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DIY Fireplace Remodel Ideas on Any Budget

Fireplace Remodel Ideas
Fireplaces are among those home features that people would certainly love and this is why a lot of homeowners would spend a lot of money just to get their fireplaces remodeled. But you actually do not need to spend so much money if you learn some of the DIY fireplace remodel ideas just to give your fireplace a new look.

A fireplace remodel can certainly make your living space looking fab from being drab. Whether you are thinking of doing a full on renovation or you are just thinking of getting an easy weekend upgrade, doing it yourself is certainly the best and the most practical way to go.

The good news is that there are lots of ideas that you can take inspiration from when remodeling your fireplace. Whether you have the stone or brick fireplace, you can surely make a bold impression with the help of these DIY ideas.

Scrap Happy Fireplace

You can add a rustic charm to a fireplace made of faux stone by replacing the facade with some salvaged wood. You can source this material from any local company that sells vintage and used boards and beams. These should not cost you a lot of money.

Before you begin with this, you have to first dry out and prep the wooden materials. After this, you add a new level mantel and then a built-in TV wall that will conceal all of those TV cords.

This DIY remodeling project is so cheap and you can even source the reclaimed wood for free. For the materials and the built-in TV wall, you can expect to spend at least $100. You can make use of a level after you attach each row of the reclaimed wood so you will not end up with a crooked looking facade. In order to keep things straight, you can choose to add shims if needed.

Contemporary Fireplace Gone Rustic

A contemporary fireplace is already looking great, but if you want to remodel it, then you can incorporate a rustic feel to it. You can install a chunky mantel without all the fussy architectural detailing. You an also make use of a cultured stone in order to reface the frontage of your contemporary fireplace and hang wall cedar shingles right on top of the mantel.

For this kind, you can expect to spend less than a thousand dollars. For the mantel materials, this costs $80 while the shingles and wood shims for wall feature cost $250. As for the rest of the materials such as the wire mesh, stone and mortar, the cost would be around $550. This project might be a bit costly, but when you see the finished product, you will realize that it is definitely worth it.

Painting to the Rescue

Interior designers are usually crazy about color. If you want to give life to your dull and boring fireplace, you can use colors to great effect for your fireplace. You can paint the brick surround of your fireplace with a color of your choice, something that should complement with the overall theme of your living space. After which, consider hanging beautiful artwork installations or gorgeous paintings on the wall area right above the fireplace.

Whitewashed Wonder

If you want something easy, then go for the whitewashed wonder. For this design, you can transform your old, dark and outdated fireplace into something lively, bright and beautiful. This can be achieved by whitewashing the bricks of the fireplace.

As mentioned, this type of DIY fireplace remodel idea is easy to do. Begin by painting the bricks in plain white, similar to an eggshell finish and brush it on small sections. After this, wipe it down with rugs in order to remove most of the paint.

You can do two coats similarly in order to achieve the lightness that you want. For the finishing touch, sand over all the bricks with the use of a sanding paper with medium grit. This will bring touches to the original color and will give the fireplace a rich texture.

Dramatic Contrast

So how can you remodel a fireplace with dull white surround and plain beige wall? The best approach is to go for dramatic contrast. Contrast is certainly one way to highlight the fireplace in your living room. If you are tired of looking at your dull and boring plain white fireplace, consider updating the look with a stone veneer surround and instead of the usual white, paint the wall black. Add lots of drama by hanging a three dimensional art piece that will surely add a beautiful finishing touch to the overall look of your fireplace.

Stone Walled Fireplace to Stylish and Bright

The stone wall fireplace in your living room has the tendency to overpower your small fireplace. Moreover, the room’s monochromatic color scheme can leave your living space feeling dark and dull as well. To enhance the look of this kind of fireplace, you can go for a contemporary update.

This can come in the form of a new marble surround and a beautiful hearth beside a floating mantel. You can gain more space by removing the huge stone wall in your fireplace and instead, replace it with a wall painted with bright color, which helps to make the living room appear even bigger.

Fireplace Made of Mixed Materials

You can make use of the mantel and trim to distinguish the fireplace surround and that of the floor in your living area. You can go for the mantel and trim that is made of clear fir in order to complement with your mission style furniture and the exposed beam above your ceiling.

For this kind of DIY fireplace remodel idea, you can consider placing a TV on one side instead of installing the TV right above the heart that often keeps the focus off the fireplace.

From Bland to Gorgeous Floor to Ceiling Fireplace

Perhaps you hate looking at your bland looking fireplace that lacks mantel and is just not very welcoming and inviting. To update its look, consider a floor to ceiling design that features a sheet metal surround and a trim that is made of stained oak material. This will surely become a centerpiece in your living room. You can also come up with a custom entertainment center that will blend with the new fireplace and give your living room a gorgeous seamless look.

As you can see, there are lots of ways in which you can improve the look of your fireplace. So if you feel like your outdated looking fireplace needs some makeover, then consider the ideas mentioned here.

The key is to improve the look of your fireplace without really the need to hire professional remodelers or interior designers. If you have some creative juices in you, then remodeling your fireplace is certainly a breeze. With only a few steps, you will be able to transform your dull and bored looking fireplace without spending a lot.