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Super Secrets To Remodel Small Basements Successfully

Save Money On Your Basement Remodel
Not every basement is a huge area that can become an undergound palace. Sometimes due to mechanical spaces, or home design, your basement is smaller than you may think is useful. This may make you hesitate to do anything with your smaller space. You don’t need to give up all of your plans though, your small basement can still be a useful addition to your home. There are some super secrets to remodel small basements into amazing spaces. We’ll reveal them to you so that you can make your basement into the room of your dreams.

Super Secrets To Remodel Small Basements Into Your Dream Room

  • Keep Focused: The most important secret is that to make a dream room you have to focus your efforts. You simply won’t have the space to make your basement multipurpose. By keeping your focus on one goal you avoid wasting time, space, and funds on elements that will only be in the way of your goal. So, before you begin any remodel sit down and decide what you want most out of your basement. Are you looking for a bedroom, a game room, an office? Once you decide this will be the focus of your efforts.
  • Stay Dry Using The Exterior: One of the main problems with any basement is moisture intrusion. This is the result of many different problems that you may find difficult to address in a small basement. If this is the case look at the exterior of your home to try to fix moisture problems. By directing ground water away from your foundations with a good below grade drainage system you may be able to solve most moisture problems without sacrificing space.
  • Frame In Place: In small spaces you build in place instead of the normal method of building the wall and then standing it up. This helps you get the maximum use out of your space since you may not have room to accomplish building a wall in the normal fashion. Put the top and bottom plates into place and then put the studs into place one by one.
  • Purchase Small Ceiling Tiles: In many basements a drop ceiling is the best choice. The use of a drop ceiling allows access to plumbing and wiring in case of any issues in the future. In a small basement this can sometimes look slightly odd. Normal ceiling tiles look overly large in small spaces. When designing your ceiling make sure to purchase smaller than normal tiles in order to keep from having this problem.
  • Bedrooms May Be An Issue: Before getting your heart set on focusing your small basement remodel on a bedroom make sure you have enough space. Check with your local building department to make sure you have enough space to complete a basement remodel. Generally you will need at least 70 square feet in order to have your remodel comply with codes. No side should be less than 7 feet, and your ceiling will need to be at least 7 feet high. If you don’t have this amount of space, and can’t afford to make changes in order to achieve it, you will have to give up your bedroom plans.
  • Avoid the Ensuite: An ensuite bathroom will take up at least 15 square feet. That’s even if you only want a powder room with a sink and toilet. In a small basement remodel this is a lot of space to give up. Giving up an ensuite bathroom gains you more room for living space. This goes back to deciding the focus of your remodel. If it is a bedroom you want, then make it the best bedroom possible. Not an okay bedroom and an okay bathroom.
  • Glue down the floor: In a large basement you can construct a subfloor and use standard flooring. In a small basement you may not have the clearance in order to do this. If you are short on ceiling height then you can choose flooring that is glued down to the slab itself. This won’t mean you have to sacrifice look for utility. Modern laminates and tiles can give you a great look. You can even decide to stain and polish your existing concrete floor, avoiding the need to put any sort of floor down at all.
  • Paint the Joists: For basements that are lacking in the height required for a drop ceiling another choice is to simply paint the joists a solid color. By painting everything the same color you make a ceiling out of what you already have, saving space and giving you full access to the plumbing and electrical in place.
  • Use a Murphy Bed: If you are looking to make your small basement into a guest bedroom you can use a Murphy Bed. These types of beds are stored in a wall cabinet and fold down for use. This can turn your office or playroom into a temporary guest room. While it won’t be able to be added as a bedroom to your home’s value, it will be useful for relatives or guests.
  • Open the Stairs: By using open stairs, removing the risers so you can see through them, you gain a line of sight all the way to the wall. This makes your room feel slightly more open than it otherwise might. Removing the side wall is important for this as well.

Your small basement doesn’t have to be left as a place to store old boxes. Keep these points in mind and you can turn it into a cozy hideaway or useful space. Remember that the main secret to your small basement remodel is focus on one use for the space. Also, be flexible and creative, these two things will let you take your small basement and make it into what you have always wanted. In small spaces you may have to be creative to get what you want from it.