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5 Ideas for a Bi Level Home Remodeling Project

Bi level homes were mostly built to provide more living space for homeowners who have limited land size and budget. Because this type of house enables homeowners to have more rooms and a larger living space without spending building expenses as pricey as building traditional colonial houses, bi level houses were often built without too much consideration to detail. Due to this reason, most bi level houses need an update.

Fortunately, a bi level home remodeling project is not too difficult. You just need to get inspiration from various sources so that you can incorporate these ideas into your project. This will help you achieve results that will make your house more appealing and more functional as well. Hence, before you start planning your bi level home remodeling, it would be ideal to read more about bi level house renovation.

Remodeling Tips for a Bi Level House

Having a lot of sources of information and inspiration will help you gather the ones that you think will be useful on your project. Read the list below to add to your list of inspiration for your remodeling project.

  • Make way for natural lighting.

Natural lighting is one of the best things to add to a bi level home. Because most bi level houses have a bulkier and heavier upper level than the lower level, natural light is not often sufficient on the lower level of the house. The lower levels are also often partially below ground, which makes natural light even harder to get.

Add windows that will allow more light into the rooms of the house. The entrance could also use some natural light. You can add fixed window glasses or glass blocks to allow light into the entrance without allowing for more entryway other than the door. Windows can be used by intruders to enter houses so if you are not comfortable with these near your main door, you can opt for the fixed windows and glass blocks.

Removing a part of the upper level and installing a large window or glass panels on the wall next to the removed flooring will allow light to illuminate both the upper level and the lower level of your bi level home. This will also make the house look more spacious than it really is which will do great for the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  • Open up walls and install bigger windows.

Most bi level homes have a lot of closed walls between rooms. Though this should not be an issue on bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens will look cramped with a close wall. It would help to break down parts of walls and allow a window between kitchens and dining areas or living areas to make the area look bigger.

Bigger windows will also help in allowing more light. Most bi level homes have bigger windows on the upper level of the house but smaller windows are installed on the lower levels. This allows little light and air to get inside, which can make the lower levels feel closed in. You can install windows that are wider and would open fully to allow more air and light to come in.

  • Prioritize the entrance and stairs.

The entrance is where the two levels meet. Thus, it is where you will see the transition of the two levels, making it an important part to consider. You can either allow for a dramatic transition or a smooth one between floors.

The paint color of the walls on each floor will affect how the transition will look and feel. The same also goes for the flooring and the ceiling. Hence, depending on what type of appeal you want, you can choose colors, materials and textures that will be used on the floor, walls and ceiling of each level.

How the entrance looks is also important. Allow the entrance to have ample space from the stairs. Do not cramp the entrance with too much furniture but provide something that will make it look cozy. An appealing coats’ rack or a hallway table is great furniture that you can add to the entrance to add aesthetics and purpose to the entrance.

The siding and the roofing will determine the appearance of your bi level home on the outside. Most bi level homes were sided with wood or PVC panels but you can choose to change that signature look with solid metal siding to update it into a contemporary style bi level house .

The roofing can also be updated or repainted to give it a boost. Bold colors can be a good choice if you are going after a vibrant look.

  • Add charm to the different rooms of the house.

If you are having a simple remodeling rather than a large-scale renovation project, focusing on the individual rooms will do the trick. Add charm to the rooms in the house by adding furniture or updating the wallpaper or paint color.

You can also change the flooring of some of the rooms and re-arrange the furniture to get a new look for minimal effort. Changing lighting fixtures and curtains will also have a great impact on the overall look of your house. You can also choose to repaint or replace the cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen for an updated look.

A remodeling project does not need to be expensive or highly elaborate. Unless you need to improve the structure of your bi level house, you can remove, change or add small details that will make your home look different in a good way. You just need to have inspiration and information to do so.

Learn more about bi level home renovation by reading more about this kind of project. It will also greatly help to talk with professional home remodelers so that you can learn more about home remodeling and how much your planned projects will cost. This will help put things in perspective and enable you to choose the project types that you will be able to afford with your current budget.

5 Ideas for a Bi Level Home Remodeling Project

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