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Business Owners Can Benefit From Local Commercial Painting Contractors Near Me

If you are a business owner, manager or an investor, you sure have a lot of things on your plate in terms of the maintenance of your commercial property. You definitely want your commercial space to be looking at its best, but of course, it also has to be functional.

Functionality and productivity are two other factors that must be taken into consideration aside from the appearance. Moreover, any other refurbishing needs have to be performed with minimal disruption in your daily business operations.

Hiring a good commercial painter is definitely good for your business. These professionals can help you achieve your goals. Aside from providing your business property with a fresh new appearance as well as an appealing color scheme, the local commercial painting contractors near me can also provide you with a wide range of painting related services, while ensuring minimal amount of inconvenience and downtime.

Give Your Business a Good Image

Whether your goal is to convey a certain image or perhaps establish a unique brand, you definitely want that your commercial space to look welcoming to your customers. Having a neat and physical appearance of your commercial property can make a good impression and will foster a sense of confidence to your business, which could mean more customers and a boost of sales.

A painting company that has wide years of experience on commercial work is highly qualified to provide you with the best services and will even offer advice on the current color trends to make your business to stand out. Depending on the type of business that you have, they can make your commercial space look even more appealing by using digital color imaging and will give you a clear idea on how different shades of colors will look like in the context of your business setting.

Types of Paint and Other Related Products

It is a good idea that you look for commercial painters that make use of high quality paint. If they make use of the right paint for your property, you can be rest assured that the property could stand up to several years of heavy use.

They are also equipped to provide you with the best advice on the brand of paint to use and the best color combinations that will match with the kind of business that you operate. They know what would be the best paint products to use for drywall, wood, metals, concrete and others. They can also offer painting solution to high traffic areas, such as the use of exterior sealants that can help to increase the resistance of a flooring or wall against severe weather conditions like heavy rain, storms and even harsh sunlight.

For interior painting jobs, the painters must make use of low odor paint that will allow for redecoration to take place with only fewer disturbances to both employees and customers and they should also consider using anti mold paint as well as other products that have low VOCs to safeguard the health of people working inside your commercial property.

Preparation of Commercial Painting Job

A good paint job usually starts with proper preparation. You should look for commercial painting contractors who can provide you with a cleanup of the commercial surfaces that will be treated, which includes pressure washing of home exteriors. They should also be able to take care of any existing problems like peeling and chipping paint, molds, water damage, rust and graffiti.

Inside the commercial space, other types of repair might also be necessary such as the repair and replacement of the drywall cracks, patching of nail holes, dents, gouges as well as the retexturing of the acoustic ceilings.

Provide the Best Customer Service

Before you hire any of the commercial painters, you must first discuss with them on how they will go about their work without causing so much interruptions in your every day business operation. They should make sure not to cause inconvenience to your customers as this could put you in a bad light.

They should be service-oriented and must be willing to offer flexible scheduling, which means that they should be willing to work during off hours if needed so your business can function well enough despite of the ongoing painting job. You must also consider the safety measures that they will put in place in order to protect the occupants of the building and to ensure that the equipment and furnishings will be in proper order.

Quality Control

Competitive pricing is highly important when it comes to keeping your commercial painting project to stay within budget. Beyond the cost of the commercial painting work, you should also look for written specifications that have all the details regarding the colors, materials, as well as projected time frame.

Highly reliable painting contractors are well capable of performing thorough inspection during the entire duration of work and once their work is completed, they will provide you with a detailed progress report that you can also present to your investors and the board of directors. They can also guarantee their labor and materials and will provide details about this in writing.

What are the Services They Can Provide You?

Sure, commercial painting professionals can provide different kinds of commercial painting services. But there are actually several other things that they can do for you, such as the architectural finishing services. Some other finishes that a commercial painter can provide are the following.

  • Textured coatings, including roll-on, sprayed, and trowel-applied membrane coatings.
  • Anti-pollutant and anti-graffiti finishes.
  • Floor coatings, such as epoxies, anti-slip coatings and polyurethane.
  • Fire-resistant coatings.
  • Low VOC paint and finishes.

The tools and equipment that are used to apply the finishes are usually more expensive and more sophisticated unlike those that are used for general commercial painting purposes. They also come with conventional spray equipment, airless, as well as high-pressure low volume spray needed for detailed work as well as other specialized equipment. Each of these will require specialized expertise and handling.

Choosing the Right Commercial Painting Contractor

Since commercial painting will require such a specialized expertise, only a commercial painting contractor can determine what needs to get done to ensure the job is done right. So here are the tips to keep in mind in choosing the right commercial painter.

  • Get at least three quotes.
  • Check their experience, qualifications, expertise, licensing, skills, insurance and trade organizations.
  • Gather references and contact each of them to interview. Request to view samples of their work as well.

When you need to hire general contractors, you are usually required by law to choose the companies who are licensed. This is not really the case with painters. You can choose to work with unlicensed painter to get a much lower quote, but you have to be prepared with the consequences.

There is a lot of risk involved in this because unlicensed painters do not have any insurance that will cover them in case they get injured while working in your premises. To be safe, you better work with licensed and insured painters instead.

Remember that giving your business a good impression is very important. By hiring commercial painters, you can be rest assured that your commercial property will be aesthetically pleasing and will look welcoming to your customers.

Business Owners Can Benefit From Local Commercial Painting Contractors Near Me

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