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All About Real and Synthetic Slate Roofing and Hiring Slate Roofing Contractors Near Me

 If you are looking for slate roofing contractors near me who can install slate roofing, then you would be glad to know that there are lots of contractors that you can hire these days. This is because more and more people are beginning to appreciate the slate roofing.

But before you undertake any kind of home improvement project, including installing a new roof, it is normal that you do a bit of research regarding the costs that will be involved for the project. That way, you will know how much you will have to spend and therefore, you will be able to prepare an adequate amount for your budget. If you are aiming to change your existing roofing, then slate is by far, the most excellent option.

About Slate Roofing

If you’re looking for sturdy and elegant roofing, the slate roof is what you should go for. This material is one of the most durable roofing materials out there and offers solidity and class to your roof.

Slate is a kind of homogeneous metamorphic rock that was derived from the metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks. It is usually available in gray color, although there are also other shades ranging from purple to green.

The slate roofing is popular in the Europe and 99 percent of its supply comes from Spain. Slate can be mined worldwide and it is a truly versatile material used for roofing and flooring construction. In the US, a lot of people would prefer slate, although the asphalt shingle roofing is more popular.

Slate can also be converted easily into roofing shingles because of the two lines of breakability that it has that are cleavage and grain. Because of its properties, the roofing can be split easily into thin sheets. What makes this an ideal candidate for the roofing shingles is that its water absorption index is lower than 40 percent.

This lower rate of absorption makes the material impervious to breakage that is caused by frost damage and freezing. The only downside of slate as roofing is the weight. Because of the heaviness of this roofing, extra reinforcement might be needed during the process of installation. But it is important to note that no roofing is perfect and each material comes with its own share of shortcomings.

The roofing is available in two varieties. One is the natural mined slate while the other is a synthetic variety, which is made out of plastic and rubber composites. The synthetic types are made to look like it is a natural slate although it is much lighter.

Cost Estimate

The cost of getting a new slate roof installed will depend on so many factors, and this includes the type of the slate that you want, the roof design, height, width, including its square footage. Furthermore, the manner of installation that the professional roofing contractors will follow will also be a factor. If you will go for the natural slate roofing, the overall cost for every square foot will range from $9 to $40, depending on the overall quality of the slate roofing.

Instead, if you will go for the synthetic slate, the cost for every square foot is around $7 to $9 only. The overall cost will also include the charges of the reinforcement that might be needed in case you will opt for the natural slate, including the cost involved in removing the existing roofing material, if needed. Unlike the wood shingle roofing and other roofing materials, the slate is a bit more expensive, but it comes with so many advantages, including fire and moisture resistance.

You should make sure to choose high quality slate roofing in order to ensure the longevity of the life of your roofing. You should talk to the roofing contractors about the local costs involved as this could vary greatly, depending on the location.

The installation of the natural slate roof is a masonry job and will require a high degree of accuracy and skill. You just make sure that you go for an experienced roofing contractor who can ensure that the project is done right and within a reasonable amount of time.

Location is a Factor that Could Affect the Cost

Your location or the area where you live can also influence the overall cost of getting slate roofing installed. Some homeowner’s association will impose requirements for residents to adhere to. They would require that the houses would have shingles that looks like slate so all of the houses in the neighborhood will have uniform roofing.

Synthetic Slate Roofing

If you find slate more expensive, you can opt for the synthetic slate roofing. The composite and asphalt are two of the main types of materials used for making synthetic slate shingles. The shingles are made out of pressed and pulped paper and wood fiber treated for weather resistance.

Despite of the durability, the roof is relatively light. After the slate roofing is assembled, the shingles can then be coated with laminate. The laminate offers an appropriate look and an additional level of weatherproofing. Some of the slate shingles are often double layered and gives them an added weather resistance due to the cost of the added weight.

The slate shingles are similar to the asphalt shingles in terms of construction and sometimes, it makes use of a layer of asphalt that’s integrated to them. They are usually made out of a synthetic polymer material that’s custom formulated for its task, providing them with optimal weather resistant properties as well as weight. The added asphalt is also sometimes used to add more weight in order to make them even more durable especially during severe weather.

In some instances, the synthetic slate can refer specifically to the composite shingles designed to look like slate from the core up. In general, higher end and high quality shingles definitely matches this profile. However, it may be important to understand the differences from the perspective of value. The slate roofing can do more to improve your home’s value, making them a great choice for homeowners who have plans to sell their homes in the future.

Advantages of Synthetic Slate Roofing

The synthetic slate shingle roofing is more energy efficient as compared to the true slate roofing. The true slate tends to absorb so much thermal energy and requires underlying insulation in order to be useful for insulating a house. In fact, you may need to hire insulation contractors to get your home insulated if you go for the true slate.

Slate is more popular due to its aesthetic properties. It can definitely make your home look so much better and increase its value as a result. Various homeowners prefer this roofing material because of the look that it gives.

Synthetic slate is also gaining more popularity and is a much cheaper option than the true slate. Yet, it is generally indistinguishable by the naked eye. Real slate on the other hand needs to be formed before it is laid. These irregularities and eccentricities can be a downside in various forms of roofing. However they are primary for the slate, which is actually considered luxury roofing. Whether you go for the synthetic or the real one, just make sure to hire experienced slate roofing contractors near me to install the material.

All About Real and Synthetic Slate Roofing and Hiring Slate Roofing Contractors Near Me

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