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Practical Ideas for Your Bedroom

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As a homeowner, your bedroom is one of your most favorite spaces, if not your favorite room in the entire house. After all, it’s where you sleep so you can recharge after a tiring day at work so you can face the next day with energy. It’s where you relax. It’s where you spend quality time talking to your significant other, if any, before sleeping. Needless to say, you have to make sure that it’s the best that it can be. Or else, you won’t feel the comfort that you deserve and need.

This comprehensive article will provide you with a lot of ideas that you can implement to improve this area of your home. It will have ideas for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes, so read on.

It Does Not Matter if Your Bedroom is Small

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It’s easy to feel claustrophobic in a room like this. Sure, you’ll get used to it, but you’ll miss out on a lot if you’re not going to do something about it. You can actually follow some tips that can help make this space seem bigger than it really is. At the very least, you can maximize the space, or otherwise you can actually make it bigger with the aid of a contractor.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Keep things open – you might be tempted to purchase the biggest bed so you will enjoy the most comfortable sleep possible. However, doing this in your small room will just make the space feel cramped and thus, you cannot guarantee a good night sleep. Instead, go for a smaller bed that will not choke the room. Perhaps, you can go for an iron bed that has a headboard that’s see-through. Otherwise, you can go for a bed that doesn’t have any footboard at all, such as the storage bed or platform bed. Choosing these types of bed will make your room feel more spacious.
  • Sneak in some storage – when you decorate your small room, you should take advantage of each and every available space. One of the most common things that people would normally do is to stash storage boxes under the bed. But in order not to sacrifice the aesthetic looks of your bed, consider adding a voluminous bed skirt that could hide all the storage boxes you keep in there. Another great idea is to install an ottoman just below the window in order to accommodate extra bedding. A chest bedside table is another genius way to have more storage space in a small spaced bedroom.
  • Seize every opportunity – the key to make your small room to stand out is to look for opportunities that can make the room look more special. You can perhaps decorate it with bright colored patterns in the form of curtains and sheets. Or better yet, install interesting lighting fixtures, such as a gorgeous chandelier, fancy lamps and many more. Another way to make a statement in a small bedroom is to install a headboard with unusual design. Go for something that is curvy, extra tall and brightly upholstered. You can then hang a tall artwork over your bed to give more personality to your space.
  • Bring in more natural light – let your small bedroom shine through by bringing in more natural light. Consider changing your blackout window treatments. Install sheer curtains instead in order to allow for more natural light to get in, making your room feel airy and light. Install drapes and light blocking shades for a more stylish window treatment.

Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

A lot of people would say that the way your bedroom looks say something about you as a person. Thus, when it comes to decorating your master’s bedroom, the best approach is to use decorative elements that represent you and your partner’s personality and character. But other than these, you also need to consider several other factors.  Here are some ideas to help you in creating a serene and romantic atmosphere in your master’s bedroom.

  • Comfort should be a priority – a beautifully dressed bed should be the focal point of your master’s bedroom. It should exude comfort and luxury while giving the space a lot of character. You can have a velvet-upholstered headboard to go with the silvery gray walls. To give more character into the space, accessorize with animal print fabrics in the form of quilted pillows and area rug. A plain white sheet paired with charcoal gray coverlet can make the bedroom to look even more sophisticated. Wooden bedside tables made of dark wood and a plain white lampshade completes the look of this comfortable and luxurious space.
  • Include a fireplace – having a fireplace in your bedroom means you will be able to enjoy a good night sleep even if it’s the winter season. Installing wood burning or gas fueled fireplace in one corner of the room is a great way to enjoy the flickering flames even if you are seated in the couch, snuggling under the sheets or soaking in the tub. Any kind of fireplace should work best in your master bedroom, but make sure that you install the hearth near eye level so it can be visible from each and every corner of your room and even when you are in the bathroom.
  • Come up with a collected appeal – as mentioned, your bedroom should reflect your own personality, style, tastes and lifestyles. Thus, when it comes to decorating the space, consider bringing in those things that you have gathered over the years to come up with a haven that says a lot about you. You can make the design more cohesive by repeating the use of wood and metal finishes, interesting fabric patterns and colors. You can also introduce plush, woven and shimmering textiles in order to give more interest to the space while enjoying a higher level of comfort.

