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Various Ways the Best Local Garage Door Repair Contractors Near Me can Help You

Garage door repair is important. As you know, it is the thing that keeps your home protected against outside elements and intruders. So if the door got damaged, then you should immediately get it repaired. But there are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to getting your garage door repaired.

Annual inspection and maintenance is necessary in order to prevent any future problems. The steps to doing general maintenance should be easy and can be done by just about anyone experienced in DIY tasks, although hiring a professional is also a good idea.

When it comes to garage door repair however, you must only leave it to professionals who know what they are doing and will make sure that your door will be back to proper working order.  This is especially true if the repair will require more complicated steps. It is really worth it to hire a professional who can be trusted since you will not have to worry about the door getting damaged again.

As a homeowner, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the garage doors, including its different types, the materials they are made of, including some information about those professionals that you can hire.


There are four basic types. They are the swing up, swing out, roll up and slide to the side. The swing out door is also known as the sliding barn door, which is a great choice if you want the ceiling to be kept clear or if you want a distinctive look. Another popular option is the sectional roll up door. Below are more details about each type that can help to give you an idea, just in case you are trying to replace your existing one.

  • Swing up door – the swing up garage door is a durable overhead door that opens up as a whole unit. These doors are not as common as the other types, however they have a more traditional look that is known to offer a lot of benefits to homeowners. The doors will not require a track and only comes with one spring, which makes maintenance easier and more straightforward as compared to other styles.

The swing up door is also called as the one-piece door. As mentioned, it opens up as a whole new unit. Furthermore, it does not have any panels and are much easier to operate manually.

The doors also does not need more clearance outward as compared to the traditional roll-up door, although their lack of track also means that they will provide more ample space once the door is closed. Aside from being rare, the door tends to be a bit expensive as compared to the sectional doors, although the additional headroom as well as its attractive traditional style makes it well worth it.

  • Swing out – the swing out door is also called the carriage house door. From the name itself, the door swings out when opened or closed. They are made of two separate doors that will open outward from the center of the opening.

The door has been gaining huge popularity recently and the latest version of this door features an automated opener for opening and closing the door. It is very useful in keeping the ceiling area of your door clear, which you can use to store stuff.

The swing out door is usually made of wood and this is what makes it a bit more expensive, although you can also find swing out doors that are made from other materials.

Another factor to consider in terms of the price is the automatic opener for the door. It is way more expensive than the traditional roll up door and there are not a lot of garage door companies that could install this kind of door. If the swing out door is not within your budget or perhaps your garage does not have enough space to accommodate the swinging of the doors, then you can opt for other types of garage door instead.

  • Roll up – the roll up doors are perhaps among the most popular and common styles of garage door that you can find these days. The door lends itself to the use of automated door opener easily as compared to other types of garage door.

Also known as the sectional garage door, the roll up door folds as it is lifted until such time that it is in parallel with the ceiling of the garage. The door operates by running in a track and will require some headroom in order to keep the ceiling clear when the door is opened and closed.

Since it is so popular and can be automated easily, the cost of the door is just average, which means it’s not too pricey and not too cheap either. Any of the garage door companies in your area should be able to install this type of door. You can choose from a wide range of material, color, size, including other customized features.

  • Slide to the side – also known as the sliding garage door, this door offers a unique design that will not require a huge amount of space for outward clearance. Unlike the swing out door, the sliding door will not require any additional space to operate. It can simply be mounted on track that will run right across the garage opening and can only be made of one door that will slide all the way. It can also be made out of two doors that will slide apart when opened.

The drawback to this type of door is that it will only work on homes that have ample amount of space on one side or both sides in the garage, which is enough to allow for the door to open at least half or full length. Installing the sliding door could cost more than any of the standard roll up door. However, the siding door is one of the most recommended types of garage doors due to its secure design and aesthetic appeal that can help to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you are installing a new garage door or replacing an existing one, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of each type of door so you will be able to make the right decision in your choice of door.


