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DIY Baby Shower Ideas On A Budget: Cheap, Simple, and Fun

DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas On A Budget with Cheap, Simple, and Fun Tips
A baby shower is a nice way to celebrate when a baby is about to be delivered, in a comfortable and positive setting. It’s truly a nice way to celebrate a mom-to-be, and it’s often a party that is organized by someone who is not a relative. However, if you feel right throwing the party as a relative, that is perfectly fine too. It is usually an event that takes place later in the pregnancy, when it is known that everything seems to be going well. If the mom-to-be is has a big belly by the time the party is thrown, it just makes the experience so much more wonderful. Some people also choose to do it once the baby is already born.

Organizing a party like this may end up costing some money, and perhaps more than you initially thought. That is why we’re providing these DIY baby shower ideas if you’re on a budget and don’t mind doing a bit of extra work yourself; the advantage is it will be cheaper, can be done relatively simply and the process may even be fun if you like getting your hands dirty and doing some of the work yourself. The party can still be inexpensive and amazing.

First of all, it’s important to consider the different things you will be spending money on when you’re throwing a baby shower:

how to plan a baby shower on a small budget - stay at home
Throwing a memorable baby shower does not need to be done at a fancy restaurant. In fact, it may be more relaxing for the coming mom to do it in a setting she is already familiar with, and having it feel less formal than it would if a place had been rented for the purpose. If you’re planning on doing it in a public park, make sure to have a plan in case it rains, and check out whether it requires a permit so no unforeseen events happen.

  • Baby shower invitations to family and friends.

Although it may seem nostalgic to send out actual physical invitations, one idea to save money on baby shower invitations is to simply do it by email. Along with having it save you money, it will also save you the inconvenience of having to physically prepare all the invitations by hand, which can take time if you’ve invited a lot of people. By finding a website that offers it as a service, guests will even have a very easy time letting you know if they can make it or not.

  • Flowers

Flowers will usually be part of a baby shower, and you may consider visiting your local farmers’ market to pick up whatever you believe you’ll need. Once you get home, go ahead and make your own centerpieces out of the things you just bought. If you’re making the centerpieces yourself, chances are you haven’t done that too many times, and a tip is to stick to one signature flower in your arrangements.

  • Decorations

Latex baby shower balloons
The baby shower decorations will play a central role in all those photos that will be taken, and luckily you will be able to do them DIY. When shopping to make your own decorations, buy in bulk, and make sure to visit online warehouses before you go down and buy everything at the store. That way you will know if one options is a lot more expensive than the other. Another thing to consider is to get latex balloons rather than mylar ones; they may not hold the air for as long as their mylar comparables, but they’ll get the job done, look pretty and save you money.

  • Renting different things

Have you decided to throw the party at home? Then you probably won’t need to rent equipment, but if you are lacking a couple of chairs, ask your friends if they are able to help you out. It’d be a shame having to waste money on renting if all it comes down to is a couple of chairs. If you’re having the party in your garden, you can even get creative with the seating by using blankets and picnic baskets. Consider special seating for the mom-to-be to ensure her comfort.

  • Food and drinks

Even though you may be trying to save money on the baby shower, this will probably be your largest expense. When you’re on a budget, the best solution is to cook yourself rather than getting a catering service to help you with it. A cheap and easy thing to make is finger sandwiches, and you don’t need to be a great cook for that. If you arrange it as a buffet, you won’t need to hire helpers to serve everything. Keep in mind that it will require more from you but also save you quite a bit.

  • Dessert

Again, it comes down to you doing an active effort. At the same time, you can ask mom-to-be’s relatives or other friends to help you out, or to even bring desserts if you know that they make great ones.

  • Entertainment

list of top baby shower games for ideas
Instead of hiring someone to come and perform, make a playlist that has broad appeal and tries to catch the mood you are trying to arrange, and we’re sure you’ll have a great time.