Make Sure You Nail the Layout

If you are already tired of the usual look of your bedroom space, then consider giving it a whole new look. But before you start with remodeling the space, you must first have a plan. You should decide ahead of time the proper placement of your furniture, theme, color, window treatments, accessories, etc. So if you are at a loss on how you start with your bedroom layout, here are some ideas to consider.

  • Maximize the view – if your room happens to be facing a breathtaking view, take advantage of this view by installing floor to ceiling windows. Moreover, instead of arranging the furniture to go against the windows, experts would recommend that the furniture and fixtures must be set up around the window.
  • Keep it simple – you do not really need to go all out when it comes to coming up with a restful bedroom. You can keep it simple by limiting the use of patterns, accessories and furnishings. To maximize the visual interest of the space, experts would recommend minimizing the details. Avoid cluttering the room by filling it with lots of unnecessary items. Be careful in using decorative pieces or you could end up overly decorating the space with a plethora of dizzying patterns.
  • Mirrored reflection – you can make a small bedroom look even more spacious and airy by strategically placing mirrors on the wall. For instance, you can disguise a huge closet door by installing a massive mirror on it. This can help to visually double the space in your room.
  • Think outside the box – do not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the layout of your bedroom. For instance, if you have an unusually angled wall, you can consider having a custom made carpet created to fit within the space. The carpet can also help to emphasize the unique angle of the room. Installing hardwood floors to go with the carpet is a good idea. Experts would also not recommend having a rug tucked underneath the bed, as this will just make the room look even smaller.
  • Divide and conquer – having a narrow and long bedroom can be such a challenge to decorate. But the key to this is in coming up with two distinct spaces – one is a cozy area for the bed and another would be for entertainment area, a perfect place for relaxing. Creating various functional zones in your long and narrow room can give it a look similar to luxurious hotel suites.

Decorating Should Not Be Hard

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Decorating your bedroom might sound easy, but once you actually start doing it, you might get confused as to where you are going to start. As you know, there are hundreds, if not thousands of bedroom furniture options out there. And other than the furniture, you also need to think about the theme, the layout, pattern, color, and many more. So here are some creative suggestions to give you an idea on how to start decorating your bedroom.

  • Furniture – furniture should be the first thing you need to tackle when it comes to bedroom decorating. If you feel that the old furniture has already been looking worn out, consider replacing them. If you’re trying to save money, painting or staining them should be fine. After you have made your furniture look brand new, think of the proper placement of the furniture. Remember that the manner you arrange them will surely make a huge difference in the overall look of the space.
  • Flooring – in order to give a romantic and cozy look to the space, consider the use of wooden flooring. Wood also exudes warmth, comfort and luxury. Others would however prefer marble and other flooring options. When it comes to deciding on what flooring to replace your current tiles, consider the quality and durability of the new tiles and not just the aesthetic looks. Above all, it should work well with the overall design of the space.
  • Walls – your wall plays an important role in the overall look of the space. It’s often common to go for light colors, such as yellow and plain white. These colors give a fresh feeling to the space, while making it look spacious and airy. To make the wall stand out, hang photographs, paintings and other art pieces in it. Remember to choose curtains with color and patterns that complement with the color of your wall.
  • Lighting – proper lighting is also important when it comes to making your bedroom look grand. Aside from the normal tube lights, you should also have a lampshade and some other lighting fixtures installed at the right spot to give your space enough illumination at night.

Paint it to Perfection

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If you want to transform your room from boring to vibrant, then the first step would be to paint it with new colors.  But before you do so, you need to decide ahead which color will suit your style. Of course, you also need to take into consideration the other elements present in your room. It’s important that the color will complement with the overall theme of the space. Here are some ideas to keep you inspired.

  • Soothing atmosphere – to create a tranquil and spa like environment in your bedroom, you should go for soft neutral shades with touches of soothing blues and warm browns. Soft greens are also great choices as they create a warm and calming effect. The use of plain white color is also a good idea. Aside from making the space feel more spacious and airy, it gives off a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Contemporary look – to achieve a contemporary look that will stand out, include black or bright accents in your bedroom decorating. Pastels and lighter shades are also great for contemporary designed rooms, especially those with small spaces. Adding a touch of bright shades can transform your room into a cheery space.
  • Consider the age – the age of the person who will be using the space should also be a deciding factor on the color of the room. If it’s for the adults, neutral shades will be a perfect choice. But do not be afraid to add some pops of color. Warm browns and rich reds exude a romantic mood and are especially ideal for master’s bedrooms. If a child will use the room, then bright colors would work best.  Depending on the gender of the child, the room can have a bright pink, purple or blue shade.