We all know that garage doors are an important aspect of your home exterior. Aside from keeping your house protected, it helps to improve your home’s overall curb appeal. Depending on the style of the door that you will choose, it can also serve as an expression of your own individual style and preferences. The good news is that there are several different styles that you can choose from and here are some of them.

  • Traditional raised panel garage door – this is perfect if you want a clean and classic look of door for your garage. Its symmetrical and raised rectangular panels are what distinguish these doors from the rest. Some of the manufacturers of this door also offer an option for design and construction, which includes the natural wood options and insulation.
  • Contemporary garage doors – this provides for a clean and functional curb appeal for your home. This door can be made from glass and aluminum and there are also some companies that produce contemporary style made of steel. With this style of door, elements of glass, metal and wood are often combined together in order to showcase a modern and efficient look in your home exterior.
  • Carriage house – also known as the barn style garage door, the carriage house door is known for its distinctive and rustic appeal that could stand the best of time. These doors can complement perfectly with the mission style or craftsman style homes. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the carriage house can work well regardless of the exterior decor on your existing home.


Replacing your existing garage door is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. When it comes to the choice of materials, you will find that there are several options to choose from.

Your choice of material will mainly depend on certain factors, such as the amount of space that you have in your garage, both at the ceiling for the tracks and around the entryway if you will choose the swing up or swing out door. It is also important that you complement the material with the style that you want, as well as the overall curb appeal of your home. Below are some of the most recommended materials.

  • Wood and wood composite – among the most authentic materials are the wood and wood composite. And because of its great looks and various benefits, this door also carries a high cost.

The door can stand up well enough to the daily wear and tear, although it may also require frequent refinishing. Furthermore, the door may not be able to last as long as compared to other doors. Those that are made of wood and wood composite are easy to customize and could range from the mid price to the most expensive ones. Wood composite doors can achieve the same looks of wood, but weigh less and have a much cheaper price. They are ideal for ample sized double doors.

  • Steel – the best steel doors are those that are made of multiple layers of the galvanized steel. They are low maintenance as compared to wood. However, they could eventually rust and could get dented. In order to minimize the risk of damaging the door, go for the 24 or 25 gauge steel. Or better yet, opt for those steel doors that come with fiberglass overlay and capable of resisting dents and rusts.
  • Aluminum – since aluminum is a lightweight material, it can work best for those extra wide garage doors. The latest models are a bit heavier and sturdier as compared to the earlier versions of the aluminum. Moreover, the panels of the aluminum doors of today are often dent-resistant. The aluminum door may come with a bit more expensive price tag, especially if you will choose those that have heavy-duty frames. There are also cheaper options that come with panels that are made from other materials. However, these types of aluminum doors may dent easily.
  • Fiberglass – these are easily malleable and can therefore mimic any kind of material. If you go for this door, it is important that you select something that mimics the beauty and warmth of wood. You can also go for the transparent door in order to allow for the natural light to set in and illuminate your garage during daytime.

There are also customized fiberglass doors and are great for those living in the coastal areas. However, the fiberglass could get yellow eventually and may break eventually, most especially in those cold environments.

  • Vinyl – the vinyl doors are called the kid-proof garage doors since they are extremely durable and hard to break. They are similar to the fiberglass doors in terms of construction, but they are far more durable and will only require an occasional hose down. The only drawback is that the vinyl doors only have fewer design and color options. Thus, your options are a bit limited.

Types of Openers

When it comes to the type of opener, there are certain factors to consider but the most important of these is the type that you have. For starters, there are four different types of garage door openers and they mainly differ on the mechanical drive that they use in raising and lowering the door.

  • Chain drive openers – these openers are among the most powerful of all. Unfortunately, they could get noisier at times as compared to the belt driven varieties. But this is so far the only problem that you will encounter if you will go for this door.

