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Roof Framing Contractors Near Me: Kinds of Roof Materials for Roof Framing Types

The framing of a roof determines the type of materials that can be used in it. Hence, before you decide which roofing material to choose, you need to determine what type of roof framing your house has. This is especially true if you have an old house that already has a framing.

Unless you have the chance to change the framing of your house or design the framing of your home while it is still being built, you should determine which roofing materials can only be used on certain framing styles. Because you can choose the right framing type for your preferred roofing material and roof design, you don’t have to worry about knowing which materials can only be used on certain framing designs.

Roof Materials for Roof Framings

Listed below are some of the roofing materials that are used in common roof framing design. Reading these will help you choose the best roofing materials for your project so make it a point to remember them.

  • Thatch roofing go best with gable roof framing.

Thatch roofing is often used in cottages. It is best used in gable roof framing since this type of framing is not complicated in terms of shape. The roofing materials can easily be attached to the framing, which is necessary since dried straws and other natural materials are used.

Of course, other roofing materials can also be used in this type of framing. Asphalt shingles can be used on gable roof framing. Metal sheets are also ideal for this simple framing, making it one of the most versatile roof designs today.

Stone is another material that can be used but the frame should be made from concrete or steel to ensure that it can carry the weight of authentic stone. Since it is a fairly heavy roofing material, the material used in constructing the framing itself should be considered heavily to prevent the roof from sagging.

  • Asphalt shingles can be installed in just about any roofing type.

Asphalt shingle roofing will go with almost any kind of roof framing. It can be instead on gable, jerkinhead, gambrel or mansard roof design. Since the shingles can be installed on various angles, it will not be too hard to install. It can also be cut into various shapes and sizes, making asphalt shingle one of the most versatile roofing materials out there.

Maintenance and replacement are also not an issue, whatever roof framing design you have in your home. Since shingles can be removed piece per piece, it will not cost a lot to repair or replace. Unaffected or undamaged sections do not need to be removed, making it an ideal roofing material for most types of homes. The underlayments can also be removed by sections. This makes the overall cost of repairs lower than other options where larger portions of the roof need to be removed prior to repairs.

  • Corrugated metal roofing is often used in skillion framing.

Corrugated metal roofing is another versatile roofing material that roof framing contractors near me use. It is lightweight and does not need a lot of support. This means that even simple lumber framing can support this highly durable and long-lasting roofing material. This roofing material is also long-lasting and will last for at least 50 years without the need for major repairs. Maintenance is also not a problem. It can last for a long time without a lot of work.

Skillion framing is one of the most common types of roof framing paired with metal roofing. Since metal roofing sheets are often long, they are best used in roof framings with straight and long sections. Cuts are minimized on the roofing materials, making installation, maintenance and repair easy and cheap.

Roofing contractors use vinyl roofing membrane on flat roofs to make them waterproof and weatherproof. Since flat roof cannot shed off water really well, membranes are recommended to prevent water from entering the roof surface.

EPDM is one of the most popular options when it comes to covering flat roofs. It is relatively cheap and is not that hard to install. Torch-down versions are more hazardous to install but there are versions that can be installed using cold adhesive. This means that there are no fire and hot materials needed, making installation, repair and replacement safer and easier.

  • All roofing types can be used on a jerkinhead roof.

Jerkinhead roofs are a combination of hip and gable roof. It is one of the most popular choices for bungalows due to its aesthetics and function. Larger and taller windows can be installed on the upper floors of the house due to the design of jerkinhead roofs. This makes it a more comfortable roof framing design in terms of function, ventilation and appearance.

Almost all kinds of roofing materials can be used in this type of roof framing. Slates, stone, wood and metal can all be installed in this type of framing, given that the materials used in building the frame can support the weight of the roofing materials. Stone roofing will need a sturdier and thicker support. Concrete and metal framing materials are often used in building jerkinhead framings that are installed with stone slate while lumber is used on lighter materials such as metal and shingles.

Different types of roof framing use different amounts of roofing materials. Some roof framings do not use a lot of materials while some will consume more due to the shape of the roof. This is an important aspect to consider as this will determine the overall cost of roof construction. This will also determine the cost of repairs and maintenance that homeowners need to prepare for to be able to properly maintain their houses.

Make it a point to talk with roof framing contractors near me and discuss the best options that you can have so that you will be able to have an aesthetically appealing, functional, durable, long-lasting and efficient roof.

Roof Framing Contractors Near Me: Kinds of Roof Materials for Roof Framing Types

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