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Raised Ranch Remodel

Here are Some Ideas for a Raised Ranch Remodel

There was a time when raised ranch homes were quite popular. This is especially true in the 60s up to the 80s. However, a lot of people found out later on that it’s not really for them. In fact, a lot of people ended up hating it. It seems that you either love this design or hate it. You’re reading this article because you feel like something has to be done to modernize your raised ranch home.

People reading this article are looking for ideas for a raised ranch remodel. They made a significant investment when they had the raised ranch constructed and it will be quite a waste if they’ll just tear it all down.

Are you looking for the same thing? This article will provide you with remodeling ideas for ranch homes. This way, you can start loving your home again.

Why Remodel?

If you still can’t decide whether you want to remodel or not, here are some reasons that may just convince you to finally decide to remodel:

  • Improve curb appeal.

Again, a lot of people are beginning to hate how their home looks. They see how outdated their home looks especially when viewed from the curb. They don’t want to tear down the house because this type presents a lot of benefits. They just want to improve its curb appeal.

  • They want more space.

Generally speaking, this type of home has a lot of space. However, there are areas that are not that spacious like the entryway. With the right remodeling project, you can have more space.

  • They want to improve their kitchen.

One of the negatives of this type of home is it usually has a cramped kitchen. This is why homeowners are looking for tips to make it bigger, or at least create the impression that it’s bigger. In addition, they also want to update how their kitchen looks.

  • They’re looking to sell the house.

This style was designed with low cost in mind, so it’s pretty hard to get a good price out of it as it is. With some remodeling, you can increase its value.

Raised Ranch vs. Split Level Ranch

The first thing that you have to determine is whether you really have a raised and not a split level ranch. You wouldn’t want a split ranch remodel when you have the former. Renovation of a split level ranch is different.

The split level type is plainer. The raised ranch can be remodeled into something more colonial, which is pretty hard to do with the split level type. Generally speaking, renovating a split level ranch is harder and requires more creativity.

Also, not all bi-level homes are raised ranch homes. How would you know for sure? If you have to walk up a flight of stairs upon entering just to reach your living room, then you’re in a raised ranch.

Raised Ranch Additions

This is actually one of the best ways to remodel. It’s one of the less stressful ideas because you don’t need to take out or repair anything. You just need to make additions in order to make your home better.

Here are some ideas that you can add:

  • Add an entrance tower.

This specific design has problems when it comes to having a small entry platform. With the addition of a two-story entrance tower as an extension constructed in the house’s middle area, the entrance becomes roomier. As a bonus, you’ll have provisions for a coat closet.

Another benefit of this addition is it can provide your home with a colonial appeal. This is why this is the go-to move of homeowners renovating a raised ranch because they want something more colonial.

  • Landscaping and hardscaping.

You can make your home more beautiful by making it more harmonious with its surroundings. Landscaping and hardscaping help create a better and smoother transition from the outside of your home to its inside. You’re basically wowing people with your landscape and hardscape that their impression of your home is off to a good start.

Basically, you’re improving its curb appeal. With this in mind, consider beautifying your yard and adding hardscapes like decks, steps and walkways. As you can see, raised ranch makeovers can also be done from the outside.

Remodeling the Kitchen of a Raised Ranch

Most of these homes were constructed in the 70s so it’s understandable if the kitchen is outdated. Most homeowners would like to update the looks of their kitchen every now and then and this is why they’re looking for tips on how to go about a raised ranch kitchen remodel project.

If the main focus of your raised ranch renovation project is the remodeling of the kitchen, here’s how you can do so:

  1. Come up with a floor plan. Make sure that it’s very accurate which means that you need to measure the kitchen right now as it is. Using graph paper and the measurements, you can come up with a floor plan.

Make sure to draw each facade of the wall. Be as detailed as possible. Use graph paper for this task as well.

Now, you should have several sets of measurements. Use these details in order to decide which fixtures and appliances you want to change. This will also help you determine what fixtures and appliances you can change.

  1. Take care of the sink wall’s design first. The sink is part of the basic triangle of the kitchen together with the refrigerator and the stove. Make sure than when you remodel, they’re just a few feet away from one another.

When putting up a new sink, make sure that you set aside space for a deep sink so that you can easily wash larger pots. Also, install cabinets on both sides of the sink where you can place the dishes right after you pull them out of the dishwasher.

  1. Set aside one whole wall for cabinets. Utilize the whole wall just for the cabinets. Use the floor to ceiling type, if you can. If your kitchen is near your living room, keep that in mind to make sure that the cabinets won’t clash with your living room.
  2. A neat trick to make the kitchen seem bigger is to use lighter colors. In addition to using lighter colored paint, buy everything that you’re buying (appliances, cabinets, etc.) in light color. You can also use stainless steel.

This tip is very important because a lot of raised ranch homes have a very small kitchen.

  1. Remodel with a clear plan in mind.

You should do the remodeling in stages. Finish one stage before moving on to the next. It’s a good idea to start from the ceiling. You should paint the ceiling (light color) and you can even add recessed lights to save on space. Next, paint the walls. Once that’s done, install the cabinets. Then, put up the sink and install the appliances. Once everything’s in place, that’s when you can lay the flooring.

Some More Remodeling Ideas

Here are some more easy remodeling ideas:

  • Replace the dated clapboards with cedar shingles.
  • Add stone veneer.
  • Add a gable to the left side of the entrance and another one right above it.
  • Replace the double-hungs with a trio of larger casements.
  • Use a wood-stained door. Install sidelights to make your home more warm and cozy when viewed from the outside. If you have a light colored home, this will make the door stand out which will make it more inviting.
  • Replace the siding with vinyl siding.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do as a raised ranch remodel project. See which one can apply to your home. Soon enough, you’ll have a better home while still enjoying its advantages.

Find out the Cost of a Raised Ranch Remodel

The easiest way for you to find out what it will cost to remodel a raised ranch is to get quotes from competing contractors. If you scroll to the top if this page, you can simply enter the details of your project, we’ll then send it off to the relevant contractors in your area that will then call you up and give you cost quotes. As they know they’re competing, you’ll get the best price possible.