In terms of the manner that it works, it is capable of raising and lowering the garage door with ease. As for the installation, the chain drive opener is a bit of a challenge to install and thus, professional installation is highly recommended for this type of opener.

  • Screw driven openers – screw driven openers are moderately priced and are often less noisy as compared to the chain drive openers. Doors that are screw driven are being held by a worm screw and have a grooved carriage that will ride up right below it.

When you activate the door opener, the worm screw will turn the carriage and will then slowly lift the door. The screw driven openers are known to be the strongest and fastest option.

  • Belt driven openers – the belt driven opener is known to be the quietest of all openers, yet it tends to be the most expensive. It works in the same way as that with the chain driven ones, but instead of the loud chain, rubber belt is used and that’s why it is quieter.

This opener comes with several moving parts that would require regular maintenance. The rubber belt that’s attached is highly durable and several manufacturers will even offer warranties for the openers.

  • Torsion spring automatic openers – the torsion spring automatic openers take up less room as compared to the others, yet, they are a bit more expensive to install. However, in terms of availability, they are a bit limited and unpredictable and can sometimes be very difficult to find.

The openers will not operate using a rail, they will instead turn a torsion spring rod and will allow it to operate the door, but with less noise. The high maintenance of this opener is what makes it a drawback for some.

Services Offered

The local garage door repair contractors near me are professionals who are well adept at repairing all kinds of damages. Here are some of the services that they can offer and the process of repair.

  • Garage door and opener replacement – first, the contractor will check to ensure that all of the parts are working well. They will also check the door balance before they can proceed with the installation of the new opener.

For the installation, they will set the opener in a ladder for ease of installation. They will then replace all the other components and check and fine-tune the opening and closing force of the door. Light bulbs are then installed to handle the vibration and finally, the reversing door will be fixed, if necessary.

  • Garage door repair – the process of repair will mainly depend on the type of damage that the door has. So before the contractor will start repairing the door, they will first conduct a thorough inspection of the door to evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the necessary steps for repair. Sometimes, certain parts might need to be replaced so they must first purchase these parts before they can proceed with the repair.
  • Insulation – when it comes to insulation, the first thing that the contractors will do is to take measurements of the door and to mark and mount retainer pins. The batting will then be installed and locked in place.

Next, the doorstop weather-stripping is then mounted before a new bottom seal is installed. Finally, the contractors will test the door and check to ensure that the insulation is done correctly.

  • Panel repair – before the contractors start with the repair of the panels, they will first disconnect the power. They will undo the tension springs and hold them in place. They will conduct thorough inspection to identify the problem. If the panels have been badly damaged, then a replacement will be done.

To replace the panels, they must first remove the old worn-out panels. Then the new panel will be installed by sliding them into the rollers. After installation, they will check if all the fastenings are tight before testing the garage door to see if the panels will be able to slide smoothly.

  • Window replacement – the process of replacing the garage door window will depend on the type of material that the window is made from.  For wooden doors, they will start by removing the frames that are holding the window. A sharp edged tool, similar to a putty knife, is normally used for this process. The old window is then removed and the new window will be placed in the pane. A thin caulking will be used to seal the edges of the window. Finally, the wooden frame is reattached using a wood putty
  • Garage door opener installation and repair – to install the door opener, the contractor will first attach the tube to the power and the traveler is then placed over the tube. The chain is then attached with the traveler before wrapping it to the power unit. The head bracket is then set in place to connect the parts. Finally, they will test the system to ensure that it is operating smoothly.
  • Emergency garage door services – no one can predict when it will eventually give up and stop working. This could happen even in the middle of the night. When emergencies such as this happen, you can rely on the garage door repair contractors. You just have to call them and they will come to your rescue, regardless of the time of the day since they are usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Opener troubleshooting services – when you call the contractors for help with your troubled opener, the first thing they will do is to identify and diagnose the problem with the door opener and you can be rest assured that they will be able to fix it.
  • Garage door torsion spring replacement – to replace the broken torsion spring, the contractor will start by loosening the unbroken spring. Next, the spring will have to be disconnected from the center bracket. The torsion tube is then secured and the old spring will be removed. Then the left spring will be installed and a new center bearing will also be installed.

