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Split Foyer Additions

Is a Split Foyer Addition a Good Idea?

A lot of owners of a split house are considering a split foyer addition. They’ve already asked around and it’s a significant investment. It’s an extensive addition that requires a lot of money. This is why they’re asking if it’s worth it. This post will talk about this addition, give you an idea if it’s a good addition or not, and even let you know the most affordable way to have it installed.
What is the Split Foyer?
This is a popular layout in most split homes. It’s also a popular layout in raised ranch homes. This foyer is a very small space which is made smaller by how it’s positioned in a home. This is because of the presence of two sets of stairs. When you enter this type of home, you’re immediately faced with these two sets of stairs. One set is going up and the other one is going down. As you can probably imagine, this is a very cramped space and this is why a lot of these homeowners are looking for a split foyer addition.
Should You Do it?
All homeowners can benefit from making their foyer bigger. Who wouldn’t need additional space, right? This is especially true if you’ve been living in that home for a long time now and your family has grown. Sooner or later, that space will feel like a can of sardines.
It’s a huge headache if you’re having a party and a lot of guests are coming at the same time. Here’s the usual scenario:

  • Your doorbell rings. You open the door carefully as you back down a little so as not to get hit by the door. At the same time, you’re trying to avoid backing down too much because the steps are just a couple of steps away.
  • Your guest enters, or at least tries to. There’s the awkward scenario wherein you try to get out of the way while your guest tries to enter. You may have to go up the stairs a few steps.
  • It gets worse. Sometimes, another guest will try to enter while you and the first guest are still by the door. You now have no choice but to skip the pleasantries and go down to the main living area so that the other guest can come in.

Sounds familiar? Well, a split foyer addition can solve this issue.
Yes, it’s a significant investment, but it’s an investment that will pay for itself several times over. The additional space that it will provide is priceless. It’s like having a brand new room.
Here are the other benefits of having a split foyer addition:

  • You’re giving your guests a good first impression of your home:

You’d want your guests to feel welcome when they enter your home. How will they feel welcome if they immediately encounter a cramped space? Generally speaking, split homes are very spacious. However, present your guests with a cramped foyer and they’ll immediately feel that you have a cramped home.

  • Your home will increase in value.

This is one of the biggest benefits of this project. Now that the value of this type of home is at an all-time low, you can counter this by creating more space. This will separate your home from other split types. That’s a big selling point.

  • It’s very functional.

You can use this addition as a mudroom. Basically, a mudroom is where you and your guests can leave wet and dirty pieces of clothing like shoes, umbrellas, coats and more. This way, you wouldn’t have to drag dirt and mud across your floor.
So in addition to have more space, you’re adding more function. This is why this investment is worth it.

  • It can improve your home’s exterior.

One of the most common complaints of homeowners is the bland exterior of their home. It’s uninspiring, outdated and boring. You can solve this with some smart additions like a split foyer addition. It will add angles and will greatly improve the appearance of your home.
How to Do it
There are several ways on how to go about this addition. In addition to adding a mudroom, you can also add a central tower. No, it’s not one of those towers used at the airport. It’s something that you add to get additional foyer space. In addition, it gives your home’s exterior a huge boost in curb appeal.
This is a good strategy if you’re getting sick and tired of how your home’s looks. While it’s not a good idea to try and convert it into something that it isn’t, you can get inspiration from other types of homes and implement them into your home. A central tower looks like those towers found on Colonial-type of houses.
This is added at the front of your house. It provides your home with a bump out to improve its looks. This bump out, being a tower, improves the appearance of your home’s ground and upper levels. This is because it’s constructed at the ground level and it reaches the higher portion of your home across the roof line.
It’s not just for aesthetics. It’s a very functional split foyer addition. Done by a competent contractor, it can actually add up to 20 square feet of space. Imagine the possibilities with all that extra space! You don’t have to worry about it taking up space inside your home. Since it’s a bumped out addition, it actually gives your home more space because it’s going to take the space from your yard. With most of these homes on a good sized land, this shouldn’t be a problem.
In addition, it’s a good way to improve the space in your attic as well. Again, this extends up to the upper portion of your home. You can use this space wisely especially if you’re using the attic as an office or bedroom. You can use the space as a bathroom or even storage space. On that note, use it for just about anything.
What are Your Other Options to Make the Space Bigger?
In addition to a split foyer addition, there are things that you can do for more space. One good way to do it is to move the stairs. Obviously, this is a significant remodeling project. This is because the stairs are located right smack in the middle of your home. This is why this space is cramped. You can actually move the stairs to the main living area where there’s a bigger space. If you do this, you’re also going to move the front door to the part of your home where the main living areas are. You need a contractor that specializes in this to make sure that it wouldn’t look weird. A good contractor would usually add a deck outside your new main entrance.
What if you’re on a budget? You can simply make the area bigger. While this won’t solve the problem of lack of space, you can create the impression that it’s bigger than it really is just to give a good impression to your guests.
One smart way to do it is to replace the tiles into something bigger. For example, you can use 18 inch squares of tiles. Install them diagonally and it will make this area look bigger. It’s a good split foyer addition if you’re just looking to create the impression of having more space.
How to Do it
It doesn’t matter what addition you’re looking to do. It’s a good idea to hire a contractor to do it. A lot of things can go wrong if you try to do it yourself. This is especially true since these additions are very complicated. You’ll spend for their services, yes, but it’s going to be money well spent once you see the amazing results and you’re free from injuries.
You need to hire a contractor that specializes in these additions. First of all, determine what you need to be done. This way, you can look for a contractor that specializes in that type of split foyer addition. However, once you’ve contacted a good contractor, he’ll probably have some recommendations in mind as well so keep an open mind. Provided that you reach out to a good contractor, these will be good recommendations.
We’ve made it easier for you to reach out to contractors. You’ll see a form on our site that you can fill out with your personal details and details about the job. These details are very basic details that we need in order to reach out to local contractors that specialize in the type of job that you’re looking for. We also need the contact details so we can forward them to the contractors so that they’ll know how to get in touch with you so they can send you the quotes.
This is a very easy and streamlined process. That’s one of the benefits of using this service. In addition, it’s a free service and you’re not making a commitment in any way. This makes it a must-try. If you’re not convinced, this service allows you to get the best deals for a split foyer addition. With many contractors competing for your business, you’ll have a lot of affordable quotes to choose from that offer amazing value for money. You just need to choose the one that you like and can afford.
With our help and the help of the contractors that we’ll get in touch with for you, you can achieve the benefits listed above. Try it out now!