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Septic Tank Pumping Companies Near Me

Things You Need to Know When You Hire Septic Tank Pumping Companies Near Me

In general, the septic system in your home consists of the septic tank itself and the drain field. In some cases, the septic tank system can come with a pump tank for those systems that cannot gravity feed to the drain field.

If you are having issues with your septic system, the best thing to do is to find septic tank pumping companies near me. The septic system can last for several decades, but just like with anything, it could eventually give up. Hiring a professional pumping company can best address your problem with your septic system.

Generally, a three bedroom home that has about 2,250 square feet of living area should have a 900 gallon septic tank. The tank will be receiving all of the wastewater from such home and this will include wastewater from the toilet, shower, washing machine, sinks and dishwasher.

According to experts, an average person makes use of about 70 gallons per day in an average. Thus, a family of four would be using about 280 gallons in a day. So, just imagine how much your septic tank is receiving on a daily basis and how much water flows through it to make it out towards the drain field. It is therefore not surprising when your septic tank will just give up on you one day. When this happens, hiring septic companies near me is your best option.

Understanding How the Septic System Works

What a lot of people do not realize is that the solid waste in their home is actually being collected in the septic tank. The solids that will remain on the septic tank consist of the toilet paper, food from disposals, lint, hair and human waste. Once all these solid particles are accumulated, it will turn into a sludge layer right at the bottom of the septic tank.

Soon, this layer will rise up and will travel through the drain field lines and will then fail the drain field and as a result, it will cause clogging in your sewage. In this case, you need to call professional septic tank pumping companies near me.

A lot of times, homeowners will find advertisements of bacteria additives that have claimed to break down the sludge on the septic tank and make them disappear. However, homeowners should not be fooled with these ads because the only way to remove the solid wastes off the tank is to pump it out.

So do not ever take chances as this might just ruin your drain field. Remember that this is a very expensive component of your septic system. The best thing to do in order to address the accumulation of sludge is to call septic tank pumping companies near me.

Factors to Consider in Pumping the Septic Tank

Experts recommend that the septic tank has to be emptied and that the entire septic system has to be regularly inspected. The frequency of inspection will pretty much depend on the following factors:

  • Size of the tank – if you have a small septic tank, then it has to be emptied and pumped out more often.
  • Amount of waste water processed – if your home is more than 20 years old, then it is likely that you have bathroom fixtures that are not water efficient. Older style of toilets are said to require about 3 to 5 gallons of water in every flush. In this case, the older your home is, the more often you need your tank to be pumped.

Septic Tank Pumping and How Much It Will Cost

One of the best ways to address your problems with your septic system is by means of septic tank pumping. When you call the septic tank pumping company, they will either replace your septic system or make significant repairs to make them to work again.

Before you hire the septic tank pumping companies near me, it is best that you are clear how much you need to pay for the job. According to the experts in septic tank pumping, the average cost is $125 to $250. This already covers the cost of pumping and cleaning the tank. Understandably, the more difficult it is for the cleaning guys to get access to your septic tank, the more expensive you will have to pay for the tank to be pumped. As you know, most of the septic tanks are buried below the ground.

If your septic system does not have a septic riser, then the septic tank guy will need to dig a hole down towards the container lid of the septic tank. This is no doubt a tedious job and as such, this will cost more. Normally, if there is digging involved, the total amount that you could pay for the pumping job is $250.

In order to get a more accurate quote, you need to get in touch with a company that specializes in this so you can get quoted based on the details that you’ll provide. Better yet, ask several septic contractors near me to send you an itemized quote. This way, you can compare quotes. Use the form on our website to make this process efficient and easy. It’s a free service so try it out.

Taking Care of your Septic System

As mentioned, you will find that there are many commercial septic tank treatments that are being sold in the market now. Beware of these products because they are not really effective and they might just cause further damage to your septic system.

Although some disinfectants will not really cause damage on the septic tank, you have to avoid washing huge quantities of chemicals, most especially chlorine bleach, as this can just cause terrible damage. Do not ever pour chemical drain cleaners, motor oil, solvents like paint, chemicals, and poisons into the drain pipes.

It is also important that you advise the people living in your home to minimize the use of the garbage disposer and to not pour fat, coffee grounds and grease in it. Above all, if you notice that your septic tank is clogging, call a professional septic tank pumper immediately by doing a search for septic tank services near me.

Hiring the Best Tank Pumping Companies

When looking for the septic tank pumping companies near me, it is important that you choose licensed companies. They should be well educated and trained in all aspects of the septic tank pumping. They should have rigorous amount of training and must have the right tools and equipment for pumping septic tanks.

Remember that there are special tools that these professionals use to address the problems you have in your septic tank. These tools can help to make their job done fast, safe and easy. It is also important that they are licensed as well and should have insurance that will cover any liability cost just in case something happens during the pumping of the septic tank.

Licensed tank pumping companies can fix whatever issues you have with your septic tank fast and easy. They have all the tools that they need and these are special tools designed for most septic tank problems. So before you hire the septic pumping companies near me, it is a good idea that you ask them if they have tools or equipment that they can use to pump the septic tank more efficiently.

If you will attempt to fix the problem in your septic tank yourself, you might just put yourself in danger. Remember that you have not gone through training and you are not equipped with the right tools. So if you notice that there are problems with your septic system, the first thing that you should do is to contact septic tank pumping companies near me.