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5 Problems to Solve with a Split Level House Remodel

Split level homes are composed of three to four levels with the middle level connected to the entrance and having half-length stairs connecting the levels. Split level homes are often confused with bi-level houses, which are composed of two levels only. This confusion is not actually that significant unless technicalities are required for decision-making in the construction or renovation of the house.

Remodeling both types of houses are basically the same, though. Since both houses are composed of more than one level with the lowest level often partially underground, the remodeling of split level house is almost the same as a bi-level house.

There are also issues with both types of houses that require updating to make a split level house more accommodating and energy-efficient, not to mention more appealing. Since this type of house is designed to allow more living space with minimal expenses and land space, details are often lacking.

Problems to Prioritize During a Split Level House Renovation

If you are planning a split level house remodel, here are some of the issues that you should take into consideration.

  • Lack of detail in the exterior of the house.

Since split level homes are made to be cheap yet functional, details were not often added. Homes that were made in the 50s and 60s, which was when split level homes were popular, were tight on budget and were designed to provide living space without a lot of details. Because of this, most split level homes are not highly appealing when aesthetics is concerned.

Adding detail and charm on the interior of a split level home will do great since it will show the appeal of split level houses that were not appreciated due to the nature of purpose of these types of homes. From the walls to the floors and trimming, added details will make the rooms a lot more appealing.

It will add character to your home, which should reflect your personality. This will make your home cozier for you. Since your preferences are used in the details of your home, you will feel more familiar with it, which will make the remodeling project worth it.

  • Lack of detail on the exterior.

Lack of detail at the exterior of your split level home is not an actual problem but it makes your home cheaper than it really is. Whether you are planning on reselling your split level house in the future or not, adding detail to your home’s exterior would be a great idea.

Changing the siding will instantly boost the look for your home’s exterior. It is also not too expansive if you are only updating the upper level of the house. Since the lower levels of a split level home are underground, siding updates are not needed. This means that you can update the exterior of your home without worrying about the cost of siding replacement on multiple levels, which will drastically decrease the overall cost of your remodeling project.

  • Too many walls between rooms.

Split level homes with a lot of residents will have a lot of rooms. There will be a lot of rooms between the bedrooms, which is normal. But, kitchen walls, dining rooms walls and living room walls are often excessive. This makes the house look more crowded than it really is.

Too many walls will also block natural light from windows and light tubes and artificial light coming from lighting fixtures. This will make the house look dimmer and will also cost more on energy bills since you need to turn on the lights most of the time.

It would be ideal to break down some walls or split the walls in half and make the upper part open. This will make the house look more spacious since there are no visible borders between the different parts of the house like the kitchen and dining area. Half walls are also ideal, especially in kitchens, as this type of wall allows for more light and air circulation while providing partition.

  • Lack of space and detail on the entryway.

The entryway is the area where multiple levels of the house meet. The middle level is where the entrance is located and half-stairs connect the levels to one another. Because of this, the entrance is often overcrowded or too small.

It would be ideal to extend the entrance to allow for more room. Allowing for more space for furniture at the entrance will also enable you to have a place to put keys, umbrellas, boots and coats. Using stylish furniture will be ideal since it will add beauty and character to the entrance while being purposeful.

  • Lack of curb appeal.

Curb appeal was not often considered when split level homes were built due to budget constrictions. Because of this, split level houses do not appear interesting and engaging. This can be an issue if you are planning on reselling your property. And even if you are not reselling your house, an unappealing garden is quite an annoyance, especially if you are having guests over and your landscape is not a good place to hang out.

Hiring a landscape contractor will be a good choice in a split level house remodel project. The house itself is not the only focus on remodeling projects since the overall appearance of your house should be considered. If you think that the exterior of your house and the area surrounding should be improved, feel free to update or upgrade your landscape.

Remodeling a split level home can be challenging if you are not used in owning one. If you have just purchased a split level property and is not familiar with its features and the things that might require improvement, your renovation project might not be too successful in the end. Hence, it would be ideal to learn more about split level homes and the aspects that need more attention to allow you to plan a better remodeling project.

5 Problems to Solve with a Split Level House Remodel

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