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What You Need to Know About Working With Local Basement Remodeling Contractors Near Me

Your basement is a place that often goes underutilized in many rooms when it hasn’t been finished. It’s one of those rooms that may have a lot of potential but simply currently be used for storage, which is why you might benefit from the help of local basement remodeling contractors near me.

They’ll be able to also come up with ideas for how to best utilize the space you have available, and if it has the sufficient ceiling height, you may even be able to claim it as square footage for your home. Instead of simply using it for storing boxes, now is the time to take full advantage of the space and turn it into a place you want to hang out in.

Think of the different functionalities that you feel like you are missing in your home and see if you could potentially remodel the basement and have it serve that function there. Basement refinishers near me can help your space come alive and be used for its full potential

How to Start

For a more extensive guide on how to remodel your basement, read our guide.

  • If you want to turn your basement into a place where you can take guests to socialize, it’s important that you consider how to best integrate adequate lighting into the makeover.
  • If your goal is to install a theater in your home, this does not need too much light and the basement is an ideal place to use for it.
  • Make sure that the layout functionally makes sense depending on your needs and desires for the space.

Basement finishing contractors near me can help you whatever your wishes are. They can also help you according to the possible budget you have for something like this.

Before Starting Your Remodel

There are a couple of things you will want to check before you start the project as it could otherwise have unintended consequences that could end up costing you money later on. First of, you need to make sure there are no moisture problems in the space, which could lead to mold growth. If there are moisture problems, you will first need to fix those by ensuring that whatever is causing it is dealt with, and have the space inspected to make sure there isn’t insect and rot damage in the basement, including in the floor joists.

Problems with humidity will often cause floor joists to start sagging, and the contractor will therefore check for it. The pro will also ensure that the ventilation system is working well in the space.

Getting Additional Square Footage in Your Home

Most cities will require that the ceiling height is up to 7½ feet before you are able to claim it as square footage in the home. If the ceiling is currently lower than that, you can dig further down, although it may require laying new concrete, which becomes a more significant project with higher costs. Depending on what’s hidden in the ceiling, you may be able to achieve this going upward instead and moving the ducts and pipes there, although you should check with your home remodeling contractor before you decide to go all in on that.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps do a very important job of making sure that your basement doesn’t floor which could lead to substantial water damage. Another way you could get this type of damage is with water leaks. However, to avoid that you’re at risk whenever the electricity no longer works, a lot of people choose to get a back up sump pump installed too that is powered by battery.

It is a good idea to have a battery backup for the main pump just in case there will be a power outage. There should also be another pump in place just in case the first one will give up. If your house is linked to the municipal water supply, consider investing on water powered backup pump that is juiced by pressure on the supply line.

Waterproofing Yourself

Depending on the magnitude of the moisture problem, there are things you can do yourself to help handle the issue, even if we encourage you to get a contractor to help to make sure it’s done correctly. Simple fixes may be what it takes to deal with it, although it isn’t sure it will get the job done.

  • Make sure that the water from the gutters is not being lead straight to the foundation, but rather away from the house.
  • Check the slope of the soil, as it will also direct the water either towards or away from the home.
  • Check all the different pipes and make sure none of them are leaking. If so, find out where the leak is coming from and seal it.

Making Sure Pipes Are Insulated

Pipes should be insulated for two different reasons. When not insulated, the exposed outer surface will lead to significant heat loss which in turn drives up your heating bill. Properly insulated pipes also hinders condensation on the pipes, which could cause water damage on drywall or ceiling alike.

While the pipes are exposed, slip the foam insulation sleeve on top of the hot water pipes in order to avoid any heat loss or slip it above cold water ones in order to avoid condensation, which is usually due to the dripping in the inside of the ceiling or drywall. You can get pipe insulation for as little as $2 for 6 feet.

Professional Basement Refinishers Near Me

Since basements are prone to having moisture problems, it’s important that you choose to work with a reputable basement finisher when you start on this project to ensure humidity, mold and other nasty things will not be a problem you will be dealing with.

Designing Your Remodel

Remodeling your basement isn’t like remodeling any other part of the house, as there are some considerations in this space that you won’t be facing with other parts of the home, making it a little bit more difficult.

First off, there’s the difficulty that the space doesn’t have the same natural light as do other parts, as there are often none or only very few and small windows, meaning it may not be the place that you choose to place something that benefits from a lot of natural light.

Secondly, the basement is also where a lot of your current appliances are located such as the plumbing, HVAC system, sump pump and more. These all have a purpose, and you cannot simply remove them from the house. While they may be moved in the basement, it could end up increasing the cost of the overall project. You could also have different pipes that you either need to move around or work around to come up with a design that best fits your needs.

Floors in the basement can be uneven because of different reasons.

The combination of these challenges can make the project more costly than you previously anticipated, which is why it is very important to keep a strict budget during and taking actions to lower the overall cost, if you think it’s spiraling out of control. The basement will also often need additional insulation to help maintain the desired temperature.

While it can be a wonderful space when the project is done, proper planning is key in ensuring the success of the project. To help you get started on the project, we have made it easier for you to get quotes and help from different contractors. All it requires is that you fill out the form at the top of the page. The contractors will also be able to help give you inspiration and guidance on what is possible to do with your home.