For Your Girls

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Girls are stylish and unique in their own way. When it comes to their own space, they tend to be quite possessive. Whether your child is a toddler, teenager or at the pre-adolescent stage, you should paint her room according to her own preferences. Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to the choice of color for your little girl’s bedroom.

  • Pink – anything girlie is often associated with the pink shade. It symbolizes feminism, sensuality, beauty, warmth and comfort. In order to make the room look even more interesting, opt for a color-blocking scheme. Painting the entire room with pink will make it look plain and boring. Color blocking is basically the use of two complementary colors. Instead of the traditional pink shade, you can opt for a combination of candy pink, fuchsia, baby pink, apricot, rose, and other pink varieties. These colors will make your little girl’s room appear more cheerful.
  • Green -another choice of color that is common in girl’s bedrooms is green. This color evokes serenity and a feel of nature. Girls who love outdoor adventures will most definitely love the color of green. You can go for a nature inspired room if you want a green color for your child’s bedroom. Adorn the space with decorative pieces that are nature-inspired. Again, do not focus only in one shade. You can do a combination of Paris green, emerald, sea grass green and gray green.
  • Yellow – this shade reflects light and can help to brighten the room even more. Since it’s much closer to white, yellow can also mean peace and tranquility. Adding yellow to your little girl’s bedroom decor can bring about a feeling of cheerfulness. The key to painting yellow will depend mainly on the hues and tones of this color. Golden hue is bold, and thus, it provides a calming effect to the eyes. Pairing yellow with other complementary colors, such as white and off whites, can help to make the room feel cooler and fresher.
  • Red – this is a very strong color, which also evokes a strong sense of personality. But a lot of girls love the red color because it represents red roses and it is often associated to the color of the heart. If your child would prefer the red shade for her bedroom, you can temper the bright hue by pairing it with white, orange and raspberry colors. You can also have white for the wall and then use red to accent the space in the form of curtains, bed sheets, wall decors, etc.

And Your Boys

Whether you are in the process of building a new room for your little boy or perhaps, you are thinking of transforming the look of the existing room of your child, there are definitely lots of interesting ideas for you to consider. The key is to make space for everything, make the room look organized and throw all the clutter out. So here are some tips to guide you into decorating you little boy’s bedroom.

  • Color scheme – you begin by thinking of a great color scheme that your little boy will also love. Boys are often outdoorsy and would love a feel of adventure into their room. You can therefore take inspiration from nature when deciding on the color scheme. Blue, brown, green and black would be a great idea. But do not just go for the plain shades. You can give the room a livelier effect by opting for a combination of color such as crimson, yellow, dark blue and white.
  • Furniture – another important aspect in the decoration of your boy’s room is the furniture. To be safe, go for the simplistic designs. Boys in general don’t like satin curtains and beds that are intricately crafted. They would rather appreciate a minimalistic approach when it comes to their choice of furniture. Aside from the bed, you need to have a desk, closet and cabinet. If two or more boys will use the room, then a bunk bed would be a great space saving solution.
  • Accessories – clutter is often a result of a lousy attempt at accessorizing the space. It is also a result of a lack of storage space. Therefore, you should also think of cool ideas to accessorize your boy’s room, which can also serve as storage. A good example is an ottoman that works as a seating area and storage. Another is a bedside table that can also double as a desk with some storage underneath. Aside from making the room clutter-free, the use of these accessories can also help to maximize the space in the bedroom.

But Also For Guests

guest bedroom

You probably have an extra room at home that you want to convert to a guest room. That way, if some friends will be sleeping over, they don’t have to end up sleeping on the couch at your living room. Here are some tips on how to convert an empty room into a cozy and comfortable guest room.

  • Comfortable furniture – to ensure that your guests will have a comfortable sleep, you should invest on comfortable sets of furniture such as a spacious bed, dressing table, cabinets and a couch. Cabinets with drawers are a great choice, especially if you expect your guests to be staying over for several nights. You don’t need to buy an expensive bed. What’s important is that it should be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your guests.
  • Natural resources – adding a feel of nature into the space is also a great idea. Placing an attractive vase with colorful flowers can help to enhance the look of the room. Opening the windows will allow more natural light to get in. In this case, install sheer curtains on your windows. Moreover, keep some scented candles to make the room smell fresh. All these decors invoke a sense of warmth, hospitality and curtsey.
  • Cool colors – choosing the right color can surely transform the overall look of your guest room. Pastel shades such as dove gray and light ivory can help to give the space a warm and cozy look. Contrasting colors can also work well for the room. When you do a color combination, make sure you go for those colors that will match with the colors of your interior furniture.
  • Classy curtains and carpets – although these may not be necessary, but if you want to make a good impression to your guests, then invest on classy curtains and thick carpets that invoke luxury and comfort. These accessories can help to enhance the overall look of the space. If you don’t mind splurging a bit, choose luxurious fabric for your linens. Dazzling colors of satin and silk can further enhance the look of your guestroom.

