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Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Installation Cost

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 What is a garage door weather seal?

As you might have guessed from the name, the seal helps to keep the weather out of, which includes rain, wind and snow. Although you have a garage door that does most of the work by blocking most of the open space, there will still be some space left that your door just won’t cover, usually about an inch or so. This is where the weather will be able to enter through, unless stopped by a seal. Garage door seals are also known as astragal, used to seal between two doors.

You will want to do everything you can to keep unnecessary elements out of the garage, since water can freeze and cause bad issues if it does, and a seal will also help insulate your home and keep your energy bill low. Imagine the issues if you were to fall on the ice that could have been prevented, had you simply installed a seal. Once installed, it’s also important to periodically check it out in order to ensure it’s in good condition. When they wear out over time, you will need to install a new weather seal.

Weatherstripping should always be installed around movable building components in your home, which not only includes your garage door, but also other doors as well as windows. All these should actively be monitored to ensure the seals don’t wear out.

Signs it needs to be changed

There are some important signs you need to look out for, which could be indicative that it’s time to replace the seal.

  • If the metal around the garage door is starting to rust, it could be time to have it replaced.
  • Since the seal’s job is basically to keep weather outside, this is what it should be doing. If all of the sudden you’re starting to feel a draft inside the garage, check out where it is coming from, as it might very well be the seal not holding up.
  • As with the previous point, water and rain should also be kept out by the seal. Puddles of water on the ground is a sure way to know that something is wrong.

If you experience one or several of those things, you should replace the seal as quickly as possible to avoid the negative consequences of inviting the weather inside your property, and the most important thing is just that you stay aware that it will need to be done eventually.

If you’re a big DIY person, here’s a guide or another one to how you can replace it yourself, otherwise, you  can easily save yourself the hassle and get a pro to do it for you.

The importance

Installing a garage door weather seal is highly important even if it is often something that is not on the top of people’s minds, and you wouldn’t be the first person to forget about it. However, we hope that you will be aware of its importance once you’re done reading what we have to say about the issue.

When you seal the gaps around doors and windows, you’ll be able to save as much as 10-15% on your energy bill, making it an easy investment to justify.

Different types of weatherstripping

There are different types of weather seals, that will come installed at the bottom of your garage door, and this section will briefly talk about the different types, and helps seal if your garage floor isn’t completely level. The type of seal you will need depends on the garage door you have and its cannel that the seal slides into.

T-shape: The T-shape refers to the mechanism that holds the seal in place within the garage door itself. The picture below shows how it will slide in with the door.

T shape garage door seal
Picture from Garage Door Stuff

Bulb-shape: Again, the name refers to the mechanisms that slide into the garage door, and the picture really describes everything that needs to be said about it.

Bulb shape weather seal

P-shape: As you can see, the little hooks look like Ps, and there might either be one or two of them.

P shape

There are also systems with triple-contact, brush seals which are commonly used in industrial spaces, and threshold seals, which is made out of hard rubber. The idea is that the seal needs to be in as close contact with the foundation as possible to ensure it is doing a good job insulating your home.

The cost for a garage door seal depends on the size of your garage door. Naturally, the bigger your garage door, the more expensive the seal. The seals themselves will generally cost somewhere between $10-25. As it’s a relatively small job, you can get the help of a professional contractor, and it will often not cost more than $50, which ensures that the seal is installed correctly and does the job it is intended to do.

The type of usage it will be exposed to also directly affects how long it will last for, and if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, it may only last a couple of years. Remember that it is that last inch next to the bottom of the floor that may have a direct impact on keeping your garage not flooded, when there’s a lot of water falling from the sky, as well as keeping moisture out.

It may seem like a small job to remember to have to do, but it is one that you will thank yourself for as soon as that first big storm hits your area. While garage doors need repairs once in a while, the seal is one of those things that is easy to forget, but where you will want to get it installed properly, especially since it won’t cost you a whole lot to have it done.

Be sure to view this video that contains a lot of different tips before you decide to write off this task.

When you’re trying to find the correct height of the threshold, here’s a guide that helps you do just that in an easy fashion. It even talks about finding out what the appropriate length is, as well as how to deal with an uneven floor.