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The Cost of Hiring Torch Down Roofing Contractors Near Me for the Roofing Installation

 If you’re thinking of installing a torch down roofing, then you must hire the services of torch down roofing contractors near me. Although the process of installation is not really a complicated process, you may not be equipped with the right tools to get the job done right.

Also known as the modified bitumen roofing, the torch down roofing is among the most common types of roofing these days. It got its name from the process of how the material is made, which is to burn the bitumen sheets in a sheet of fiberglass that is often done during the process of installation.

When you burn the bitumen, the material will melt, thereby creating a highly resistant and durable roofing material. As such, these types of roofing can last for a very long time. If maintained well, it could last up to 20 years in an average.

Main Advantage of Torch Down Roofing

The biggest advantage of the torch down roofing is that it is highly resistant to rainwater and this means that it is ideal for those who have flat roofs. Rain water for those with flat roof will usually accumulate on the roof and over time, the roof will start to get damaged. But with this kind of roof, there will not be any damage at all and it will be rare for people who have this roof to hire roof drain installers.

The only downside is the cost, since it is usually on the higher side. However, as compared to other roofing, the torch down will not require a lot of maintenance even for a long time. Thus, you still get to save money in the long run. In addition, high quality resins are often being mixed with the modified bitumen that helps to keep the house protected against the harmful UV rays.

Cost of Torch Down Roofing

The minimum average cost for an area of 1,200 square feet is $365, while the maximum average is at $1,075 for the same area. As mentioned, the cost of the torch down roofing is a bit more expensive as compared to other roofing materials but their resistance to extreme weather and their long lifespan makes them well worth the cost.

There are several low cost alternatives available, which provide the same look as that of the torch down roofing. However, these substitutes are known to shorten the lifespan of the roofing and this can get more expensive as time goes by.

The price range for a discounted torch down is up to $500 for an area of 1,200 square feet. The higher grade materials for the same area could cost as much as $1,075. The more expensive roofing supplies can also include added features like high quality underlayment, thicker materials, longer lifespan, extended warranty and better damage resistance.

What is Torch Down Roofing?

The torch down roof got its name from the process of application that is used to install the roofing and adhere it into the structure. The part of the material that gets into contact with the sheathing below is often melted with a torch in order to seal off the material. This helps to provide for a secure hold and creates a seal that’s waterproof and prevent any unwanted leaks, which is very important for any kind of roofing material. If installed correctly by a professional roofer, the torch down roofing can last for a very long time.

Different Types of Torch Down Roofing

The torch down roofing is available in a two layer and a three layer system. The two layer system is made of one base layer and a torch down layer. On the other hand, the tree layer system comes with a base and a smooth torch down layer and another that has a granular exterior. The two layer system is said to last up to 15 years while the three layer torch down roofing can last up to 20 years and even more.

Precautions and Requirements

The process of installing the torch down roofing is a bit complicated. This is the reason why it is best to leave the job to professionals. Moreover, the fire that will be used to melt the material must be handled with utmost care and that no one must get injured during the process. Everyone’s eyes must be protected, including the people nearby. Workers must wear fire resistant clothes and they should have the right tools for the installation.

A hot flame torch is the most important tool that the installers should have for the project. It may not be ideal to purchase a torch if you are only installing one roof. The best option is to rent the torch or better yet, leave everything to the professionals.


It is not really necessary to take off the existing current roof when installing the torch down roof. However, this will also depend on the condition of your existing roofing. Before the roofing contractor begins with the installation, they will first examine the current condition of the existing roofing and see if it is possible to install the new torch down roofing without the need to remove the old one.

The process starts by binding a sheet of the fiberglass into the roofing surface. The fiberglass roofing contractors will then make use of felt that is about 40 pounds of fiberglass base sheet in order to ensure that you can secure the sheet with nails and placed at intervals of four to six inches.

The rolls of torch down material must be straightened in order to remove rumples and wrinkles. This can be done by rolling the roof halfway back. The torch must then be positioned around a foot at the front of a straightened roof. The bitumen will then melt the heat at this point and must push the straightened roofing forward so it binds well with the fiberglass sheet.


You must also consider the cost of the installation before you decide to hire a contractor for the torch down roofing. You should take time to estimate the cost of the entire project so you will know if you can afford this kind of home improvement project. Although the material is really more expensive compared to other roofing materials, such as the fiber cement roofing installation, if you will look at the long term benefits, you will understand why the torch down roof is a much better option than other roofing materials out there.

The torch down roof can help to keep your home fully protected against heat. Adding extra coats of the torch down can help to apply fire resistant layer into the roofing of your home. The torch down roof also reflects UV rays and this helps to keep the indoor temperature down during the summer season.

Finally, the torch down roofing is also free from any harmful fumes. Unlike the tar, the torch down roofing system will not give off any kind of harmful and noxious fumes. You just make sure that you hire reliable torch down roofing contractors near me so there will not be any problems along the way.

The Cost of Hiring Torch Down Roofing Contractors Near Me for the Roofing Installation

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