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7 Simple RV Remodeling Ideas to Consider for your RV Renovation Project

RV Remodeling Ideas
Remodeling your RV does not have to be limited to changing the paneling or replacing the flooring of your camper. You can also do simple RV remodeling options that won’t cost a lot of money and consume a lot of time but will greatly improve the look and functionality of your mobile home.

You just need to know the tips from this article. This way, you can come up with a plan on how to upgrade and update your RV without a lot of work.

Simple RV Renovation Ideas

Listed below are some RV renovation ideas that are simple to make. You usually won’t have to hire a contractor for these and if you do, the overall price will not be too big. But since these are quite useful, you will be able to improve the appearance of your RV without spending a fortune.

  • Change the dinette set with a small yet real dining table.

A dinette set is often built-in in RVs and it would seem like a waste if you are going to remove it. But since it is hard to get out of and it is often too big and takes too much space, you might want to consider replacing it with a real but small dining set.

You can also choose a coffee table and use it as a small dining table for more space and better appearance. This is highly applicable especially if the people residing or using the RV are not too many. But since some chairs and tables were built to be space-savers, this will also apply even if there are more than 4 people using the mobile home.

  • Change the window curtains or repaint the frames.

Choose new curtains for your windows. It may seem too simple to add anything noticeable to your RV. But, the right curtains can provide a whole new look to your mobile home. It can also allow natural light to illuminate your trailer, which will make the entire place more appealing and purposeful.

If you want, you can also change the color of your window frames to match the new curtains or the new furniture in your RV. This will give your mobile home’s appearance a boost while protecting your windows. Since repainting window frames will also protect it from rusting or deterioration, when prepped properly, you are also sparing your RV.

  • Consider feng shui tips.

RV renovations are usually for improving the appearance and functionally of your mobile home. But, it does not mean that you cannot include feng shui into the equation. You can follow certain feng shui guidelines to make this project easier.

By simply arranging existing furniture in your mobile home, you can improve the workflow, ambience and convenience of your RV. You can place the chairs in front of one another rather than side by side to spark conversation when you are hanging out. You can also choose to place the appliances on the distant ends of the RV so that there is not much foot traffic that will disturb you while you are using those appliances.

Since you will be able to work around the color scheme that is designated for each part of your mobile home, you can easily create plans without mismatching the designs.

You might be surprised at how fast you can get the plans done when you have a specific theme in mind, especially when you have decided the main colors and accent shades that you will incorporate on your designs.

  • Update dated furniture by refinishing, resealing or repainting them.

You don’t have to replace furniture when renovating your RV. Just repaint or refinish them. This will give your stuff a new look without having the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the project.

  • Look at your RV closet and see if additional storage is needed or if removing them is better.

A simple trick in renovating storage or closet in your mobile home is not simple adding additional space but by determining how you can arrange the things inside it. You need to take a look at your storage or closet and see if everything in it is needed and being used. This is especially true if you have a separate residence where you can store extra stuff on your closet.

Remodeling is not entirely about replacing and buying new stuff. It is also about removing things that are not needed and excessive items and furniture are included in that list. If you think your closet is overcrowded, it should be re-organized before you decide whether you need additional space.

  • Turn your RV sofa into a sofa bed for more space.

You can add comfortable blankets and pillows and make the seat bigger or softer to make it comfy to sleep at. This will save you a lot of space since you won’t have to install a bedroom in your mobile home.

And if you already have a bed, you can remove it to make rooms for other purposes like a small office.

The simplest RV remodeling ideas are sometimes the ones that will make your mobile home cozier. Hence, make sure that you do not skip the simple and small details of renovation. This might help you save thousands of dollars on your project.