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Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring Roof Moss Removal Companies Near Me

Hiring roof moss removal companies near me is not hard but it can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time doing so. Since you are not familiar with how professional moss removal services work, you might think that you are not doing enough or you are doing too much when dealing with these companies. This might result in hiring the wrong company for your needs.

Due to this reason, it would be ideal to learn what you should and should not do when hiring roof contractors. This will allow you to avoid making decisions that will make the project costlier or unsuccessful.

Guidelines When Hiring Professional Roof Maintenance

Hiring roof maintenance companies in your area should be done carefully to ensure that your roof is taken care of properly. Moss removal, when not done properly, can greatly damage roofs. It will cause deterioration that cannot be easily remedied with rinsing the chemicals or patching parts of the roof.

Since moss removal is a delicate procedure, you should ensure that you are hiring the best contractor in town. This will also ensure that you are not spending money on a service that will not effectively get rid of moss.


  • Hire a contractor that uses non-bleach solutions.

One of the first things that you need to know about hiring professional roof moss removal companies near me is they should not use bleach-based cleaning solutions. This type of solution will kill plants and will not get rid of moss instantly.

The bleach is sprayed onto the roof and left until natural rain comes and washes off the moss and the solution away. This results in a messy-looking roof, which can easily deteriorate if the bleach stays on for too long.

  • Ask for photos of previous works along with reviews from previous clients.

Asking for photos of the company’s previous works will help you see whether the workers are really providing good service. Reviews should also accompany the photos to ensure that these pictures were not taken somewhere else but were actually captured by the contractor.

Make sure that you can contact the previous clients so that you can determine whether the reviews are authentic or not.

  • Sign a contract with complete details.

Make it a point to read the contract prior to signing. A seemingly simple service might not require a contract but if you want to make sure that the contractor will do the work properly, you need to ensure that a contract has been drafted.

Professional roof restoration contractors near you will not start doing projects unless a contract has been signed by the client. This will give them proof that the customer understands the service and knows what they will receive and what they should expect, which will prevent conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • Ask for warranty with reasonable warranty terms.

Warranty terms are also needed to ensure that you will have the moss removal services to redo their work if the moss is not removed effectively on your roof. Have the warranty terms stated clearly on the paper and sign only when everything has been explained to you.

If there are terms that you think should be included but cannot be found on the contract or warranty, ask about it. Do not hesitate to inquire about something as this will prevent conflicts between you and the workers.

  • Protect your plants and pets from harmful chemicals.

Even though non-bleach solutions are used in removing moss, it is still better to protect plants and pets when professional moss removers are working. It would be best to have your plants covered and the water running from the roof diverted into other areas to avoid the solution from reaching the plants.

Pets should not be let loose to prevent them from drinking water or solution from the roof. Of course, small children should be protected to avoid injuries and poisoning.


  • Don’t hire companies using power washers.

Power washers are harmful as these can damage roof shingles. Even professional roof painting specialists who are prepping roofs do not use this type of machine unless absolutely necessary.

Make sure that only mild and eco-friendly approaches and tools are used to prevent harming your roof.

  • Do not hire contractors using bleach-based chemicals.

Not all companies that use bleach-based solutions advertise that they are using such chemicals. Hence, it is important to ask beforehand so that you are aware of the types of chemicals they are using.

If you think that a contractor is using harmful chemicals, look for other companies that will offer the same type of service but will use a better eco-friendly solution.

  • Do not hire contractors who do not disclose their cleaning solutions and tools.

If the company that you want to hire would not disclose the type of tools or solutions they are using, they are likely using stuff that can harm you, your pets and your plants. Make it a point to have the contractor disclose their tools and supplies. This way, you will know if it will be safe to hire them.

If the workers are not willing to discuss what they are going to use, better hire a different company instead. Do not settle for a service provider that will not disclose details of their work, especially if your health and safety are concerned.

The average cost for moss removal is around $450. That cost will, of course, get higher if your house is bigger or there are specific factors that should be considered. This is not a costly project but since the quality and integrity of your roof will depend on how knowledgeable, experienced and competent the workers are, it is significant that you ensure that you are hiring the right company for the job.

Follow the guidelines listed above so that you can avoid doing things that will keep you from hiring incompetent companies. These will also help you find the best contractor that will effectively get rid of moss in your roof while charging reasonable fees.

Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring Roof Moss Removal Companies Near Me

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