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Split Level House Remodel

Steps Contractors Do During a Split Level House Remodel

Split level homes are also called the divided entry homes and depict a truly American style house. These houses have become very popular during the forties and fifties, when the demand for new homes in the suburbs was at a peak.

However, residential lots were not available for the houses to be built. Split level homes are a bit smaller in square footage while the older ones were often in dire need of renovation and updating, and it is for this reason why a lot of those who have this type of home are seeking contractors that can do the split level house remodel for them.

The one of a kind floor plan as well as the exterior of the split level home has made this style of home often too difficult to undergo huge changes during renovation. However, if you hire a contractor who knows how to come up with good planning for split level homes and those who are flexible enough, then you can certainly transform your vintage home to a modern and comfortable dwelling place.

Determine your Needs

First of all, the contractor that you will hire for the remodeling project will have to talk to you and discuss what your needs are. Usually, they will ask you the reasons why you have decided for your split level home to be renovated. Perhaps, you are remodeling simply because you want to upgrade or increase the value of your home or maybe, you just want to add more space into your home in order to accommodate new members in the family.

Remember that a split level remodel is unforgiving of mistakes and thus, clarity of purpose is extremely critical. As soon as you have made it clear with your contractor what your needs are, then the next thing to do is to set a budget. At this stage, be very realistic about what you are capable of spending and never ever overestimate the costs.

Share your Creative Ideas

Do not just let the contractor think of the design and style that you want for your split level home alone. Of course, share your creative ideas as well. Usually, the contractor will make sketches for the renovation and will present to you his ideas. A good contractor is one who will acknowledge your opinions in both the floor plan as well as the overall appearance of your home.

You may want to do research about split level home plans so you can come up with great ideas for the remodeling project. Remember that split level homes are inspired by the famous Flank Lloyd Wright Arts and Crafts design which is about having a simple and comfortable open style of home. And while a typical Frank Lloyd Wright house is on the higher end of cost, the split level house is usually designed in a way that they are economical. Just like with any Wright inspired home, the design is intended to blend in the form and functionality with nature and thus, incorporating modern additions and style might make your home look odd.

Another thing to keep in mind is that split level homes are made in a way that they have lower and informal level that is centered on the husband, as well as middle and formal level that is centered around the wife. The upper level is usually devoted for sleeping areas and private spaces. You do not really need to follow this same pattern as you renovate but you might find it difficult to do some changes that will not work well with the theme of your split level house.

Due to the uneven placement of windows as a result of the shifted stories, split level houses that have bad landscaping might appear lopsided and odd. If you will need to take off the trees during the remodeling project, then inform the contractor about it. It is also a good idea to replant something in the same area to balance off the landscaping.

Build the Necessary Additions

The next thing that the contractor will do for your split entry remodel is to build all the necessary additions. They will make sure to do this right before they make any internal changes for your home. Since split level homes have been designed in a way that they could fit into narrow lots or those lots that slope from left to the right, it will be easier for them to build the additions right behind the house instead of on either side. This is certainly a good thing because split level homes that do not have additions to the sides will look lopsided and awkward. Addition of level is also not a good idea as they will overemphasize the uneven structure of the house.

The best split level addition is one that could convert the garage or basement into other room functionalities all because the contractor will no longer need to change the external architecture into something originally unintended. A good contractor is one who is well capable of converting your own basement or garage into something useful. This is one reason why you should leave the renovation to the experts instead of doing them yourself.

Garages and basements are areas in your home that were not designed to be living spaces and it can be a huge problem if you will not follow local regulations about these things, especially when it comes to window placement, ventilation, split level entryway, and many more. If you attempt to do the conversion on your own, this could lead to a net loss of your home value which is something that you certainly don’t want to happen.

Sunrooms as well as decks that were built right at the back of a split level home will also work well with additions.

Changing the Outer Facade

Perhaps the most interesting thing that a contractor will encounter when they remodel a modern split level homes and any type of split level home is the changing of the outer frontage. Split level houses are built with a simple design which lends itself well to varying appearances, which is Victorian, Tudor or Ranch. By working on the siding styles as well as the stonework, a creative contractor could transform a bland home to something really beautiful.

