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What You Need to Know About Working With Local Basement Remodeling Contractors Near Me

Even if your existing basement appears to be a cold concrete that is crammed with several boxes of off-season stuff, this lowest portion of your house probably has lots of potentials in it. You should treat your basement in the same way that you would treat the rest of the rooms in your house. If you hire the best remodelers, this area in your house can even become one of the most popular spots in your house, for a whole lot less of cash than add-ons.

Layout Puzzle: Where to Begin

Here are some tips on how to begin laying out the basement remodeling.

  • Place the main socializing areas on a spot that will receive ample amount of natural light. This is a great way to draw people in.
  • Bedrooms will need window for egress so they must be placed within the perimeter.
  • The TV viewing area can be placed in a darker spot in order to help minimize glare and come up with a homey theater feel.
  • Keep beverages and snacks on areas that you can easily access without the need to cross right in front of the television.

What to Inspect and Fix Right Before You Start

You should test the area for moisture by taping about two foot squares of plastic sheathing on the floor and the walls. After this, you should wait for a couple more weeks. Once the condensation will begin to form underneath, the foundation is not sealed. If the droplets will form right above, your basement will need dehumidifying. Make use of an awl to probe any rot and insect damages on the floor joists, header and rim joists, sill plate as well as wood framed windows.

Check the floor joists for any sagging area by climbing up the ladder until such time that you are nearly eye level with the underside of the joists. You should look across them in perpendicular to their direction in order to check if there’s anything that are out of the line.

You should hire a professional to check the fuel burning equipment as well as the ventilation system of your house in order to ensure that you will not have any carbon monoxide buildup below the grade.

Do You Need More Headroom?

A lot of codes will require a 7 to 7 ½ feet of clearance. If you do not have this height, you might be able to dig out as well as the lower concrete floor, although it is a somehow complex and pricey job to do. Check with the remodeling contractor if moving the pipes and ducts can help to solve the problem.

Double Up the Sump Pumps

It is a good idea to have a battery backup for the main pump just in case there will be a power outage. There should also be another pump in place just in case the first one will give up. If your house is linked to the municipal water supply, consider investing on water powered backup pump that is juiced by pressure on the supply line.

DIY Waterproofing

Small or minor leaks might not require the attention of any local basement remodeling contractors near me.  Usually, doing simple fixes can help to solve the moisture problem. Here are more tips when it comes to this.

  • Install diverters that can send gutter water at least ten feet away from the foundation.
  • Slope the soil away from the foundation.
  • Seal the small cracks or gaps all over the pipes with the use of concrete patching compound.
  • Fill bigger cracks inside out with the use of a hydraulic cement, which has the tendency to expand while it cures. The structural engineers can also help to inspect any cracks, especially those that are wider than a pencil.

Insulate the Pipes Before you Box Them

While the pipes are exposed, slip the foam insulation sleeve on top of the hot water pipes in order to avoid any heat loss or slip it above cold water ones in order to avoid condensation, which is usually due to the dripping in the inside of the ceiling or drywall.

Avoid Issues on Building Basement Walls

You will most likely encounter issues when building the basement walls. So to avoid these issues, you must fix the moisture problems first, and then banish the molds and ban the standard drywall. It just does not belong below grade.

Molds can grow on the paper coating the gypsum could possibly crumble. There are gypsum panels that the experts will recommend to avoid these issues. These are high performance interior panels and have the highest scores on standard lab test for mold resistance.

Finishing the Foundation Walls With Insulated Stud Walls

If you are fond of DIY jobs and you are on a tight budget, then finishing the foundation walls with the use of insulated stud walls is best for you. So here is how this is done. Rigid foam insulation and vapor barrier should be laid over the foundation walls and then followed by the stud frame as well as the drywall. You can also refer to online videos when it comes to finishing foundation walls.

The drywall is then attached into the integrated strips and this results to a thinner wall. You can opt for wall panels that come with labor saving chases and can be used for wiring and backside channels to be used for drainage.

Professional Basement Refinishers Near Me

Licensed professionals install a proprietary modular system capable of combining finished wall panels, insulation and sometimes, floor, finishes and ceilings. Some types are often being attached into a level track, allowing them to go up quickly.

Design Considerations

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of any home improvement project is in the remodeling of the basement. There are various reasons why this can be difficult. The basement usually holds most of the plumbing connections, including sump pump, heating systems and other connections, which makes remodeling the basement seem like a challenge.

The remodeling should be done in a way that access to all of the connections, including plumbing, would be maintained well. Another problem that you could face is the unevenness of the floors. Thus, the project will require hiring skilled contractors who are capable of providing you with the kind of remodeling project that you want, without having to compromise access to plumbing as well as other connections.

The basements are often poorly lit and this is pretty much due to the lack of natural light that gets inside the space. So when it comes to creating plans, you should let fixtures be a part of the overall considerations. The lack of natural light can be compensated with the effective design of light connections.

Using light colored paints can help to improve the brightness of the entire space. Some other major design considerations are the kind of ceiling to go for as well as the type of basement flooring that will work best. Another factor that will set the basement apart from the rest of your house is the chilling temperature. Such problem can be addressed by means of adequate insulation.

The key to a successful basement remodeling is to plan out and research well extensively before making any major decisions.

What You Need to Know About Working With Local Basement Remodeling Contractors Near Me

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