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5 Best Shower Floor Options and Materials

5 Best Shower Floor Options and Materials

When either redesigning or constructing a shower, the floor is an important piece to think about. Picking the right choice from the many shower floor options can make or break your shower. Taking a look at the main things to worry about, and the options available will let you make the best decision. Your shower floor… Read More

Best Flooring Options Room By Room

Best Flooring Options Room By Room

The type of flooring you choose for the different rooms of your home will largely depend on what purpose they serve. For example, it would not make sense to install a type of flooring in the bathroom that could not withstand moisture and water. This article will cover a lot of different flooring options. To… Read More

Best waterproof flooring options

Best waterproof flooring options you need to know about

Do you want a type of flooring that not only looks beautiful, but can withstand the harsh environments that you may be able to find in places like the bathroom? Moisture and water are real concerns there, and you can’t simply install any kind of flooring you want. It has to be one of the… Read More

Sunroom Flooring Options

Sunroom Flooring Options – The 6 Best Options

A sunroom can be a wonderful addition to a house. It can increase the value of your home overall, as well as just being a good place to enjoy. Your sunroom can be a place of quiet and reflection or the main entertainment space in your house. No matter the style that you choose for… Read More

Soft Flooring Options

Soft Flooring Options – The 6 Best Choices

Standing on your feet for hours in your own home shouldn’t be something that you dread. Tile and hardwood floors can give your home the best look possible, there’s no arguing that fact. However with that look and durability comes the fact that they are a hard unyielding surface that can be uncomfortable to stand… Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Porch

21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered, Wood & More

A porch is a great place to spend those long evenings during the summer, which is why so many homes have one. Since you have made it onto this page, it’s probably because you’re interested in building one, and therefore curious to figure out which material to go with. On this page: Benefits of Building… Read More

Outdoor Flooring Options

10 Best Outdoor Flooring Options

Your outdoor spaces can be a place that have special needs when it comes to flooring. There are a lot of different outdoor flooring options though, so you can easily find one that fits your home. Outdoor flooring has to be able to stand up to the elements, be durable enough to withstand heavier use,… Read More

Industrial Flooring Options

Top 5 Industrial Flooring Options

There are many different types of industry, each with a different type of flooring need. The different industrial flooring options for various uses can be tailored to meet unique demands. Industrial flooring differs from commercial flooring because it is mainly utilized in a manufacturing setting. The options have to stand up to medium to heavy… Read More

Floor Insulation Options

18 Things You Need to Know about Floor Insulation Options

When people think of insulating their home, they often start out by thinking about the outer walls, siding and the attic, however important, those are not the only places that can benefit from being insulated. Another place you can save money by insulating is the floor. It’s easy to forget about but important to do… Read More

4 Things to Know about Floating flooring options

4 Things to Know about Floating flooring options

For the homeowner who is not a contractor the term floating floor can be misleading. A floating floor is not a magical apparatus that floats everyone above the floor. A floating floor is one that is not fastened to the floor beneath it. It rests above whatever the substrate is, and instead it attaches to each other…. Read More