It is also a good idea to check out the homes of your neighborhood and take inspiration from the design and styles of your neighbor’s homes. You can take pictures of the houses that you fancy in your area and make sure that you take them from multiple angles. You need to consider the landscaping as well and take photos of them also. Print the pictures and mark them, taking down things that you love and hate about each houses.

You can also check out your neighbor’s kitchen and see if you can incorporate it in your own split entry kitchen remodel project. You can then consult the contractor that you’ll hire and see if they can incorporate the designs that you love into the renovation of your home. They will determine what they can do and cannot do and will inform you of how much the renovation will cost you.

Make sure however that the result will blend well with the design of your neighbor’s house and the landscaping as well. This is to retain the curb appeal of your split level home which can easily attract any potential home buyer.

Remodeling the Inside

The final step that the contractors will do for your home is to remodel the interiors or the inside part of your home. Split level houses are known for their being open to designs especially those that have low square footage and as such, removing the walls will be a good starting point for them. They will blend in the interior design to that of the exterior design. A 1960’s or 1970’s split level home remodel project therefore means that both the interior and the exterior are inspired from the sixties and seventies.

You can also get inspiration from Arts and Crafts style decor. Simply grab a book in your library about Arts and Crafts designs and take inspiration from the designs featured there. Basically, the key here is to keep your home simple, yet flowing.

Ideas on Designing your Home

Although the contractor will take charge in designing your split level home renovation, you still should contribute with the design ideas. Remember that an ideal split level house remodel project is one that makes good use of natural materials such as tiles, wooden floors, stone as well as granite.

It also makes use of light materials. Split level homes often do not have enough windows for the modern taste so design it in a way that you are maximizing the light. As much as possible, avoid eclectic styles. Split level design is already eccentric enough and an eclectic style for your home will just make the limited space to become even more constricted.

Research Well

It is always a good idea to do your research about split homes, even if you hired a contractor for the job. You should also get yourself acquainted with the multilevel home remodel processes so you will have a good grasp on how the contractors will remodel a multi-level home. Learn how the entire home should be remodeled, both split level interior remodel and exterior remodeling as well. Find out how to keep your home to remain uncluttered because a cluttered split level home will just make the home to become even smaller.

There is also one thing that you must put focus on when it comes to the remodeling of your entire house which is the foyer. A split foyer remodel is important for homes that have foyers. Most of the split level houses come with a foyer that allows guests to have a clear path while heading to your guest area. Or it simply allows guests to get direct access to your living room.

Most split level homes come with two stairways on the inside of the door and these stairs are not denoted as direction for the guests to use. The contractors can easily repair this flaw by opening the foyer out towards the formal living room and removing the walls. Sometimes, they may need to install half walls or create clear paths towards the lower den with the use of similar flooring in both foyer as well as the downstairs.

Final Tip

Constantly improve the look of your split level home by updating the little bits of things then throwing old things away. For instance, when it comes to a split entry home kitchen remodel, try to infuse modern designs to your kitchen. Above all, avoid clutter. Remember that clutter is your number one enemy if you have a split level home. If you need to have things, yet they do not need to be displayed, then use your attic to store them or perhaps, you can create a small storage shed on your backyard to keep these things in.

Get Quotes from Various Contractors

Now that you have an idea on how contractors go about the split level construction and remodelling, the next thing that you should learn is on how to search for the best contractors for the job. Sure, you can use the Internet to look for contractors for your remodelling project but not all the companies that you will find online can give you best services at a good price.

We are here to help you get quotes from various contractors that offer split level house remodel services. All you will do is to fill out the form on our website with your name, zip code, email address and other details about the services that you need. Click on the submit button and we will then send in requests to various remodelling contractors in your area. They will then reply by sending their quotations for the remodelling project that you need and all that you will do is to choose which company offers the best price quotation.