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Sagging Floor Repair Cost

11 Important Information Related to Sagging Floor Repair Cost

A sagging floor may be caused by several factors. It could be related to improper installation especially of the support structure, weight load which is more than what it can carry based on how it was designed, materials used, and many others. A sagging floor has to be fixed in order to prevent permanent damage. Of course, you have to hire a professional.

How Much will it Cost?

There are various factors that will affect the cost. For you to know the sagging floor repair cost, you have to know these factors.

Below are some of these factors that a homeowner should know that affect the said cost:

  1. Cost of hiring a professional contractor – before deciding what needs to be done about your floor, to either repair or replace it, contact a licensed flooring company first and ask that your flooring be assessed. The flooring contractor, based on their years of experience in the industry, should be able to determine the best approach to solve your flooring issue. Ask them for a sagging floor repair cost estimate or quotation to work on the project.
  2. Repair cost due to weak structural support – a floor problem caused by poor structural support can be repaired but it can cost a lot and rightfully so because it deals with the structure. It will range from $600 to $1,000.
  3. Sagging floor due to wrong installation or lack of skills (flooring contractor) – a sagging floor that is caused by incorrect installation or poor installation skills by the flooring contractor is harder to repair. This will require that you hire a really good flooring contractor who will be able to fix the installation problems without having to remove the entire floor structure. This requires special skills and knowledge so their rates are definitely much higher.
  4. Repairing a sagging floor requires special tools or equipment in order to execute the tasks quicker and in a more efficient manner – Professional contractors normally have these materials so the cost may just be charged to you. It will range from $800 to $4500 but will still depend on the floor area and the structural design of the house or building.
  5. New piers may also be needed. It will depend on the brand and quality, but said item may cost between $150 and $600.
  6. The cost of girder installation starts at $50.
  7. Damaged joists can be fixed using a technique referred to as sistering. It is used when not the entire joist is damaged, but only a portion of it. This is done by cleaning or cutting the damaged area and applying a wood treatment to stop infestation. Once the area is totally cleaned or has been cut, a new board or joist is placed next to the old joist to provide additional support.

On average, the total sagging floor repair cost to execute this method will range from $100 to $300. The said cost, of course, may vary depending on how bad the damage is. Cost can go as high as $3,000 or even higher.

  1. An extremely damaged joist will require removal of the entire joist and replacing it with a new one. In doing so, you will need jacks to hold the structure together while the materials are being removed and also replaced. The cost for this situation may be between $10,000 and $30,000 for a standard home. The cost mentioned may vary depending on the size and type of the house and flooring and the degree of damage.
  2. Infestation is the common cause of floor joist damage. It is important that the damaged area is cleaned and the new ones are treated with anti-pest coating. Cost of getting a wood treatment must be considered in the total sagging floor repair cost.
  3. Water leak also causes damage and weakens the floor support. Leak has to be repaired to prevent more damage. This will also be included in the total sagging floor repair cost.
  4. Based on the 2nd bullet, repair cost may go as high as $1m000. Be sure to get your money’s worth by hiring the most qualified and competent flooring contractor.

4 Common Causes of Sagging Floor

Floor repair does not have to be too expensive. When a section of your flooring shows signs of sagging or the surface becomes uneven, floor repair may be required to prevent permanent damage. When this happens, a professional flooring contractor can assess what the problem is.

It is normally caused by damaged joists or weakened horizontal support or structural part of the sub-floor. The simple fix that can be done is to add a new post or structural support under the sagging area using the sistering technique. Below are some of the common causes of sagging floor:

  1. One of the causes of sagging floor is the use of incorrect joists in terms of size. Normally, a joist should be 2 inches in width and 10 inches thick. The most common type of wood used for floor joist is Douglas fir or yellow pine. Other types of wood can be utilized, but those 2 are mainly the materials used by flooring contractors.
  2. Another issue that may cause a floor to sag is related to the floor joist again – its span may be too long. The span of the floor joist is measured in inches, which is the distance between 2 supporting boards or panels. Because of the big gap, the support is too weak causing a section on the floor to sag or slump.
  3. Decomposition or damage due to pests can also cause floor sagging as it weakens the floor support and other parts of it.
  4. There’s too much weight on the floor. Floorings are designed to carry a certain weight. If an item that is placed on it weighs more than what it can carry, then it can cause the floor to sag. The type of material used and the structure are the factors to consider. Make sure to ask a professional flooring contractor to assess the load limit of your flooring based on the design and structure. They can also repair it or do something to prevent it in the long run.

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