Next, the rollers, bottom brackets and lift cables are replaced. The cables are then threaded and the drums are tightened. Finally, they will wind the springs and stretch. If necessary, the springs will have to be lubricated.

  • Gear replacement – the first thing that contractors will do is to inspect the gears to identify what the problem is. If the edges appear worn down or are shredded, then they will replace them. They can provide the gear replacement and you just have to pay them for it, on top of the installation fee.
  • Belt replacement – to replace the belt, the contractor will first unplug the opener. They will then position their stepladder to remove the track assembly. The railing will then be lowered to the floor and the belt tension is released. The pulley will then be disconnected from the carriage. The old belt is then removed and the new belt will then be installed. Finally, the railing will be reinstalled.
  • Maintenance – maintenance is important to ensure that your garage door will be in proper working order at all times. When you call the contractors, they will do a thorough inspection.

When doing inspection, they will make sure to remove any debris from the garage door or tracks and will perform a visual inspection of the rollers, cables, springs and the hinges. Anything that is worn and frayed will be replaced and all the bolts will be tightened. They will then lubricate the bearings, springs and hinges.

  • Chain replacement – to replace the chain, the contractors will start by connecting the traveler and the tubing. After this, the master links are then connected and finally, the new chain will be tested.
  • Garage door removal – the steps to remove it will mainly depend on the spring mechanisms. If your door has the torsion springs, the garage door contractors will first release the tension. If you’ve got an electric opener, they will first unplug it and the wires are then disconnected from the switch. The bolts that hold the power unit to the ceiling are then removed. The springs are then disassembled and the rest of the parts.

Working from the top to the bottom, the brackets holding the door sections will be removed as well as the roller hinges on both sides. A pry bar and a hammer is then used to remove the jambs in both sides in order to expose the existing curb as well as the framing that’s resting right above it.

  • Dent repair – to repair or remove any dents on your door, the garage door repair contractors will use certain tools and materials. Depending on the size of dent, special tools might be needed for repair. Usually, a high-pressure hose is used along with a bucket of warm water and some soap. They will wash the dented area thoroughly until such time that the dirt has been totally removed. The area will then be cleaned and left to dry.
  • Motor replacement – to replace the motor, the first thing that contractors will do is to disconnect the motor unit. Next, the old motor will be dismantled and the new motor will then be installed.
  • Battery replacement – to replace the battery, the first step is to take the old batteries off, which are usually located right at the bottom of the control box. If the opener is operated by a remote control, then the old remote batteries will have to be taken off and new set of batteries will then be placed.
  • Garage door framing – the contractors will start by measuring the bottom plate of the wall. Next, the header is cut from a lumber to the length of the door’s rough opening and with a clearance of about 6 inches. Then the headers above of the trimmers are installed and nailed. The jambs are then nailed or screwed into the framing at the top and then on the sides of the rough opening.
  • Changing the code – to change the code, the contractor will start by pressing the learn button that’s located at the side of the motor and then hold it down. The button is then released when the light beside it will go out in order to remove the old code from the memory. The learn button is the pushed and a new code will then be entered.
  • Track replacement – to replace the track, the first thing that the contractors will do is to remove the rollers as well as the hinge pins. After which, the springs are then removed and the garage door is gently pushed, making sure that the hinges on the other track are not damaged.

Next, the location of the old track will be marked to make it easier for them to install the new track. The screws from the track are then removed and the new track is then aligned and screwed. The garage door will be positioned next and the rollers and hinge pins have to be re-installed. Finally, the rollers and the track have to be lubricated.

  • Hinge repair – usually, when the problem has something to do with the hinges, the best solution is lubrication. There are just so many things that could go wrong with the hinges, and a lot of times, the contractors can easily fix these with some lubricating oil.

