit smaller since proper scheduling is applied. Plumbers are not called during wee hours, which lessen the on-call expenses of the plumbing contractor near me.

Clogged sinks cost about $150 to $273 per job. The actual cost of the repairs will depend on the type of drain being unclogged. Shower drains are cheaper to repair than toilet drains as the former is easier to access than the latter.

  • Fix low water pressure in the house

If the water pressure in a household is low and there is no apparent reason for the change of water pressure, professional plumbers should be called. The pipes might be blocked or there are leaks along the water pipe system that is still undetected.

Inspection is done prior to repairing the water pipe system to ensure that only the affected areas are repaired. This will minimize the repair costs as there will be no wasted time and wasted resources on the repair.

The source of the water should be considered when repairing low water pressure. Commercial water sources are often due to the lack of supply of water and blockages on the pipes. Water from wells can either be blocked or the well pump is not working properly. The type of water source will determine how the problem is corrected. It would be easy to professional plumber to know the source of water beforehand for them to bring the right tools for inspection or repair.

  • Backflow testing, installation & repair

Backflow testing, installation and repair are vital parts of water pipes systems as these prevent water contamination. Homeowners and commercial building owners need to hire local certified plumbers near me to install this type of system to ensure that the water supply is contamination-free.

Most states require this type of device in homes and commercial establishments to protect the city water supply from potential contaminants when the water pressure drops. The backflow system will dump out water onto the water pipes to prevent the backflow of water into the source. This will prevent large-scale contamination of water, which will not only save a neighborhood but an entire community or city as well. Of course, maintenance and repair of this type of system is also offered by plumbing companies. Hence, it would not be problem to have backflow systems installed to any type of structure.

Knowing what types of services professional plumbers offer will make it easier for homeowners and commercial establishment proprietors to hire the right type of service provider for their plumbing issues. This will make repairs easier and faster, which can minimize the cost of repairs.

Commercial and Residential Plumbers Near Me

Both residential and commercial plumbers provide excellent service to their clients. Although commercial plumbers often focus on commercial and large-scale projects, they can still be hired by residential homeowners as these companies also offer small-scale services. Hence, it would not really be an issue which contractor to hire.

There are instances, however, that residential plumbing companies can accommodate residential home owners more since the projects from these clients would not take a very long time to finish. Plumbing companies are also able to provide one-on-one services to clients, particularly during months that plumbers are not busy.

Get Free Plumbing Estimates and Quotes

Getting free plumbing estimates and quotes can be quite beneficial to clients since they will be able to determine the estimated cost of a repair or installation project. Though these estimates are not the exact amount charged by plumbers, these are quite helpful in establishing an anticipated cost that clients should allot for.

Use free estimates and quotes for your advantage as it will enable you to effectively compare prices and services from various competitive companies. This will not only make the hiring process easier but will also ensure that the plumbing company that you are going to hire can provide you with the service that you deserve and expect.


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