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19 Small bedroom remodeling tips

Small bedroom remodeling tips
When you are looking into how to remodel a small bedroom the process itself is not much different than how to remodel a bedroom in 8 steps. The main thing you need to keep in mind when remodeling a small bedroom is how to best use the size you have. To make your life easier we have pulled together some of the best ideas out there to help you make the most of your small bedroom.

As you begin thinking about how to remodel a small bathroom don’t be afraid to make bold choices. A small bedroom doesn’t always have to be a whitewashed room with no personalization. The smaller space can mean you get to imaginative and creative instead of careful. Where a large bedroom can give a sense of luxury, a small one can be a cozy hideaway. Don’t let the lack of space make you give up your sense of style. Use the space that you have to create your own unique personal space.

Small Bedroom Remodeling Tips

Colors Matter: When dealing with small spaces keep your colors bright. Light colors make a small space look bigger, and darker colors make a space seem more closed in. So if you want to make your small bedroom seem a bit more spacious keep your colors bright.

Be smart about furniture: A small bedroom means you have to make good choices on your furniture. Putting your king sized bed into a small bedroom isn’t a good choice. Every bit of space you clear up is a more living space. This means you should choose small bedside tables and drawers to save more room.

Frame your bed with custom storage: Make some custom storage cabinetry around the head of the bed. This innovative form of storage takes advantage of some of the more unused space at the head of your bed. Storage cabinets can be a sort of reverse headboard, a stylish and interesting form of storage in your small bedroom

Use recessed storage options: Another storage option is to utilize the space between your wall studs. These areas can be made into attractive storage options with a minimum amount of effort. When constructing some built in storage options be careful not to disturb any wiring.

Install a floating shelf: A floating shelf is a great option for small bedrooms. By clearing up the floor space it makes the room feel a bit larger.

Use wall mounted lamps: By lifting your lighting off of the bedside tables it allows you to select smaller bedside tables. This keeps just a tiny bit more space for your small bedroom.

Get creative with storage: When you are working with a small area storage space comes at a premium. To maximize your storage you have to be creative and use those areas that normally are just vacant spaces. So use storage spaces that are under other pieces of furniture, or build it into your headboard or other areas you might not normally use.

Declutter: One of the simplest things you can do to make sure you don’t make your small bedroom look even smaller is to get rid of clutter. Before you remodel your bedroom go through and get rid of anything that has no purpose. All of us collect things in our rooms over the years that are there just because they haven’t been removed. So clean the house and store or sell the things that are just taking up space. When you are done with your remodel this will help you not instantly clutter up the space.

Kids rooms use bunk beds or trundle beds: If you are remodeling a kids room you can maximize space with a set of bunk beds for multiple children. If you are remodeling a room and it is for only one child a loft bed is a great option to gain space.

Use mirrors to make more room: One of the best ways to gain a bit of visual room is to use mirrors. A few tastefully placed mirrors can make the room seem more open. Remember that this is not the mid 70’s and an entire wall of mirrors only comes out as strange.

Build in your dresser: A carpenter can take your bedroom up a notch by building a set of dresser drawers into $25-$35 an hour. By building a dresser into the wall you free up some much needed spaces.

Lift the bed about 7” for storage: Use a set of bed lifts to gain some storage space that normally goes unused. A clearance of about 7 inches is enough to make a usable space under your bed.

Use a focal point to draw the eye: Give your bedroom a focal point to draw the eye. This can be a work of art, or a feature wall, even a contrasting colored piece of furniture. Use this focal point to make your small bedroom seem just a little bit larger.

Get as much natural light as possible: Natural light is the cure to the look of your small bedroom. The more natural light that you can get into your small bedroom the bigger it will seem. Windows also clear sight lines and make a bedroom feel more open. If you can’t afford a window or skylight, go for light tubes.

Hang window treatments near the ceiling: To make the room seem taller hang the window treatments at the top of the wall above the window. By moving the curtain to the top you create a feeling of vertical space in your bedroom.

Embrace the size and shoot for style: Sometimes trying to fight the size of your bedroom is a battle that you just don’t feel like fighting. Occasionally it works to just go for your style and not try to get any extra space by moving things around.

Use simple color schemes: Avoid visual distraction by keeping your color scheme simple. Avoid a busier color scheme, and stick to a simple and consistent pallet. This choice will keep your bedroom from seeming smaller than it is.

Keep scale in mind: When selecting furniture try to not put overly large furniture with small furniture. Avoid large items with small items that throw off visual balance. Try to keep furniture of the same scale in the bedroom.

Use the vertical: An often forgotten way to make your room work is to use the vertical space. Instead of selecting furniture for width or depth, go for taller furniture if possible. By using the vertical space you get a double benefit.