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Benefits of Steel Roofing and Why Hiring Steel Roofing Contractors Near Me is a Good Idea

Steel roofing sheets are often installed by steel roofing contractors near me. These sheets are sold by suppliers and manufacturers in several varieties, such as aluminum coated, corrugated steel, aluminum zinc, copper, galvanized steel and various other combinations. Generally, the roofing sheets can be bought in different sizes, gauges and shapes so you will have lots of options when it comes to roofing your home. Below you will find out more about the different kinds of steel roofing sheets available, including their benefits.

Coated Steel Sheets

Coated steel sheets are available from .50 to 12 meters in length, having a thickness of around .40 mm up to 7 mm. The material has been around for almost two hundred years now. It is a very popular roofing used in the industry of construction due to its outstanding anti-corrosive properties as well as excellent thermal properties.

The coated steel sheets are also fire resistant and have a high rating due to its weather tight properties. Moreover, the material is highly versatile and flexible as well and can be made into several different structures and building decors. The coated steel sheets can be a combination of zinc, aluminum and alloy, among others.

Corrugated Steel Roofing

The corrugated steel roofing sheets are among those roofing materials that have been in demand for so many years now. You can find them in several different finishes and colors. The sheets can be bought in varying lengths of 0.5 m up to 10m and can be possibly used for different kinds of home and commercial roofing projects.

Stainless Steel Roofing

The stainless steel roofing sheets have double standing seams and have been used for so many years now in the industry of construction. The stainless steel sheets are thin and lightweight, but offer excellent anti-corrosion properties. Furthermore, it offers visual attractiveness and high mechanical properties that make them very much in demand by various developers, homeowners and architects in this day and age.

Polyester Coated Aluminum Sheets

The polyester coated aluminum sheets feature a precision rolling coating system that makes use of the infrared heating technology. It usually has four roller coating lines and varying thickness that makes use of a high molecular polymer as alkyd and monomer. When you hire roof coating contractors to coat the aluminum sheets, the coating used is often UV resistant and weather resistant as well. The gloss finish can also be classified as glossy and matte and its paint surface often has smoothness and luster in it.

Galvanized Color Coated Sheets

When it comes to the galvanized color coated sheets, you should take a look at some of the technical specifications of this roofing. Its base metal is usually high tensile steel having a coating mass of up to 120 GSM. The roofing has yield strength of up to 240 mpa. The thickness and tolerance of these roofing sheets are 0.55 and .6 mm.

Another special type of steel roofing is the crimped curved sheet that brings new and innovative looks and designs to your roofing. The contour shapes and combined curves and angles of the roofing produce various types of building products.

The biggest advantage of this type of steel roofing is that you will get less cladding material requirement for covering an entire curve. Moreover, you will have less framework support requirement for the roof and eliminate the many flashings and crapping. Thus, the end result will be a significant savings on your overall construction cost.

Benefits of Steel Roofing Sheets

As you see, you will have lots of options when it comes to the steel roofing sheets. But what are the benefits that these steel roofing sheets have? Read on to find out.

  • Durable in different weather conditions – steel roofing can be used in both residential and commercial roofing applications. The metal roofing is used in a wide variety of climates due to its ability to withstand any kind of extreme weather condition. The roof can handle strong wind forces even with a speed of 120 mph. Moreover, it is well capable of resisting damage from severe fluctuation of the climate because of its nonporous nature.
  • High quality metal roofing – the steel sheet roofing is made from a high quality metallic coated steel material. This roofing product usually comes pre-painted and offers corrosion protection while also increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Each of the components of the steel sheets is important to ensure the service life of the product.

Choosing the Right Steel Roofing

It is important to make sure that a highly reputable company that is known to manufacture high grade steel roofing products manufactures the metal roof you are buying. The company should be known to adhere to the strict standards for quality when it comes to the manufacturing of steel roofing sheets. Their standards for quality should in fact be higher than what the industry would require. Here are other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right steel roofing product.

  • Installation – the steel roofing is a preferred roofing option by various homeowners due to its flexibility. If the installation is handled promptly, the roofing can last for several years. The panels of the steel can be installed on top of existing asphalt or wooden shingle roofing, so there is really no need for a tear-off.
  • Style and colors – there are various styles and colors of the steel roofing to choose from. You can go for the vertical rib sheets, tiles or standing seam roofing that will complement with any style of your home. The only problem is on deciding which option is great for you.
  • Metal roof sustainability – the overall recycled content found in steel roofing sheets is bare minimum of 25% and it can be up to 95% depending on the process used in producing the steel. Steel is said to be the world’s most recycled material and in North America alone, more than 70 million tons of steel are being recycled and exported for annual recycling.

The steel roofing can be installed on top of your existing roof, which significantly reduces the amount of time in having to tear off and dispose the old roofing materials on landfills. A lot of customers who are looking for a new roofing material in the market are unaware that applying the steel roofing on top of their existing roof is actually possible.

A lot of roofing contractors and experts would also recommend going through this route in order to save both money and time, while also assisting with the home insulation issues. This also helps to reduce waste on landfills and minimize the yard mess during the process of installation.

Its been said that the average roof life of a non steel roof is at 17 years. Asphalt usually requires reroofing after every 10 to 20 years or earlier. A steel roof provides unmatched durability that can last up to 60 years and even more.

The longevity of the steel roofing creates for a unique selling feature ideal for any homeowner who is planning to sell their home in the future. So if you want a roofing material that can help to increase the market value of your home, then you should start looking for steel roofing contractors near me.

Benefits of Steel Roofing and Why Hiring Steel Roofing Contractors Near Me is a Good Idea

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