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Small Kitchen Paint Colors To Make your Kitchen Appear Bigger

Small Kitchen Paint Colors
Thanks to small kitchen paint colors, your small kitchen could appear bigger and brighter. By applying a coat of fresh paint on the walls, counters and storage spaces, you can energize the overall look of your kitchen. You can opt for soft neutrals or perhaps go for bold color combinations that can make your space appear larger and help to reflect your personal style.

Do not ever underestimate the power of paint colors to change the overall look of your small kitchen. Instead of doing a major overhaul, a more affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift is to paint its walls and cabinetry.  Painting your kitchen is enough to provide the lift that is needed in order to update and open up the confines of your small kitchen.

Choosing the right paint color is the key to making your small kitchen look a bit bigger. The right color could flatter the entire look of your kitchen, bringing good energy into your kitchen space.

So if you live in condo units and apartments that usually have very small kitchen spaces, then here are some tips when it comes to choosing the right paint for your small kitchen.

Paint Everything In White

For those with small kitchen space, white should be your best friend. This color helps to reflect light and enhance the overall look of your kitchen space. It also helps to make the walls recede. If you will include white in your kitchen color schemes by painting it on the walls, countertops, cabinetry and the ceiling, you will end up with a seamless space that will look like there are no edges or boundaries in your kitchen.

You can make use of several shades of white and combine contrasting textures as well in order to come up with an all white kitchen. Recessed panel cabinets, as well as crown molding can help to create subtle shadows that will also help to add interest in your kitchen space.

Use Low-Contrast Color Schemes

Coming up with a color scheme that has little differences in between the colors of the countertops, walls, cabinetry and woodwork can make your space appear even bigger than it actually is. You can choose to have the same shades of color for the backsplash, trim and cabinets, perhaps a soft green color. This way, the eye will not trip over the sudden shifts from dark to light color. Such effect will be serene and expansive.

Widen the Space with Stripes

Painting your kitchen walls in stripes is also one way to make it appear bigger. Just as horizontal stripes in clothing can make a person to look bigger, horizontal stripes in your small kitchen can also make it to appear bigger.

The stripes will visually stretch out your kitchen walls and floor spaces. The best way to make this idea a success is to alternate light and medium stripes of paint in your wall. You can also achieve similar effect by painting your existing vinyl or wooden flooring or by covering the entire floor with horizontally striped rugs.

Paint the Same Color for Cabinetry and Walls

Using the same shades of color for the cabinetry and walls can erase visual boundaries that could stop the eye when looking at your kitchen space. Although pale colors can help to reflect light and make your kitchen space appear bigger, which is definitely a safe approach, do not be afraid to opt for dark colors.  Deep tones of navy, chocolate, charcoal and black can recede visually and will create an impression that the kitchen walls are farther than they actually are.

Choose Sharp Colors

Another way you can expand the space in your small kitchen is to go for very clear colors. When painting your kitchen space, choose a palette of sharper colors instead of the dull ones. Sharp and bright colors combined with colorful plaids of electric blues, hot reds, greens and yellows, can help to give an illusion of a bigger space. Color combinations that have negative space in between can also help to enhance the openness and clarity of your kitchen space.

Create a Focal Wall

Although some of the kitchen remodeling experts and designers will not agree with the idea of painting one wall with a deeper or different color than the other walls, it can do wonders in a small kitchen space. Do not ever be afraid to experiment with bold colors. Sometimes, a darker tone on one of the walls can help to make it recede, and can make the space appear even bigger.

Connect the Spaces With Several Shades of Color

Just as the varying wall colors can split your kitchen into various work areas, having diverse shades of similar color can help to unite all areas in your kitchen wall, in the same way that a repeated pattern can. In a small kitchen space, for instance, some of the little touches, such as the mugs that match with your cabinet and the mirror on your kitchen wall that echoes a kitchen counter, can all contribute to a more cohesive space.

Get Spicy with Adding Colors

Small kitchens are a great place to make use of color. You can add spice in the overall look of your kitchen by hanging up that china that you never use. It will not only save space, but it can also add color to your kitchen and glam up the entire look. You can also go bold and paint the walls with trendy color. Perhaps, go for a bright shade of red.

Go Bold in your Kitchen

Sure, something pastel in a peachy pink color palette can make your kitchen look chic, especially if you have peach cabinets and countertops as well. But this can actually increase its bodacious scale. Experts recommend that you paint your kitchen with rich chocolate brown color.

Vamp It Up

Beautiful faux finishes as well as specialty techniques can add character into your small kitchen space. Painting the ceiling in your kitchen in a darker shade and extending that same color towards the wall for about 14 inches with the use of metallic stripes in the same space will surely look terrific for your small kitchen. This also helps to expand the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Choose a Color that Travels

The great thing about color is that it is really an affordable way to give your kitchen a whole new look. It can also be added through other means other than painting. You can add more color on your kitchen walls by hanging fabric, painting big canvases and using wall decals. And if you are ready to transfer to a much bigger space, then you can simply take these with you.

Do Not Forget Black

Regardless of the color that you will paint your small kitchen space, consider adding a black accent. You can perhaps paint your fridge black or your kitchen table. This can help to ground your kitchen space and enhance the other colors.

There are certainly lots of small kitchen paint colors and ideas to help make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is. You do not really need to spend a lot of money to get your kitchen renovated. These ideas are an affordable way to spruce up your small kitchen.