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6 House Framing Options to Choose From

The frame of your house will determine its stability and integrity. Since your home’s frame will be the backbone of your house, you need to ensure that it is built accurately and efficiently. You also need to ensure that you are using the best type of frame for the kind of house that you want to build.

Since certain types of frames go well with specific designs, you need to determine the best option for you before you finalize the construction plan of your home. This will ensure that the framework of your house will be able to support your home and all the materials that will be used in building it.

House Framing Options to Choose From

There are different types of house frames. Depending on the purpose, you might need to choose a specific type. Hence, it would be best to know more about them.

Read the list below to know more about different house frame types. These will help you determine the best type of house frame material to choose based on your home’s design, the materials that you will use for the construction and the functions of the rooms in your home.

  • Wood

Probably the most popular framing option that local house framing companies near me use is wood framing. Since it is more affordable than other options, it is often chosen by homeowners. The fact that wood is sustainable and is easy to acquire makes it a popular choice as well.

Most construction workers are adept in building wood framing since it is the most popular one. This means that almost all of the workers that you will hire are quite experienced in building wood framing. This is good news since you can be sure that the installers know what they are doing and are very likely able to do a perfect job in building the house frame.

Most wood framing supplies are treated with pesticides and insecticides. This avoids infestation and premature deterioration. Some are also treated with chemicals to make them resistant to fire and water. These are important since your house framing will be protected from fires and water damage, which will help lengthen the lifespan of your house.

  • Steel

Steel is also another house framing material that is popular among homeowners and manufacturers. This type of material is not as affordable as wood, though. It costs more to build a house using steel framing when compared to a wood framed home. Due to this reason, this framing option is less popular than the first one on the list.

Nonetheless, steel has a lot of advantages that you might find beneficial. Since steel is quite sturdy, you don’t have to use thick posts and beams for your framing. This makes the entire house framing lighter than wood or concrete.

It is also easy to install since most steel framings are manufactured specifically for a project. This means that cutting and shaping the steel bars won’t be a hassle.

One of the minor downsides, however, is that steel framing is a good heat conductor. It would not help much with insulation, which can be a cause of concern to homeowners who want to save money on energy bills.

  • Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF are gaining a lot of popularity due to their efficiency. The foam-based blocks are stacked like huge legos, which makes installation easier and faster. Steel rods are used to reinforce the stacked blocks then concrete mixture is poured on the holes in the middle of the ICF framing.

Since this type of house framing material is constructed with the help of concrete mixture, it is a highly durable one. It is also quite effective in adding insulation since the foam structure is left in place along with the hardened concrete.a

  • Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are a lot like ICF since they are also made from foam but the structure is different. Instead of the foam surrounding a concrete mixture at the center, SIP’s foam structure is located at the center of the panel. Two Oriented Strand Boards sandwich the foam base to add insulation and strength to the structure.

Like ICFs, SIPs are also used as walls and partitions. This makes Structural Insulated Panels a more efficient option. These can also have pre-cut boards that can be used for doors, windows and even electrical wiring systems at home, making them quite effective in terms of construction efficiency.

  • Green alternatives

If you are after green building, there are green alternatives that you can choose. Wet clay, strawbale, adobe and rammed earth are some of the green options that you can use.

These are not widely available, though, since green alternatives are often harder to acquire and manufacture. You need to consider the climate in your area since most green alternative framings cannot withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid framing options are a combination or two or more framing materials. Most installers and homeowners who are choosing this type of house framing option want to take advantage of both framing materials. Since both materials are used, the advantages of both options are obtained.

This is only ideal, though, if both materials complement one another. Unless it is efficiently executed, the benefits of both materials may not be amplified. Wood and steel framing materials, for example, go well together since steel framing can reinforce wood. It is important to determine which materials will bring out the benefits of one another while minimizing the drawbacks of each option.

Choosing the right house framing material will not only determine the cost of your project; it will also determine the performance of your house for the years and even decades to come. Hence, take your time in choosing the best material for your house. You might want to talk with residential house framers near me and ask for expert opinion before making your decision. This way, you can be sure that you are aware of both the advantages and drawbacks of the materials that you are thinking of using, which will lead you to better decisions in terms of choosing materials. Using our service is the easy way to get house framing quotes.