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Raised Ranch & Split Level Additions

All about Raised Ranch & Split Level Additions

Ranch is a term used to refer to a domestic type of architecture which originated in the United States. The ranch type of house is known for its long and close to ground profile as well as minimal use of interior and exterior decoration.

This type of house has fused the modern ideas and styles of those working ranches during the American Western era and created a very casual style of living. If you are thinking of getting raised ranch additions for your home, then the first step is to find out more about this project and how it can benefit your home. This article will talk about more about raised ranch as well as split level additions for your home.

What is a Raised Ranch House?

As mentioned, the raised ranch style of a house is an evolution of a simple house with only one floor that used to be very popular during the 1950s as well as in the 1960s. The raised ranch style of house is also an affordable option and provides for an additional living area in your home. This kind of home additions is also called as the split level home additions. Some of the variations of a raised ranch house can be found in several communities all over the United States.

History of Raised Ranch Design

As the suburban families started to grow in numbers, the need for more floor space and a separation in between the kids and adults’ activities has also grown. Thus, the raised ranch has provided all these features even when your home is in a small lot. It’s cost effective for both builders and buyers, too. This is the reason why various housing developments in the United States are filled with raised ranch style of homes during the seventies.

Features of a Raised Ranch House

The house plan of a raised ranch home features two stories and the basement is fully or partially placed right above the ground. The floor upstairs is often allocated for the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The entrance section is usually located right on a level that is in between two floors and huge, well ventilated windows in the basement can help to make the area to appear even more livable.

The garage is attached on the house and is integrated right on the frontage. Furthermore, raised ranches usually have a low pitched gabled roof and with sliding glass doors that lead towards the patio or on the outdoor areas of the house which sometime have asymmetrical designs.


Raised ranch houses provide a great deal of living space in a relatively smaller lot which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who are trying to save money. Thus, raised ranch is also a great addition to a house. Furthermore, raised ranch house also offers the benefit of separating activities in between the bedroom and play areas for adults and kids, and thus, it is perfect for homes with children that are of varying ages.

The separate floor allows small kids and babies to be able to sleep without getting disturbed and older kids and adults can use the lower level to entertain friends and do their own activities. The design also allows young adults who are still living at home and older families who have their own families to have their own separate bedroom space that can be built right on the lower level far from other members of the family who are busy with some other activities.

These benefits of a ranch style home give homeowners the ability to be able to accommodate the changing needs of their growing family. And as such, the raised house is truly a great choice.

Split Level

Homeowners who want to remodel their split level home will have to consider several things, especially the style of the home. Split level is a term used to refer to homes where the main entry is placed on a different level other than the main living areas. There are several different kinds of split level homes and these include the raised ranch, multilevel and the side split additions. The most common way to remodeling a split level home includes adding a living space by means of building an added space on the back or side of the house or by simply adding another level right on top of your home.

Extra Floor

If you are living in a small raised ranch, one of the great ways to add enough space to your home is to consider a bi level house addition. This is basically adding an extra floor to your house. Having an entire new floor into your home can make even the smallest raised ranch to become a perfect place to raise your growing family.

Although adding a new floor into your home might be one of the most expensive additions that you will make, doing so is definitely worth it, especially if you feel that the living room space in your house does not have enough space to accommodate your visiting guests.

Additional Master Suite

In some instances, adding a level to a split level house can serve as a very useful and effective addition. This is especially ideal for those who want to build a space for kids and parents to be able to live in. You can choose to add another room into your home in several different ways, like building it on the first floor of your living room. Furthermore, you can choose to add a customized space and make it large or small or whatever size you choose. Doing this is a small add-on to your home as for the tri level home additions.

Sun Room

If you want that your home is the type that allows you and your entire family to be able to enjoy the outdoors, having a sun room is certainly a great addition to your raised ranch home. This room is often added on the first floor and is characterized by various windows in an airy and light floor plan. Just like with building an added master suite, installing an added sun room into your home is certainly a better and a much smaller addition but gives a huge impact to your entire home.

Kitchen Addition

If you want to add a kitchen into your home, you can opt for the side split additions. Those who are living in small raised ranches usually complain about their kitchen being very small. If this is also the case with your own home, adding more space to your kitchen by means of side split is truly a great solution.

Remember however that kitchen addition will only work on some homes since the floor plan will have a large impact on whether this kind of addition is truly possible or not. Having a kitchen on the second floor of your home, for instance, may be difficult. But if your space will not be suitable for it, then you will earn a bit of mileage out of such kitchen addition, which is perfect if you are someone who loves to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Raised ranch additions are truly a great choice for those who want to add more space into their home. Homes with two floors are called the split entry homes and a true split level home is also being referred to as the multilevel home where one has three levels that are interconnected with short staircases.

As mentioned, there are certainly lots of additions to split entry homes but the ways in which a split level home can be remodeled will greatly vary depending on the home’s orientation on the lot. Those who are thinking of having an addition as part of renovation project should make sure not to add so much space towards the end of the split level especially if the home’s longest side is facing front.

Multilevel Home

An addition can also be tacked at the end of a multilevel home in order to create an added room or in order to expand the dining and the kitchen areas. If the length is added to the house, the windows must also be added in most cases in order to prevent the home from appearing like a warehouse.

Another great option when it comes to remodeling a split level home is to move the main entry of the home and to add a garage and an extra room on the side. Adding a garage to a split level home allows for the existing garage space to be used for other purposes and to increase the overall space in the living room. Moving the main entry can also help to maintain a well-balanced look of the home before the addition.

Building an addition right at the back of the split level home is also a great way to increase the space in your living area. This type of addition may be suitable for homes that are not visually appealing or not logistically possible to be built into the side. Just like with the split level garage addition, adding space on the back of your home can also help to increase the overall size of existing rooms and create a new room in your house.

Adding Floor on Top

Another great way to remodel your split level home is by adding a floor right on top. When opening an existing roof in this manner, you are able to preserve the overall appeal of your home. The roof of such addition must also not extend right above the highest point of the existing roof although some of the interior space might be lost because of the creation of a new staircase and as such, this option can provide an added room on some other types of split level houses.

A lot of people will certainly want to create more openness in the main floor of their split level homes, which usually consist of the dining room, living room kitchen and possibly, a bedroom space. When it comes to adding a level to a split level house, make sure that you know which walls are considered load bearing walls.

For instance, you may want to have more openness in between the dining room as well as the kitchen area. In this regard, you can either remove the wall or totally replace the wall with a kitchen counter that will open the area and make your kitchen appear even more spacious. Taking off the wall in between the living room and the dining room also helps to open up the area and make it conducive to entertaining guests.

Even though raised ranch additions present some challenges to remodelers, by having a creative eye on design and making careful planning with utmost attention to detail, this renovation project can be successfully achieved.