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36 Gardening Tips to Get You Started in Your Backyard

There’s a bunch of gardening tips you should know about, and by learning about even when you start out as a beginner will ensure that you embark on a beautiful adventure with a lot of interesting colors, odors and ambiance in your backyard. These are all the things that we wish we knew when we… Read More
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Raku Pottery

This is a typical Japanese way of making pottery. Chawan tea bowls is the most common type, and given the way that it’s shaped, it’s less consistent with greater variation than is the case with thrown pottery. Thrown pottery is the most common alternative way to make customized pottery, but Raku is rather hand-shaped. Contrary… Read More
traditional vs advanced ceramics

Different Types of Ceramics

Most of you have probably heard of ceramic floor tile, and then some may even know that porcelain tile is also in fact a type of ceramic, but what are the different types? And why are there different types also? Since we have helped many homeowners get connected with ceramic tile companies, we thought it… Read More
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2018 Ceramic and Porcelain Tile that Looks Like Wood: Pros & Cons, Reviews

Did you consider installing hardwood floors in your home because you like the way that it looks? Before you choose to do so, you should know that there could be very good reason for you to not actually go with that option but rather go with tile instead. To better understand what type of flooring… Read More
Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile: What is the Difference?

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile: What is the Difference?

So you were just at the hardware store, and you saw different types of tile. When you walked out of there, you stopped for a moment and you suddenly realized that you in fact don’t know what the difference is between ceramic tile and porcelain. That’s fine – you’re not the only one! You probably… Read More
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Ceramic Wall Tile

In this article, we’ll talk about ceramic wall tile, and everything that you need to be focusing on during the installation to make sure that you get absolutely the wall that you wish. If you’re lucky, we might even give you an idea or two that you hadn’t already thought of. We’ll help you find… Read More
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How to Recycle and Reclaim Clay

The invention and use of clay has been around for thousands of years and is still being used to this day by masonry contractors to create durable and beautiful buildings for both residential and commercial use. However, another good thing about the material is that it can actually be recycled, and that is the process… Read More

Copper Metal Roofs: Pros & Cons, Installation Cost, Standing Seams and More

When you want something very high quality installed on your roof, copper is a great material to consider for a bunch of different reasons. It’s been used as a material for thousands of years and many different purposes. It’s definitely not the cheapest roofing material to go with, but it’s definitely one that will make… Read More
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How to Test Your Sump Pump When it’s Not Working

This article will take you through how to test your sump pump, both when it’s not working and when it is. We’ll walk you through what are some of the common causes for it failing, and how you can make sure to avoid the possible consequences that it could have if it stopped working at… Read More
Rat nest

How to Get Rid of Rats in The Walls? 7 Signs to Look Out For!

You’ve heard unusual noises coming from the walls, and it has happened a couple of times but you haven’t really been paying attention to it. Was it really a noise from there, or was your mind just playing you a trick? Oops, you just heard it again and this time it definitely wasn’t just your… Read More