Making Sure You Have Appropriate Storage

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom looking neat and attractive is with the use of highly functional and stylish storage. As you know, bedrooms are notorious for clutter since this is one of those places in our house that we use every single day. It’s filled with extra sheets, clothes, linen, pillows, blanket and many other things. If you don’t have a place to store these things, then this can certainly make the space look unappealing. So here are some of the most creative storage ideas to consider for your bedroom.

  • Under the bed storage – this is a common storage design for those who have limited space in their bedroom. This is basically a bed that comes with drawers underneath, where you can store stuff that you don’t need on a daily basis such as extra sheets, blankets, pillow covers, etc. Curtains and seasonal clothes can also go on this storage. You can purchase this type of bed at various furniture stores or you can have it custom made.
  • Maximize the closet – before you decide to purchase bulky dressers, make sure that you are maximizing your closet. This is especially true when it comes to the hanging space. You always have the option to add shelf units or drawer, however it can be a bit difficult to change the rods. Thus, before you begin planning up your bedroom storage, determine the things that you want to store in there. In order to determine if you need more rods, estimate the number of dresses you plan to hag there. Decide which clothes and accessories you need to wear in a daily basis and arrange them on the front.
  • Think vertically – if you have a limited space, then you should opt for the vertical approach when it comes to your storage space. You can perhaps install deep shelves high above your bed, where you can keep items you don’t regularly use. In order to avoid extending shelves within the room itself, remove some drywall to come up with recessed spaces in between the studs. You can then attach doors in order to enclose the items or perhaps, use shallow shelf inserts.

Did You Consider the Lighting?

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Your bedroom is not just a place where you sleep. It may also be a place where you and your loved ones can spend some quality time watching movies or relaxing. As such, choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is very important. It should not only enhance the look and feel of the space, but should also work well according to its purpose, which is to illuminate the space. So here are some tips when it comes to your bedroom lighting.

  • Upsize or downsize ceilings – it’s important that you pay close attention to the overall dimensions of the room as well as the distance between the floor and the ceiling before you decide on the lighting. The last thing you want is to end up bumping into your lamp when you wake up in the middle of your sleep to reach for the toilet.
  • Create accessible corners – think of the amount of space you have available. Remember that the lighting requirement of a spacious room will be starkly different from a room that is more compact. Although you can create a cozy ambiance if you dim the lights for a smaller room, this method could make a bigger space feel dark and gloomy. To make sure that each and every corner is well illuminated, survey the room and take note of the measurements.
  • Come up with visible layers – don’t be afraid to play with lights to achieve the look that you want for the room. You can try going soft or bold with the use of lights. The choice is all up to you for as long as you include those areas that will need to be illuminated. Ambient lights along with task lighting can help to illuminate a spacious room, while central lights combined with accent lights will work well on smaller bedrooms.
  • Assign lights – as soon as you’re done lighting the sleeping area of the room, you can then move on to illuminating the task areas. You should install bright light sources on the dressing and study areas of the room so you will be able to see things clearly. Installing pendant lamps, bright lamps and wall fixtures using individual sockets is a great idea when it comes to illuminating your study area.

Want it Rustic?

Rustic designs are often about comfort and coziness, thus, this is a perfect design inspiration for a comfortable bedroom space. It’s easy to understand why a rustic bedroom feels incredibly warm, cozy and inviting. If you want to follow the same idea for your bedroom, here are some design inspirations for your reference.

