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Newborn Belly Button Bleeding

Newborn Belly Button Bleeding: What to Do when this Happens

It is a general knowledge that the umbilical cord of a baby is one of the most important parts of the baby while inside the mother’s womb. It is the part that connects the baby to the organ, which is responsible for the baby’s nourishment, the placenta. When a baby is born, the umbilical cord… Read More

Newborn Baby Tips

Here are Newborn Baby Tips to Help You Out During the First 30 Days

Having a baby is obviously a blessing. However, it can be very overwhelming. This is especially true for first time parents. They excitedly wait for their baby to come, only to panic once the baby arrives. They don’t know what to do. You’re probably on the same boat since you’re reading this article on newborn… Read More

How to Care for a Newborn

Basic but Helpful Tips on How to Care for a Newborn

If you have a newborn, it’s expected that you know how to care for your newborn. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to take care of your newborn. Newborns won’t be able to survive without help. Needless to say, their survival depends on you as their parent. This is why at this point, you should… Read More