Another issue that could arise is a broken or rusted hinge. In this case, the repair contractors can replace them in less than ten minutes.

  • Opener programming – the contractors can also program your opener. First, they will locate the learn button, then they will press and then release the button. After about 30 seconds, the button of the remote will be pressed and they will hold it for about 3 seconds. Finally, the remote control will be pressed once again in order to test. This will then activate the door opener.
  • Keypad programming and installation – the contractors can also reset or program the keypad. To do this, they will press the learn button at the back of the motor unit of the door opener. After pressing the button, an LED light will glow for about 30 seconds, in which the new PIN will be entered. After the enter button is released, the LED light will blink, which indicates that the keypad of the opener has already been programmed.
  • Garage door seal replacement – when it comes to replacing the seal, the first thing that the contractor will do is to remove the old seal. After the old seal is removed, the new seal can now be installed by sliding it to the existing bracket sleeve. One side of the seal will have to be placed near the end of the door and at the other end of the seal, right near the other end of the door. This must go an inch beyond where the door ends. The seal can be screwed in place. Once done, the contractor will have to check the seal to ensure that it does not interfere with the movement of the door.
  • Weather stripping – contractors are also capable of replacing damaged or worn out weather stripping at the exterior doors. Installing the weather stripping can help you to save money on your electricity consumption.

To remove the old weather stripping, the contractors will simply pull it out. A new piece will be cut to length and inserted into the groove. Older doors can also be retrofitted by the contractors with the use of several rolls of self-adhesive foam weather stripping or with rigid strips that can be nailed in place.

  • Sensor repair and replacement – to repair the sensors the contractors will start by removing the old sensors. Next, the old sensors are then replaced by mounting them in the similar position as that of the old ones. But it must not be tightened yet as it might need to be adjusted in order to ensure that the two sensors have met correctly.

Next, the contractors will need to make sure that the sensors are in alignment. The final step is the testing. After they are done with the installation of the new sensor, they will need to test them to make sure that they are really working the way they should be.

  • Pulley repair – to repair the pulley, the contractors will start by unplugging the power cord. The opener is then disengaged from the door. Some of the door openers often have neutral position for the trolley to be able to disconnect. For older openers, the L-shaped drawbar arm might have to be removed.

Next, the door is then opened. Once the door is left to open, the cable clip from the S-hook is then removed. Next, the cable from the pulley is then taken off. The nut and the bolt that holds the pulley to the track will then be loosened. The worn out pulley have to be taken off and the new pulley will have to be placed. The nut on the bolt is then finger tightened and secured.

  • Garage door cable replacement – the first thing that the contractor will do when replacing the cables is to remove the tension from the springs. After it is removed, the screws will have to be loosened and the cable is then taken off from the cable drum.

The bracket will also have to be removed. After this, the new cable can now be installed into the bottom bracket. The new cable must be threaded up into the cable drum right at the top of the door. This must be done for both sides of the doors.

  • Fix a remote that is not working – when you call the company to fix your broken garage door remote, the first thing they will check is the battery. This is because the most common cause of remote control failure is weak and dead batteries.

Next, they will check the battery contacts because worn or dirty contacts inside the battery could prevent the electrical current from reaching the circuit board of the remote fully.  They will also consider cleaning the eyes. This is basically what allows the IR signal to pass through. Cleaning the eyes will merely require wiping it off with a damp cloth. Finally, the contractors will consider resetting the system of the remote if none of the above steps will work.

  • Find out why your garage door gets stuck, won’t open or opens by itself – there will be instances wherein it will suddenly stop working for no reason at all. Most of the time, the reason behind this is because something got stuck on the door, which causes the door not to open or close.

In this case, contractors will come to your place to do a thorough inspection and diagnose the problem. If something gets stuck, they will not only remove the item, but will also figure out the reason behind this. That way, this same problem will not keep on coming back.