  • Use plenty of wood – in its natural color, wood must be your main choice of material when it comes to designing your rustic bedroom. This refers to the use of actual wooden logs that were built into side tables, bed frames, nightstands and even ceiling beams. Avoid painting the wood as this will take away its organic and natural charm and will hide its real color.
  • Decorate with natural textiles – you can soften up the decor as well as the ambience of your bedroom space by incorporating different kinds of fabric. Wool, linen, and burlap are some of the best choices. The use of woven textiles is also a great idea. There are various ways on how you can incorporate these elements to your bedroom design. For instance, you can use them as rugs and place in the middle of the room to give the space a lot of character.
  • Include a fireplace – one of the most important elements in rustic interior decoration is the fireplace. Thus, you should include this element in your bedroom decorating. In fact, you can make it as the focal point of the space. Fireplaces in rustic designs are often made from natural wood and stone. Choose something that matches with the rest of the design elements that you use in decorating the space.

Use These Tips to Make it More Romantic

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If you feel that your bedroom lacks some romance, then it’s about time to give it a whole new look. Remember your bedroom says a lot about your personality. So if it’s looking cold, dull and boring, then it could relate to you as a person. But don’t worry, for there are various ways in which you can transform your bedroom into a cozy love nest. Here are some ideas to keep you inspired.

  • Comfortable and stylish bed – the bed is the most important element in a bedroom. Thus, this is the first thing that you should tackle when it comes to transforming your room. You should go for a comfortable and stylish bed that could accommodate you and your partner. When buying the bed, try to sit on it and see if you are comfortable with it. To make it look stylish, decorate it with a leather headboard or simply a wooden headboard that comes with intricate designs.
  • Luxurious curtains and valances – if you’re aiming for a Victorian inspired bedroom, consider installing a wall curtain just above the bed. If you want to infuse more romance into the space, hang a canopy on the bed. Curtains and valances that come with fringes, lace and beads can add elegance and sophistication to the room. Complete the look with cushioned sofas that you can install at the bottom of the bed for a more comfortable look.
  • Choose the right accessories – you can add nightstand lamps, mirrors, candle stands and picture frames to enhance the look of the space. Wall paintings, large picture frames, intricate candle stands and chandelier can give the room a more majestic look. As for the walls, you can go safe by choosing pastel shades, such as cream and beige, or better yet, opt for the plain white shade.
  • Infuse romantic smell – aside from making the room look romantic, you also need to make it smell romantic. So infuse the smell of romance in your room in the form of aroma candles and sweet fragrances. These can also help to amp up the mood in your bedroom space, making you and your partner feel so relaxed.

Is Your Bedroom in the Basement?

If you have a finished basement, or plan on making one, then you may want to consider transforming it into an extra bedroom. It can also serve as a guest room for friends who will be sleeping over or perhaps, for some family members who will come for a vacation. Transforming the space into a functional sleeping area should be easy. Here are some ideas that might work well for you.

  • Achieve coziness through color – painting is a great way to infuse coziness to your basement bedroom. You can go dark on the wall by painting it in chocolate brown color. An area rug in light brown shade can then be used to decorate the floor. A light brown ceiling can work well for this design. Don’t forget to add plenty of lighting fixtures to illuminate the room since basements are known for being dark. If the basement has an egress window, consider adding sconces and table lamps so as not to make the room feel dark and gloomy.
  • Insulate overhead – floors and ceilings will require special attention on your basement bedroom. In order not to be disturbed with the sound of footsteps overhead, consider installing fiberglass insulation in between the finished ceiling and the ceiling joists. White painted paneling can help to invoke a country style feel to the bedroom. It’s not necessary to fully insulate the floor, but covering the concrete floor with carpet can help to enhance comfort and style to the space.
  • Convenient storage – adding enough storage on your basement bedroom is also a great idea. This can be used in storing extra items that will just take up space in your house. Surrounding the room with cabinetry is a great approach. A mirror on the headboard as well as windows above the cabinet can also help the space to appear bigger and brighter.
  • Warm the space with color – since basements are located at the ground, they are naturally cool. Thus, painting the room with warm colors is a good idea.  The bedding and armoire in yellow green shade can provide for an even warmer effect. The armoire can be used as valuable storage space for extra sheets and blankets. You can also choose to keep some of the shelves clear to allow some guests to use it for their belongings.

Your Curtains Will Add a Unique Touch

Draping your bedroom with the right curtain can surely change the way the space will look. It’s important that the color and pattern of the curtain can go well with the overall theme of the room. Choosing the right fabric is also important. So to help you with, here are some ideas on how to adorn your windows with the different varieties of curtains.

