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Top 10 Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students
The spring break safety tips for college students are created in order to educate students about some of the dangers that they are often faced with during spring break. It’s been said that there are more than a million students that go on a spring break each year and as you know, peak travel season often comes with several risks.

Although spring break is fun, it can also lead to negative consequences such as alcohol poisoning, sexual assaults, serious injuries, and many more. This upsetting reality is the reason why learning the safety tips is absolutely important.

All those who are going on a spring break should have a safety mindset so they will not have to deal with any danger during their vacation. If possible, alcohol should be avoided. As you know, binge drinking plays a significant role in the spring break safety risks, and as a matter of fact, almost 90% of parents believe that marketing promotions for spring break parties and drinks must be stopped. Free and cheap alcohol is often one of the reasons why a lot of students end up in danger during spring break. So here are the top 10 spring break safety tips for college students.

Arrive Safely

Driving at night in order to make it to a party destination in Florida and other famous spring break destinations is common during this time of the year. However, the National Safety Council has said that traffic related deaths are almost three times more at night than when you travel during the day. If you cannot avoid driving at night, you should have at least one person to stay awake to talk to the driver in order to keep him awake and thus, avoid getting into car accidents.

Choose the Right Hotel

Do not take any chances when it comes to choosing the right hotel for your spring break. When you get to your accommodation, make sure that you lock the door at all times. You may also invest on a doorstop alarm that can alert you if anyone will try to break into your hotel.  This is in fact an important tip for women traveling alone.

Above all, you must secure all your belongings, such as your wallet and passports. Keep them in a safe in your hotel and just carry with you a photocopy version of your passport.

Be Careful About Divulging Personal Details

You should be smart when it comes to giving personal information to people. Do not tell strangers or new acquaintances about your hotel name and most especially your room number. You will never know who is innocent or who has dangerous intentions during this time of the year.

Familiarize your Hotel’s Name and Address

It is important that you are familiar with the name and address of the hotel you will be staying. You can probably carry one of the hotel business cards with you so you will have something to refer to in case the taxi driver has a hard time in locating your hotel. This is a very important tip if you are visiting a country where you do not speak or read the local language.

Apply the Buddy System

The buddy system is an important safety tip for young travelers. But remember that your “buddy” should be someone you know and not just some stranger you met at a party or in the street. There is nothing wrong with being sociable and meeting new friends on your spring break, but leaving a party with a stranger is a big no. Thus, you should always take a friend along with you when you need to go out especially at night. If for certain reasons, you do leave your hotel without a companion, then give them your details on where you are going and what time you will be coming back.

Practice Safe Drinking

A party would be incomplete without alcohol. But young college students are often at high risk to danger when intoxicated. When you need to drink, consider taking turns. For instance, there should be one friend in your group each night that will have to drink minimally in order to be able to look out for the rest of the group.

Another good and safe habit is to watch your glass and make sure that you know what you are drinking. Above all, you should only accept drinks from people you know and not from any other people, especially if you are a girl traveling alone.

Ask Help If you Need To

If you need help, then you should ask for it. If there is an emergency, do not rely on any stranger down the road to call for help. You should be the one who will call for help so you can be sure that the emergency responders or the police will be able to get your message and not some random strangers who might victimize you.

Hydrate and Wear Sunscreen

Melanoma and heat stroke could happen if you are on a spring break, especially for those who plan to go to the beach and get a tan. Thus, one of the safety tips when you head to the beach is to hydrate and wear sunscreen at all times. Too much time under the sun could leave you dehydrated and at high risk to sun burns. So take that much needed SPF and bring along a bottle of water when you are heading to the beach.

Know your Embassy’s Address

If your spring break means traveling outside of the country, then make sure that you know the address and contact number of your embassy. Make sure to tell your friends and relatives back home about your travel itinerary and you should update them often about your whereabouts.

Bring a copy of all your credit card and passports so you can easily report them just in case they are stolen. Make sure to call your credit card company in advance about your plans to travel abroad so they will not put a hold on your account. Exercise safety when withdrawing from an ATM abroad. Look for an ATM machine that is located in a safe and secure place.

Be Alert When It Comes to Emergencies

When something goes wrong, do not panic. You should know how to react to emergency situations especially if you are traveling alone. For instance, if a fire breaks out in your hotel, then you should know how to stay safe from fire. Know where the fire exits are and make use of the fire extinguishers near your hotel room.

Get yourself insured before you leave for travel. Accidents could happen at any time and if you do not have travel insurance, you could end up spending a lot of money for medicines and hospitalization.

As you see, there are various ways on how you can be safe during your spring break. If you want a fun, safe and enjoyable break, then you should take note of these spring break safety tips for college students. Above all, exercise caution and use your common sense. If you feel that something is wrong, then it probably is, so do not take any chances.