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The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Contractors Near Me Can Install or Repair Fans

There are bathroom exhaust fan installation contractors near me that you can hire for the replacement or installation of an exhaust fan in your bathroom. As you know, each and every bathroom will require a working exhaust fan. As a matter of fact, the exhaust fan is an important aspect of the overall bathroom design. Aside from helping clear the moisture and odor that builds inside the bathroom, the fan also improves proper ventilation and air circulation.

Unventilated bathroom moisture could settle down at the crevices all over the place and will create an environment for molds to grow. Although you can address the mold problems by using the most appropriate chemical cleaners, but there are lots of ways on how the molds can be prevented. And as you know, prevention is always better than cure.

In order to prevent this unhygienic situation from developing in your bathroom, you need to immediately replace your exhaust fan the moment you notice that it is no longer working properly. Since the exhaust fan is normally located at the ceiling or roof, you can call a roofing contractor to get your fan repaired or replaced.

How the Bathroom Exhaust Fan Works

They are connected through the exhaust gases outside that promote proper ventilation. Replacing the fan is not really as difficult as the installation itself, which usually involves setting the wiring up and then setting up the air duct for proper exhaust.

Determining when your fan needs to be replaced is pretty easy. If you notice a low whirring noise or if the fan just suddenly stopped, then there is definitely a problem with it. Mostly, the repair will only involve replacing the motor. The fan itself may not need to be replaced, if it is only the motor that is not working.

There are lots of hardware stores that sell fan motors, so you can simply purchase one and get your old motor replaced. But if the fan itself has a problem, then you might as well get a total replacement.

If the exhaust fan is mounted on top of your roof, then you may need to consult with a roof restoration contractor and see if they can get the fan removed from your roof in order to be repaired.

The Process of Replacement

The first thing that needs to be done is to shop for a replacement of your old exhaust fan. It is important that the replacement has the correct size, power and dimensions as well. You can purchase the fan from any hardware stores near you. If you see that only a fan motor needs replacement, then you better get a new motor that has the same power rating as that of the old one.

Since the motor is an important driving part of the exhaust fan, replacing the motor is actually as good as replacing the fan itself. Only when the fan is broken and makes a lot of noise will you need to replace the entire assembly.

First of all, switch off the electrical power that supplies power to the fan. Then, make use of a stool in order to access the apparatus of the ceiling fan. The tug at the exhaust fan grill can easily remove this. If there are any screws that hold the grill, unscrew them in order to get access to the fan inside. Some people will need to go for a replacement of the grill too if it is the part that gets broken.

As soon as the cover or the grill is taken off, you can now access the fan. Disconnect the electrical connection to the fan and then take off the assembly and unscrew the attachment screws. If the fan is intact, all that you need to replace is the motor that is fitted right behind it.

Take the old motor off by unscrewing the attachment screws and then replace with a new one. If the fan itself is broken, then the entire assembly needs to be replaced.

With the motor replaced, the fan can then be fixed back into the ceiling slot and the screws are then tightened back. The electrical connections must then be attached back again. After this, the fan needs to be checked if it is already working.

Simply turn it on and see if it works as expected. After which, replace the cover of the exhaust fan and put back in place. This finishes the job and you can be assured that the ventilation is now back to normal.

The replacement of the fan is quite straightforward and you can pull it off yourself in only a few minutes. But for a more complicated job, hiring a professional might be needed especially if this involves fixing the roof. For instance, if you have a roof that’s made of asphalt shingles, then check if an asphalt shingle-roofing contractor can facilitate the repair or replacement of the exhaust fan for you.

Choosing the Right Exhaust Fan

If your exhaust fan needs a total replacement, then it is important that you choose the right replacement fan. When selecting the fan, you must consider the airflow capacity, noise output, features and style or aesthetics.

As per the guidelines set by the Home Ventilating Institute, it is important that the air in your bathroom will be able to circulate for at least eight times per hour. The volume of the air circulated for CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used in rating the efficiency of the fan and it is important that it is in proportion to the overall area of your bathroom.

After you have determined the correct CFM rating of your fan, the next factor to think of is the loudness or noise output. This will normally depend on your comfort level, although most of the bathroom exhaust fans are between the range of 0.2 and 2 sones, which is the unit of measurement of the noise emitted by the fan.

The features are also important things to consider. Modern designed exhaust fans come with a host of features, such as timers that can help you save power by turning the fan automatically after a certain time that you have turned it on.

Some of the exhaust fans of today also come with built-in heating feature that allows the fan to let out the warm air from your bathroom. There are also those that come with motion sensors, and other modern features.

Finally, the style or aesthetics is also an important consideration. For some people, they would prefer the fan to match well with their roof since it’s often mounted to the roofing. So if you have steel roofing, you can hire a steel roofing contractor to install an exhaust fan that matches with your roof.

Just like with working in any type of electrical appliances, it is always a good idea to seek the help of a professional for the installation, repair or replacement of your exhaust fan. So consider calling the roof exhaust fan installation contractors near me even if you feel like you can handle the job yourself.

The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Contractors Near Me Can Install or Repair Fans

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