  • Traditional – if you have a traditional theme in your bedroom, then you need to hang embroidered drapery fabric. You can pair these with carved valances that look elegant when you tuck it on one side of each of the window on your room. Make sure you choose curtains with the color that matches with the overall theme of the space for a more surreal look.
  • Contemporary – if your idea of a bedroom design is modern or contemporary, then the best curtains that you can use are sheer curtains in the light shades of cream or white. Keep these fabrics drawn always and cover them with curtains that are heavily pleated. Eyelet curtains are ideal for heavy ones.  Tie the heavy curtains to the sides using a stylish golden string that has bells on the end.
  • Unique designs – if you want a unique look for your curtain, then go for the more outrageous designs. Do not just limit yourselves with beaded curtains. You can include several other adornments such as shiny balls, bells, ribbons, etc. Strung them together with nylon or other durable string and you will have a gorgeous curtain with a one of a kind design!
  • Kid’s bedroom – for your kid’s room, it’s easy to decide on what curtain to hang their windows with. Just think of a theme for their bedroom and follow the same for the curtain. For instance, if you have a fairytale theme for your little girl, then you should also have a curtain with fairytale print. If the room has a pink theme, then opt for a baby pink curtain. Dark colored curtains, such as black and navy, are ideal for boy’s bedroom.

Give it a Country Feel

Country style decorating is actually a diverse range of styling that will often depend on the geographical location. However, this design is generally exemplified with the use of muted colors, primitive furniture, vintage fabrics, milk painted finishes, and more. If you want this style of decorating for your room, here’s how you can create a peaceful and charming country style bedroom space.

  • Set the stage – if you prefer your room to be light and airy, use a white painted beaded board panel as well as tongue and groove boards in decorating the walls and ceilings. If you want to achieve a warm and cozy ambiance for your space, use rough-hewn beams and walls that are covered with barn boards that you can salvage from your yard. On the other hand, if you want something more modern, then set unstained planks horizontally and paint it in neutral hues.
  • Choose primitive patinas – country style decorating is also about recycling things you have inherited or have found from garage sales and flea markets. So when it comes to accessorizing, adorn the space with repurposed objects that are both functional and stylish. Salvaged barn doors for headboard and wooden crates for your nightstands would be a great design inspiration. Top a repurposed dresser with a slab of marble and use weathered armories and trunks to amplify the storage space.
  • Country color schemes – the colors for country style decorating are inspired by the dusty colonial hues as well as patriotic palettes. There are also modern color schemes that provide for a naturally refreshing ambiance. The look is often collected, and thus, you may need to limit your use of colors and patterns so as not to make it look cluttered. The best patterns to go for are buffalo checks, botanical prints, ticking stripes, as well as understated plaids. You can also introduce vintage textures by dressing the bed with vintage blankets, chenille spreads and hand stitched quilts. Old fashioned braided rugs and other homemade objects deserve a place in your country style bedroom.

Ever Fancied Bohemian?

Bohemian, or simply “boho” is an interior style that infuses the elements of Shabby Chic, country style and a combination of artistic and whimsical design elements. People who embrace this style of decorating are often drawn to creativity, contrasts, art, travel, freedom and adventure. So if you want to bring out the bohemian in you when it comes to decorating your bedroom space, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Get inspiration from the world famous bohemians – before you start decorating, it would help if you immerse yourself in the bohemian vibe by reading stories and learning about the life of famous bohemians such as Frida Kahlo, Leonard Cohen, Vivienne Westwood, and many more. Most of them are famous artists and creative people who have been known to live a bohemian lifestyle. In fact, you can hang some of their portraits in your room as part of your bohemian decoration.
  • Fill the space with art pieces – you should fill your wall with as many art pieces as you can. So if you have some of the best work of art or perhaps your own painting, give them a place in your bedroom wall. As mentioned, the boho style is often associated with musicians, artists and designers, so the best way to decorate your space is with a collage of their masterpieces.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with color – when it comes to Bohemian decorating, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your choice of color. Forget about color palettes. Bohemian people are free spirited and would go for just about any color that they want. A color filled oasis will speak a lot about you. The combination of blue, green and purple hues would make the space feel eclectic and cheerful.
  • Experiment with patterns and textures – fill your room with an abundance of textural contrasts to give it lots of personality. From the exposed bricks to industrial ducting, a bohemian room definitely exudes a lot of character. If you are a traveler, you can decorate the space with art pieces you have gathered from your travels. Tibetan rug, Moroccan carpets, antique brass and satin bedspread are just some examples.
  • Personal creative space – you should also come up with a personal space in your bedroom. For instance, you can allocate one corner for a desk where you can design, sketch and create any artistic activity that will come out of your boho mind. Then use your creations as decorations. It could be in the form of a painting, craftwork or perhaps a piece of fabric or embroidery. Basically, the key to decorating a Bohemian room is to just let your creative juices flowing.

