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Everything You Need to Know About Local Residential General Contractors Near Me

Residential general contractors are professionals who specialize in remodeling homes. They organize and execute remodeling projects, especially the bigger ones. Usually, these professionals are mistaken as home improvement specialists. But they will for sure dispute this stating that they deal with much longer remodeling projects, which incorporate specific design and architectural ideas in order to provide the homeowner with a much better living experience and a more comfortable one. They do this by adding more space or by making good use of any established space at home.

The home improvement companies are usually tasked to do smaller and less important aspects of the remodeling project such as installing floors, walls, siding, cabinets, landscaping and many more. A much better of way of thinking what a residential general professional does is that he is in charge in managing the home improvement professionals, who are being referred in the field as the subcontractors.

The great thing about local residential general contractors near me is that they will not only coordinate all the other home professionals and organize their schedule such that one staff will not go in the way with another, they also know what a good price is on home construction and remodeling and can even perform these tasks himself, but any average homeowner cannot.

Some General Rules To Follow                                                   

It’s been found that a lot of people will hire the residential general contractors even if they do not really need one. On the flip side of things, there are also those who do not hire them even if they should. Here are some of the general rules to follow when it comes to working with these companies.

  • If the construction or remodeling job will take more than a week to finish, then you better hire a general contractor or GC.
  • If the job involved will require several different professionals to get done, then leave it to the GC.
  • If the project will require necessary permits, then you better hire GCs.

When choosing a professional who can work on some home projects, whether it is construction or remodeling, there are certain guidelines to follow that can help to protect you from being a victim of fraudulent companies. Below are some of the warning signs that indicate that the company you are dealing with might be a scam.

  • You cannot find them in the local phone book.
  • They will require you to process the building permits even if this is their task.
  • They will only accept cash as payment.
  • They solicit door to door.
  • They will tell you that you get a discount if you will refer some other customers to them.
  • They will say that the job is a demonstration.
  • They will provide an exceptionally long guarantee.
  • They will ask that you pay in full for the job before they even start.
  • They will scare you into signing for repairs and will claim that these are urgent.
  • They will demand lien on your property.

You should always read and understand each and every word that is written on the contract before you sign it. If you do not understand something written on it, then you better ask questions.

When you need to hire professionals who can work on a construction or remodeling project for your home, you should request for a residential general contractor since these are professionals who are well adept at commercial, industrial and most especially residential projects. Using the word residential can help to ensure that you will not end up wasting time talking to the wrong company to hire.

Different Types of Residential Contractors

There are several different kinds of residential contractors. Each of these kinds has different functionality and goals. Read on to find out more about them.

  • New home construction – most of these professionals work in the growing areas of the country. They will be responsible for purchasing lots and then building custom designed homes. Commonly called as building professionals, the operations will require building homes that are more than $300,000 in market value. A small contractor can build as much as seven homes each year, which makes them generate enough margins to offset their overhead cost and generate just enough profit.
  • Builds a house on a lot – another type of the residential GCs are those that build a new house in a lot that is owned by the client. This group is called the builders since they generally do not get involved in the overall design aspect of the home property. Their main goal is to construct a house based on the specifications of the homeowner.

There are also legal issues that concern this kind of construction in reference to the draw schedule. Usually, the builder will require some kind of a higher deposit upfront in order to protect their commitment for the materials as well as the subcontractors that they will hire. A lot of buyers will have to negotiate this well in advance with the banker in order to ensure proper cash advances for the builder while the project is ongoing.


Just like with the usual home contractor, the additions provide the kind of service where they add more space into the existing house that has already been built. This is a somewhat tricky task and will require a lot of expertise due to the removal of the exterior siding and the construction of additions into the existing frame.

There should be no two houses that are the same in design and structure. Thus, the homeowner must do a bit of research and should focus more on the overall skills of the company that will be doing these tasks. Most commonly, homeowners will add on space for additional bedroom or living areas and most contracts are usually less than $100,000.


The remodelers are those professionals who are capable of reconfiguring or upgrading an existing home. Most of the remodelers are capable of upgrading bathrooms and kitchens to a modern standard. As the home starts to age, the systems and the styles will begin to change. For instance, the dishwashers have come out only in the late 1960s. Thus, most homes that are built before 1965 do not have any dishwasher. On bathrooms, homes that were built before the 1950s used a cast iron as its standalone tub and come with feet at the bathroom.

These days, bathrooms have taken more prominence on homes with various users opting for more luxury on their bathroom to include jet tubs as well as a shower separate from the tub. Remodelers are capable of providing this kind of service. Generally, these workers have less experience as compared to the other types of building professionals. In fact a lot of the GCs begin their profession in this leg of industry.

So as you can see, there are several different kinds of residential general contractors. The range of services that they are capable of providing varies greatly. By understanding the different types of building professionals as well as the various services that they can provide, you should be able to hire the right type of professionals for your residential remodeling or construction project.

Everything You Need to Know About Local Residential General Contractors Near Me

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