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14 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas to Incorporate in your Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
If you live in a tiny apartment, then you will surely be glad to know that there are several small kitchen storage ideas that can help to make using your small kitchen more comfortable and convenient. Just because you have a small kitchen does not necessarily mean that you sacrifice its functionality and look. Here are 14 ways on how you can maximize each and every inch of your precious space.

Recessed Storage

One of the most effective storage solutions for small kitchens is to tuck a shelving, pantry or cabinet flush with the kitchen wall in order to keep them from obstructing the flow of your kitchen. It is easy to retrofit a recessed storage, most especially if you will orient it in between the wall studs.

Use Hooks and Shelves

As soon as the kitchen cabinets are already filled with kitchen stuff, people will usually proceed with storing items in the counter space. What about the walls? You can actually make use of your walls through the help of hooks and shelves. Creating an open shelf in your kitchen wall is a creative and affordable way to add more storage space in your small kitchen.

Roll with It

A rolling cart is considered as your kitchen’s best friend. So if you have a kitchen that has a very limited space, make use of a rolling cart in storing and transporting things. You can wheel it out if you need more space in the counter or simply slide it into the side if you don’t.

Mounted Knife Rack

One of the things that could use up a lot of space in your kitchen counter is the knife block. A mounted knife rack is the best solution to this. The knife rack will keep your tools within easy reach while also keeping them tucked away at the same time, which gives you more space in the counter.

Procure a Pot Rack

Whether you install it in the wall or hung from the ceiling, the pot racks are truly one of the best space saving solutions in a small kitchen. Recycling pot racks can also help to make great use of what might have ended up as waste in the kitchen. You can hang the rack adjacent to a stove, which makes them easily accessible if needed.

Store Seating

If there is enough room for a kitchen island, then go for it. Not only do the island provide plenty of that much needed workspace, it can also be a great place where you and your loved ones can eat the food you just prepared. If you will opt for a kitchen island, then choose the one that has a room underneath where you can stash stools or kitchen chairs when they are not in use, which also helps to save more space.

Rethink the Design Details

If your kitchen is not wide enough to accommodate a kitchen island, then you may want to consider redoing your counter space. For kitchen sinks that are on the smaller side, consider getting an articulated faucet. This faucet can bend out of the way in order to accommodate large dishes and pots. You can mount this directly into the wall so you will end up using less space on your kitchen counter.

Conquer the Corners

The kitchen corners often always ends up going to waste, when in fact, this space in your kitchen can be used for more storage. Aside from installing the lazy Susan in there, there are several other creative ways to utilize this area in your kitchen.

You can also consider mounting corner drawers at one of the corners in your kitchen. Unlike the lazy Susan where you need to open and turn just to get what you are after, the corner drawers keep kitchen supplies more conveniently and are more accessible.

A built-in kitchen cabinet on a corner is also a great idea. It encroaches on a square footage by a few inches only and can provide ample unused storage spaces in return.

Another great way to maximize your corner space is to use the space for your kitchen sink. Others will also use the space to place their stove. In addition, an open shelf that is built into a backsplash can be used to hold cooking items that may otherwise take up space on the counters and shelves.

Choose Pint Sized Appliances

Since you have a small kitchen, then it does not make sense to have very large appliances in your kitchen. If you are not cooking regularly for a huge crowd, consider buying a small stove and dishwasher, or other small appliances that will suit you and your family just fine.

Make Use of Any Forgotten Space

Check the surrounding of your kitchen and see if there might be any forgotten areas in there aside from the kitchen corners. You can make these corners earn their keep by squeaking out some of the storage spaces in your kitchen. You can perhaps install a warming drawer on one side of your kitchen island. A piece of your kitchen island can also be transformed into a wine storage. You can also slip a spice rack into any available space in your kitchen.

Optimize Your Pantry Space

Since you have a limited space for storage, make the most of the space in your pantry. Begin by organizing your kitchen pantry and arranging all the items stored inside it. Keep a rotation of your dry goods, spices and cereals so that the clutter will be prevented. Discard all expired items and throw all unnecessary items away. There are lots of open kitchen shelving designs that you can consider for your kitchen.

Maximize Your Existing Storage Space

If you are on a limited budget, consider improving whatever you have in your existing kitchen space. You can maximize the storage spaces by installing dowel rods into your kitchen shelves and cabinets or perhaps you can create plate holders to add more space for storing plates.

Clear your Food Storage Away

You can get smart with your food storage with the use of an etching cream. Clear containers are ideal for small storage spaces since they allow you to visually identify the dry goods easily without the need to rummage through the cramped or cluttered cabinets. Placing labels on the containers can also help to make it much easier.

Leave No Space Unused

Make use of each and every nook and cranny in your kitchen. Do not forget to check even the smallest spaces and see how you can maximize it for storage. Perhaps, you can have a tilt down drawer in your sink, which is a handy way to store knickknacks and sponges that could otherwise take up more valuable space in your kitchen counter.

There are absolutely so many ways in which you can maximize your small kitchen space in order to give way for more storage. Hopefully, these 14 small kitchen storage ideas can serve as your inspiration in remodeling your kitchen storage. If you need more help, then better consult with professional kitchen remodelers in your area.