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High Protein Vegetables

Protein is one of the main building blocks in our bodies, and it serves a lot of different purposes. While many papers have been written on how much should be consumed, there are a lot of different foods that contain significant amount of proteins, even if you didn’t know it before. So now you’ve decided that you need more protein, but you do not want to get it from animal products. Beneath you can see a list of vegetables that are high in protein. I’m sure some of them will surprise you significantly.

tempeh is high in protein

Tempeh is the first vegetable on our list. You can fry it the same way you would fry tofu or prepare it one of these many ways.


Tofu is the second kind of vegetable that we are going to mention in this article. High in protein with lots of delicious recipes that can turn it into a very tasty substitute for other protein sources.


Did you know that lentils can be a good protein substitute? Well, now you do. This is how you can include more lentils in your diet.

chick peas

If you didn’t know this already, I bet you don’t eat a lot of chick peas, but they are actually a very good protein source to include in your diet. If you need inspiration for ways to include chick peas in your diet, just look here.


Not embraced by many, cauliflower can help you get the amount of protein you strive to get. These are dishes you can use cauliflower for.


Mushrooms is the last vegetable we will include in this list. Check out these mushroom recipes for inspiration.