  • Fix anything that is broken – the contractors can also provide regular checkup and maintenance to your door. What they will do is to thoroughly inspect your door and the moment they notice something is wrong, they will immediately fix it. Their goal is to repair everything that’s broken in order to avoid any future troubles that could affect your day-to-day activities at home or in your business establishments.
  • Lubricate the garage door – when you call the contractors to lubricate your door, the first thing that they have to do is to clean up the door. Lubricating the door when it is dirty will be pointless. Next, they will start with lubricating the springs. After the springs, they will work on the roller tracks and wheels next.

Finally, they will also place a lubricant along the shaft. If the hinges need lubrication, then they will squirt a few drops of lubricant in the pins and seams of the hinges as well.

Commercial and Residential Projects

If you have a problem at home or in your commercial establishment, then you can rely on the commercial and residential garage door companies near me. They are capable of providing you with fast, efficient and convenient services that you can rely on. As you can see above, there is a long list of services that they are able to provide. Whenever you call them for assistance, they will be there to cater to your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember that it is supposed to be protecting your home and your business establishment by keeping it safe against intruders and other external factors, such as extreme weather. It is therefore important that you keep your garage door as smooth as possible at all times so as to minimize the risk of accidents in your home.

Regular maintenance, proper inspection, and routine checkups can help to ensure the security and safety of your commercial or residential property. If it is ill maintained, it could lead to accidents and may put your life and that of your family and employees under threat. This is the reason why you should consult with the garage door repair contractors for the maintenance and checkup.

As you can see above, the steps to repair the damages are a bit complicated so you need to hire an experienced technician who understands how the mechanism works and can provide you with professional maintenance and repair solutions, leading to the efficient and smooth operation.

A lot of times, the technician can get the motor running with a few adjustments right after inspection. They are able to provide complete care for the repair and installation of some replacement parts, hardware, sections, tracks, openers, etc. That way, your home or business will not be affected in case your garage door will eventually give up.

Proper maintenance and inspection  can help to make it even more reliable, tough and long lasting. Both commercial and residential garage doors are often subjected to daily wear and tear and therefore need utmost attention. Integral parts must be thoroughly inspected as well to ensure that they are in proper working order. Among these are the hinges, openers, springs, drums, rollers, cables and struts.

Before it will put you at risk or cause problems to the daily moving employees or residence, proper maintenance and inspection must be scheduled with the contractors. This is to ensure complete protection of the door.

Aside from maintenance, repairs must also be done if in the event that the door gets damaged. Proper installation and repair are necessary to ensure a worry-free operation, so get in touch with any of the contractors in your area now.

Get Free Estimates and Quotes      

If you think you need to hire the services of a pro, the first thing that you need to do is to get in touch with them. You can call or send them an email and request for a free estimate or quote for the type of services that you need. If you are sending them an email, you need to specifically specify the kind of services that you need so they are able to provide you with an accurate quotation.

Better yet, just use the form on this page. This allows you to get in touch with around 4 of the best companies in your area just by filling out and sending the form that you see. Just by sending the form, you’ll be getting in touch with them, and they will get in touch with you with their best quotes so you can just choose from them.

There are some instances that the contractors will request to check your garage door before they can quote you for the job. In this case, they will request to visit your home or your business premises to conduct a thorough inspection. After they have checked your door and diagnosed the problem, only then will they be able to quote you for the job. If there are certain parts that need to be replaced, then the cost of such replacement part will be included in the quotation.

Remember that the estimates or quotations that you will request should be free. The inspection of the door must be free as well. If you are being charged for requesting an estimate or quotation, then you better look for another company.

The best garage door repair contractors near me are those that will be willing to offer free inspection of your door and will not charge you for requesting an estimate or a quote. Moreover, they also offer expert recommendations and tips when it comes to the maintenance of your door.

Various Ways the Best Local Garage Door Repair Contractors Near Me can Help You

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