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Split Entry Additions

What are the Best Split Entry Additions?

A split entry is one of the styles of the split level home. Split level homes have different styles and the split entry is one of the most popular. A lot of homeowners bought this style of home because of its many benefits. But now, a lot of them, maybe including you, feel that there’s something lacking. This is why they’re looking for split entry additions.

They recognize the fact that they don’t really need to renovate to satisfy their needs. With some wise additions, they can make their home better. Unfortunately for them, they don’t really know how to go about it. This is why they’re looking for tips on the things that they can add.

Do You Really have a Split Entry Home?

This article will provide some ideas when it comes to the best side entry additions. Before implementing these ideas, you first have to make sure that what you have is really a split entry and not a stacked split level, split level or raised ranch.

A split entry is characterized by a couple of sets of stairs. Each set is rather short. There are around 5 to 6 steps per set. Another differentiation is the fact that the main door is lined up differently with the windows in front of the house.

Speaking of the main door, this point of entry serves as the separator in between the two levels. This is because this entry door is located between the two levels. As soon as you enter the home, you’ll be faced with two sets of stairs, one going up and one going down. One set leads to the living areas (living room, kitchen and dining room) while the other leads to the bedrooms.

It’s also a single level home. It does have a lower level but it’s the basement. This level is a walk out variety. Even if there are stairs, they’re not that long so it’s still considered as a single level home.

How Do You Feel about Your Home?

It’s okay to admit that you’re currently not loving your split entry home. Okay, you hate it. You share the sentiments of countless of other homeowners. In fact in one online poll, 42% of the respondents said that they’d rather never buy a home than purchase a split entry type of home. That’s saying a lot. Can you imagine people choosing to rent than to buy a split entry home given the chance? It goes without saying that a lot of people hate this style.

If you have to do it again, you probably won’t buy the same house again. Sure, selling it is an option. That is, if you can find a buyer. However, they have the tendency to sell for less. You’re not going to recoup your investment and you won’t have a lot of money to buy a better home.

What’s the Best Option?

Well, accept that you have a split entry home and make the necessary split entry additions so you’ll love your home again. This is going to benefit you if you’re going to keep your home because you’re going to love your home again. It’s like having a brand new home. This will also benefit you if you still end up selling the home because these additions will increase your home’s value.

What can You Add?

Check out this list of the best split entry additions that you can consider:

  • Mud room

This is a rather expensive addition but it should be worth it provided that you hire a good contractor who can get it done. This room will be added right in front of the main entry door. Basically a mud room is a secondary point of entry where people can remove and store their shoes, coats and wet clothes. This way, they don’t get your home wet and dirty.

It can be a small room. But since it’s an expensive addition, you may want to add a few more space to maximize your investment.

In addition, this solves the problem of entering the home if you are carrying a lot of things. Split entries are characterized by the stairs located right when you enter the home. There are two sets of stairs – one going up and one going down. This leaves you with a very tight space. If you have a lot of things in your hand, maneuvering through this space can be very problematic. If you have a mud room, you can simply place the things there and carry them one by one.

  • Foyer

It doesn’t have to be a mud room. You can just add a foyer or a small hallway to provide more entry space. This way, you and your guests won’t be immediately challenged by the stairs upon entering.

  • A porch

If you think that your home looks like a box, one of the best split entry additions is a porch. Make your entryway stand out rather than discourage by adding a porch. You can also add elements to improve its looks. You can add columns and posts designed in a way to complement your split entry home and improve it in the process.

  • Additional bedroom

This can be challenging, but very doable if you hire a good contractor. A safe way to add an additional bedroom is to add at the back of the house. Adding to the side is another option but sometimes, it messes up the whole look of the house.

In addition to having an additional bedroom, you can also add more space to an existing bedroom. Again, do so at the back. This is where the master’s bedroom is usually located and you can add more space there to have a bigger bedroom or to simply have more space for something like a closet.

  • Better-looking steps going to the main door

Instead of people walking to your house wondering if someone lives inside that box, you can add better-looking steps. The landing can be constructed out of stone that rests on a platform made of concrete. The steps themselves can be concrete stringers. You can also install stone threads. It will look amazing.

You can also create angles for the steps. This will help improve the boxy appearance of your home.

  • Bigger windows

This is one of the best split entry additions. It can make your home look more appealing. It will also allow more natural light to come in. It’s one of the most proven ways to upgrade the look of your home.

  • Bump out

Done right, you can add a bump out in the front. This greatly depends on the home that you have. An experienced contractor should be able to tell you if it will look good or not. Adding a bump out in one of the bedrooms can add more space and will add more angles to your home.

  • Cedar shingles

This is a very simple addition but will really give your home’s appearance a boost. You’ll improve its curb appeal and will give your roof and home the makeover that it deserves.

These are just some split entry additions but you can already see how you can fall in love again with your split entry. These additions can be easily achieved if you’re going to hire the right contractor.

Who is the Right Contractor for the Job?

The right one is the best one that you can afford. You have no use for the best contractor if you can’t afford his services and you have no use for a contractor that you can afford if he’s not the best man for the job. Obviously, this is a challenge, and this is why we’ve put up a service to help homeowners with this challenge.

When you access our website, you’ll see a form that you can fill out. It will ask you for basic contact details. Provide these details especially your zip code. Your zip code will be used to search for local contractors because it’s not a wise thing to hire one that doesn’t operate in your local area. That can be a very expensive mistake. Of course, make sure to provide your contact details so that the quotes will be sent to you.

Yes, that’s basically what this service is all about. Use this service to ask for quotes. Just make sure to include the details of your project. In this case, indicate that you’re looking for split entry additions. Once we receive your request, we’ll forward the request to legitimate local contractors that specialize in this type of task.

These contractors will receive the request and they’ll quickly go to work. They’ll put together the best quote that they can afford to give because they understand how the game works. They understand that they need to send an affordable quote because they’re not going to get hired if they send out of this world quotes.

By now, you can probably see how this service will help you find the best and most affordable contractor. With many contractors competing for the chance to help you with split entry additions, you’ll have several affordable quotes to choose from.

Why don’t you try it out? It’s a free service so there’s no risk involved. We’re not going to ask for sensitive details like your credit card information. Last but not the least, there’s no commitment involved. If you like a quote, you can hire that contractor. If you don’t like any of the quotes, then simply disregard them. Try it today to see how it works.