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Hire Thatch Roofing Contractors Near Me For Installation of Nonflammable Thatched Roofs

The possible flammability of the thatched roof is often the reason why not a lot of homeowners are hiring thatch roofing contractors near me.  The thatched roofing is often made from wood, which is potentially flammable and as such, not a lot of homeowners have decided to thatch their houses.

But you should know that we are now in a time when science can turn any flammable item into nonflammable, including fire retardant materials. In the past, professional roofing contractors will solve this problem by dipping the thatching straw to mud. It will then lead to the formation of a hard and non flammable crust on top of thatched roofing. Thus, it is quite safe when it gets into contact with smaller fires, such as fireplace sparks, etc.

Thatched Roof Fireproofing

Nowadays, you will have much more possibilities on how you can fireproof your thatched roof. Below are the methods of fireproofing your thatch roofing, which any professional roofer can do for you.

  • Using fire retardant sprays – there are certain substances available in the market that can help to prevent the spread of flames by coming up with a chemically self extinguishing reaction.  Most of these products come in the form of an aerosol spray.
  • Fireproof aluminum foils – as aluminum is a nonflammable material (it’s the kind of metal that can withstand high temperatures), even a thin foil can help to keep your home interiors thermally separated from the roof. This is the method that will not protect the roofing material itself. Instead, it will keep the other areas of your house separated and keep them safe from the flames in your roof.
  • Fireproof batts – also known as the thatch batts, the fireproof batts are often being used to fill the framing spaces of the spaces in between the truss beams. The thatch batts are actually made of rock wool. And again, it will separate the thatched roofing from the other parts of your house in the event of fire.

If you think none of these will work for you in keeping your home protected from fire, then perhaps thatch roofing may not be the best option for you. There are other fire resistant roofing materials that are worth considering. For instance, you can have a fiberglass based asphalt shingles roof, which offers excellent fire resistance when installed in compliance with the fire code.

Another option is to try combining any of the thatched roof fireproofing techniques mentioned above. If you do, you will get a reliable, waterproof, natural, ecological, fireproof and cool looking thatch roofing that could last for several years to come. What’s more, the material is definitely reparable and will not cost a lot of money for maintenance.

Characteristics of Thatch Roofing

In order to explain the characteristics of thatch roofing, it is often easier to come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages of the thatch roof. This will allow for a good explanation of what exactly they are and whether this roofing is a good idea for your home.

Advantages of Thatching

The materials used in constructing the thatch roof come with a number of advantages and it includes the fact that thatch materials can harmonize or bend well with the landscape of the natural surrounding. This is especially true in the more rural areas of the country. Roof thatching basically helps to preserve natural architectural characteristics of the area.

There is also a strong ecological advantage when it comes to using thatch when constructing and manufacturing. This is due to the fact that it is a natural made product that comes with natural characteristics. Therefore, it does not utilize or consume natural energy resources when manufactured and is created through a natural growing process. The only additional effort needed to thatch is by human exertion, which in itself is a natural process.

Human exertion is also a good advantage in itself as it helps to make the process of thatching labor intensive and thus, it provides jobs and somehow helps with the economy. Moreover, the thatch roof also comes with a distinct advantage of being both an insulated roof and an aesthetically pleasing ceiling. Wit thatch roofing, there is no longer a need to hire insulation contractors. The roof can help to keep your house colder during summer and warmer during winter without the need to change its appearance. The insulation characteristic is also a part of the overall natural characteristics of thatch roofing and is therefore another cost effective advantage.

Disadvantages of Thatching

As already mentioned from the start, the thatch roof is highly vulnerable to fire. Moreover, they could get easily stripped and damaged by birds. Roofing materials that are fully exposed to weaver birds are highly susceptible to this kind of damaged and can be possibly stripped bare within only a spacing of 12 months.

The best way to protect the thatch roofing from bird damage is through the use of wire or plastic mesh. This helps to prevent the birds from stripping the thatch but will not veer away from the aesthetic looks of the roof. It should be noted that the use of wire mesh also comes with an additional disadvantage of rusting. This means that it needs to be replaced from time to time.

The thatch roofing also has a tendency to have weak points at the roof’s ridge. However, this can get covered with a fiberglass hood and the weakness can completely disappear. It however needs constant maintenance in order ensure that the roof is watertight at all times. You may also consider hiring the services of the roof maintenance contractors in order to ensure that your thatch roofing is in pretty good condition at all times.

Aside from inspecting the roof regularly, it is important that the thatch needs to be kept clear from any decomposing natural items. The material must be kept clear of falling leaves from the nearby trees. This is because leaves that accumulate on the thatch roofing could start to decompose and will tend to start with the decomposition process at the natural thatch, which could eventually damage the roof.

In Conclusion

Thatch roofing has been used since Before Christ. Humans would use the materials in constructing highly durable roofing for houses and communal buildings. The roof helps to provide protection to the home against harmful elements and is an effective way of utilizing raw and natural materials that are freely available around.

In this modern age, thatch roofing is no longer considered a cheap roofing option. When properly installed, it offers an attractive and practical way of roofing a building structure. However, homeowners should know that thatching is not a skill that is being taught in a building school and this craft comes with its own pros and cons.

If you are considering roof thatching, it will be to your own advantage to hire professional thatch roofing contractors near me. As you can see above, the best characteristics of thatch roofing are also its worst characteristics. But if you hire the right thatching company to get the installation done, then everything should be fine. Of course, as the homeowner, you must also be willing to put in lots of effort in the care and maintenance of the roofing.

Hire Thatch Roofing Contractors Near Me For Installation of Nonflammable Thatched Roofs

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