Make it Shabby Chic With The Right Decorating

Shabby chic decorating is perhaps one of the most popular interior design trends today. Similar to the bohemian style, this design is all about creating an eclectic vibe. It mixes pastel shades with vintage furniture pieces, feminine floral, lace and country inspired decorative pieces. If you want to infuse this design to your space, then here are some ideas to keep you inspired.

  • Salvaged furniture – shabby chic look is often about the use of salvaged furniture. You do not really need to buy the most expensive vintage bed. Just simply think of your bed as a piece of artwork. Give some thought to it and decide what are the things that will make you want to spend time in it. A rustic wooden bed will look even more inviting in a vibrant carpet, with bright colored sheets and a generous pile of pillows. A salvaged cabinet provides more textural interest into the space. Finish the look by adorning it with Moroccan carpets and rugs in bright patterns.
  • Add a bit of romance – you can give a touch of romance into your Shabby Chic room by installing a stylish four-poster bedstead. You can then hang modern designed floral wallpaper and then accessorize with things that have floral patterns and pastel hues. These accessories will look great when paired with distressed furniture pieces. Finish the look by mounting enamel lighting that will give off a bit of contemporary feel to your Shabby Chic bedroom.
  • Decorate with pastel shades – although white is often an important element in Shabby chic decorating, soft pastel shades such as dusky pink and sky blue will also work best. These colors will surely give life to a plain looking space. Adorn the space with pale and sumptuous bedding to make it feel more light and airy, which gives off a restful atmosphere to your bedroom space. Focus on the use of subtle patterns and prints. Accentuate the look with fine needlework, such as pin tucks.
  • Make the look festive – you can make your room look more festive by adorning it with ditsy floral that brings off a hint of a 1940 vibe into your space. The use of soft furnishings is also a great idea to add a punchy patchwork layer of dots, stripes and pretty flower prints. Offbeat sequin cushions can give the space a fresh and cheerful twist.
  • Add a practical storage – be inspired by a Boudoir style boutique when it comes to your closet. Glass fronted cabinets, as well as hanging rails can be used in displaying bright colored dresses, sweaters and scarves. Exposing them can add more color to the space. So if you have lots of pretty floral dresses, bags and shoes, then show them off. Wooden elements can make an unexpected statement in your dressing room. Do not be afraid to use salvaged wood and don’t be bothered with the scratches and dents that it often comes with.

Wanna Feel Like You’re at the Beach?

beach master bedroom

If you are a beach person, then bringing in the coastal vibe into your bedroom space is such a good idea. With this design, your space could become your favorite haven in your home. From ocean breeze, palm trees and island style suites, converting your sleeping space into a coastal getaway is a fun and easy project. So here are some ideas to get you started.

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  • Layered decors – mix and match coastal inspired materials into your space. For instance, you can have an ocean colored duvet, bamboo benches and grass wall covering. Add warmth and comfort by installing a wool Berber carpet into the floor. Complete the look of this dreamy space by accessorizing with powder green curtains, linens and cushions.
  • Coastal blues – combining a palette of dune grass greens and maritime blues into your design is a great idea. It will give off an easygoing coastal vibe that’s reminiscent to a charming and romantic seaside villa. To mimic this welcoming and airy space, decorate your bedroom with soothing blue hues in the form of wallpaper and accessorize with seashell and sea grass furnishings. Hanging a beach inspired postcard in the wall completes the look of this coastal bedroom space.
  • Traditional palette – the use of subdued palette of green and blue shades is a great idea. You can convert your room into a traditional seaside escape by adorning the space with classic must haves. For instance, you can have a duvet in vintage coastal prints paired with pillows that have ocean blue palettes. A bed board ceiling and a sea grass Roman shade bring a touch of sophistication to the room.
  • Subtle accents – offering a subtle nod to your coastal bedroom is a great idea. Neutral colors and sandy palettes can be accented with nautical stripes and light blues. Bringing the comfort and style of a waterfront living into your bedroom space is possible by hanging an oversized harbor painting into the wall. The use of minimal accessories can help to make the space feel like a beachside cottage.

Great Ideas for a Loft

Loft designs are a space saving solution for those with limited spaces in their house. A loft bedroom provides for a functional and stylish solution for homes where each and every space would count. But despite of the limited space, there is often a special charm that comes with having a loft bedroom. Here are some inspirations when it comes to decorating this space.

