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Trim Carpenters Near Me

These 4 Reasons will Convince You of the Importance of Trim Carpenters Near Me

A lot of homeowners are under the impression that there’s really no need for a pro. They have this misconception that as far as tasks are concerned, trim carpenters have easier tasks compared to general carpenters. This is not right. They take care of the finishing which is very important if you want high quality work. Without them, it will really show in the results. You’ll see a lot of imperfections. Wouldn’t you want to have perfect results? Besides, your doors, windows and cabinets won’t work as smoothly if you don’t hire a good one.

Why Hire a Professional

That’s the general reason why you should consider hiring a professional. Just in case you’re not convinced, this article will provide you with 4 reasons why you should hire one:

  • You need the right tools for the job.

The tasks of pros are all about precision and it’s hard to be precise without the right tools. Sure, you probably have a box full of tools in your garage, but trim carpentry requires highly-specialized tools that you probably don’t have.

Here are just some of the tools needed for trim carpentry:

    • Finish nailer

The angled variety works better for trim carpentry

    • Brad nailer

This nailer is helpful to clear jams.

    • Air hose

The best ones use polyurethane air hoses instead of PVC or rubber air hoses.

    • Compressor

A small and lightweight one is ideal.

    • Oscillating cutter

This is handy when trimming shims.

    • Odd angle calculator

It helps trim carpenters capture the right angle.

    • Pry bar

It’s not just any pry bar. One that has a bend that’s less than 90 degrees is handy.

    • Trim ladder

In addition to serving as a ladder, the flat top serves as a work surface for smaller tasks.

These are just some of the tools used by the pros. Sure, you can just buy them, but you likely won’t have any use for them once the task is done. It’s a rather big investment that won’t give you good returns.

  • Professionals know trade shortcuts.

It’s not about being lazy. It’s about working smart. Thanks to their experience, the best ones know shortcuts that they do to work faster. They’re more efficient without sacrificing the quality. This means that the job will finish faster as compared to doing the task on your own.

The best know more efficient ways to cut casing and install it as well. They have some nifty tricks to hang doors. These are well-guarded secrets that you probably don’t know which means that it will take you a longer time to finish them.

  • They know solutions to problems and issues.

This is especially true for the good ones. Thanks to their years, maybe even decades of experience, they’ve encountered all possible problems and they know how to solve them. There’s no guesswork involved. They don’t need to do research on how to solve the problem. They don’t have to do an expensive trial and error process. They’ve encountered these problems before and they’ve solved them countless of times. These problems are just minor humps for them.

It’s very common for problems to occur. These include uneven flooring, corners or walls. These things happen and fortunately, pros will solve them for you.

In addition, experienced trim carpenters have a trained eye to spot these problems. In fact most of the time, they can spot potential problems before they happen. If you do it yourself, you won’t notice these potential problems until it’s too late.

  • They know how to do the tasks safely.

Trim carpentry requires the use of sharp tools. A lot of DIYers have found out the hard way that this can be very dangerous. Avoid injuries and accidents. Experienced trim carpenters have good hand to eye coordination and have very steady hands. They also know how to do the tasks safely because they’ve been in business a long time so they know the things to avoid. Since it’s a job for them – the source of their income – they’ll make sure to be very careful and avoid accidents from happening.

How to Hire

There are several pros you can choose from. It can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you and if you’re not careful, you can end up choosing the wrong one. Here’s how to hire the right contractor for the job:

  • Start and end your search with locals.

There’s no point in talking with an out of town carpenter. It’s easier and more affordable to hire a local.

  • Create a short list of candidates with the right credentials.

You should only hire one that’s licensed, insured and bonded. Ask for their credentials first. If they can’t show you the right credentials, take them out of the list. This way, you’ll only have a list of credentialed professionals.

  • Make sure they’re experienced.

They should specialize in trim carpentry and not just carpentry in general. This carpentry task requires highly-specialized skills and tools so make sure that you hire an experienced one.

  • Ask them to send you an itemized quote.

Let the pros know what you need and ask them to send you an itemized quote for their services. If you followed the tips listed above, you should have a shortlist of highly-qualified contractors. At this point, you just need to find the best one that you can afford. The best way to do this is to ask for quotes that you can compare.

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