  • Under a skylight – the best thing about a loft is that you get to enjoy the view up above from the comfort of your bed. Having a sleeping area at the top of your house is no doubt relaxing and comfortable. Make the most of the view by positioning your bed underneath a skylight. That way, you will be able to enjoy a unique atmospheric view while lying down on your bed. This room will not only provide for a comfortable resting place, but it also allows a unique connection of nature.
  • Wooden beams – a rustic inspired room can work well for the loft. Exposed wooden beams on high wood ceiling complete the look of your rustic inspired loft bedroom. The natural color of wood can make the place feel warm and inviting. A minimalist approach to decor and a light colored wall can work in harmony in creating a serene and relaxing space to sleep in.
  • Fill it with windows – in order to make the room feel light and airy, despite of the limited space, consider adding as many windows as you possibly can. This will make the space to look like any other room in your house. It does not matter whether your window is slanted, horizontal or vertical. Just fill the space with more windows to allow natural light to get in. Adorn the wall with mirrors to give an illusion of a much bigger space.

Is it For Your Toddler?

When it comes to designing your toddler’s bedroom, it’s important that you take into consideration what he or she is most fond about. Toddlers can already identify their favorite cartoon characters, color, sports and animal. So before you begin decorating, identify the things your kids love the most and take it from there. Here are some ideas to help you with.

  • Hang lots of colors – an easy way to make your kid’s room appear bright and cheerful is to hang curtains with vibrant colored patterns and designs. You can experiment with different patterns and colors and if your toddler grows older, you can simply change it to a design that’s suitable to his age. Hanging lanterns that are in bold colors is also a fun and stylish way to illuminate the space of your toddler. The colors can provide more visual interest into the bedroom space.
  • Touch of vintage – if you don’t fancy bright colors, you can give a touch of vintage to your tot’s room by decorating it with a combination of red, white and brown schemes. A traditional bed can also add up to the vintage flair. An ample sized poster of a fire truck is a great way to add a childish feel into the overall tone of the room. Instead of the traditional bed, you can have a four-poster bed if your child is a girl. The muted pink and white combination can give the bed a soothing and calming feel, allowing your child to have a restful sleep.
  • Do something on the clutter – kids are playful by nature so you can expect a lot of clutter into the bedroom space every single day. The solution to this is to invest on stylish storage with vibrant prints and colors. You can opt for a fabric toy storage that looks like a basket that your kids can use in keeping their toys in. There are also fancy drawers and dressers that can help to enhance the look and feel of your child’s bedroom.
  • Animal print – if your toddler loves animals, then you can bring in fun and excitement into his room by adorning it with animal inspired accessories. You can perhaps have a zebra print rug in the floor and use the same pattern for the bedding. A bed made of wood and a neutral colored wall completes the look. Another great idea is to focus on black and white print, that’s inspired by a zebra. The use of black and white will also give off a fun and whimsical vibe to the room, which is what a child’s bedroom should be all about.

Using a Minimalist Approach

minimalist room

Minimalism refers to a design trend that makes use of sleek and simple decorative elements.  This design is among the most influential design trends today especially when it comes to bedroom decorating. As the name implies, minimalistic approach is not about the use of lavish designs. Instead, it focuses on the use of simple but stylish design elements. Here are some minimalistic design inspirations to follow for your bedroom.

  • Keep the colors light and bright – white is the most practical choice when it comes to minimalistic design. It helps to keep the space feel light and airy instead of feeling cramped and boxed in. Aside from white, you can use lighter colors such as powder blue, cream and beige. To prevent your small room from looking dull and boring, layer your white sheets with printed textures, such as a black and white duvet. A patterned throw as well as chrome colored lamps can also give the space a pop of color and style.
  • Push the bed against the corner – most bedrooms often have the bed at the center of the wall. But if you have a narrow space, then the limited space will not allow for the bed to be in the middle. The best way to maximize your flooring space is to tuck your bed against the corner. This will create a cozy and relaxing sleeping area. You can add two headboards in the corner to make your bed look even more stylish.
  • Minimal accessories – to bring the concept of minimalism into your space, you should minimize the use of accessories. The decoration should only focus on the bed and some storage. Sleek and contemporary built in storage can add up to the look while providing additional storage space. Having a built-in storage around the bed is also a great way to create a cozy sleeping area.

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