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How Much Does It Cost For an Electrician to Rewire a House

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How Much Does It Cost For an Electrician to Rewire a House?

Old, outdated and worn out electrical wiring is pretty dangerous and is in fact one of the leading causes of house fires. So if you notice that some of your electrical wirings and cables are no longer in good condition, then you may need to get in touch with an electrician to rewire your house safely. But perhaps, you are concerned about how much this should cost you. Read on to find out.

Why Rewire your House?

Electrical safety should be given utmost priority. In fact, this is one of the most important things that every homeowner should give priority in terms of home maintenance. Thus, one of the things that you need to check is whether your electrical system needs rewiring.

This is especially important for those who have very old homes. Houses that were built more than 50 years ago will most likely have fewer sockets to accommodate all of the home appliances and electronic gadgets that we use every single day. This could lead to the overloading of sockets and could damage these sensitive electrical devices, not to mention possible house fire.

Old wiring could also get damaged and will naturally deteriorate as time goes by, especially if they are made from outdated materials. In the end, not rewiring your electrical system could lead to a more expensive endeavor than having to get them done earlier on. And remember, these old and worn out electrical wirings can seriously jeopardize your safety and everyone else in your home.

How Will You Know If Rewiring is needed?

It is not usually difficult to figure out whether your house will need electrical rewiring or not. If the fuses will regularly blow and that the sockets overheat or that they just will suddenly stop working, then these are clear indications that there is something wrong with your electrical wiring.

If the wiring has not been checked or replaced for several years and the cables are looking worn out, then you should not wait until something goes wrong before you call a qualified electrician. If the fuse box as well as the electrical wirings are in good condition, yet you only have one socket in every room in your house, then you may need to call an electrician to add more sockets so as to avoid overloading that can lead to house fire.

What Does It Take to Rewire a House?

First of all, you should know that electrical rewiring is a truly extensive project that will require a professional electrician to work on each and every single room of your house. Understandably, rewiring a house does not come cheap. Still, rewiring the electrical system in your home is still well worth the cost especially in terms of safety. The project will include running new wirings and cables all over your house and then installing new sockets and then replacing those old and worn out fuse boxes.

If possible, it is best to have the project done before you actually move into your new house or while you are still refurbishing it since the work could cause damages into your existing decoration and might take more than one day to get done. The cost of electrical rewiring might actually be cheaper if you combine it with other remodeling work for your house.

Methods of Rewiring your Home

There are various ways to rewire your home and the most common of these makes use of a copper wire in connecting wall outlets and fixtures into junction boxes that are in turn connected into the main electrical panel, as well as the circuit breaker box that’s connected by a copper wire.

Wiring Materials

The type of electrical wiring that will be used along with the rewiring method applied by the electrician can greatly affect the overall performance of your new electrical system at home. Wires made of aluminum are lightweight and therefore, it can be used for over a long period of time, unlike the copper wire, which is heavier. On the other hand, copper is a good conductor of electricity, and is way better than aluminum. However, it is much more expensive.

Junction boxes allow for the connection of multiple fixtures into one circuit and this can help to save you money in some ways since it reduces the number of circuit breakers that you will need, as well as the amount of wiring to be used. However, this could compromise the performance. If the wall outlets and fixtures are wired in their own circuit, then this could mean that there is a low risk of tripping and overloading the circuit. While this might cost more, this will also require the need to use more wire.

If you prefer for the wire outlets and the fixtures to be wired directly into the circuit, then the length and the amount of wire to be used must be carefully considered. If it is in a long distance, you might want to use aluminum, as this is less susceptible to corona, a term used to refer to a discharge of electricity. But with this also comes a compromised conductivity, which is just 60 percent, as compared to the electrical wiring made of copper.

Cost of Rewiring a House

So the most important question you probably have in mind is – how much does it cost to rewire a house? The actual cost will basically depend on various factors such as how big is the property and what is the condition of the existing wiring. If it’s already very old and worn out, then it will require a lot of preparation work just to get a proper wiring installed.

For instance, the average cost of rewiring a two bed terraced house is at $3,000, which will require up to one week of work. Below is a list of the work involved for this kind of job.

  • Renewal of all the wiring system in the house, which includes installation of new electricity meter as well as a new consumer unit.
  • Installation of electrical accessories like switches and socket outlets.
  • Testing and installation of the circuits.
  • Issuance of final installation certification.

The cost of rewiring that the electricians will quote you does not normally include remodeling or plastering work that has to be done in the property. However, the contractors should be able to provide you with a quotation for these services in order to help you understand the overall cost ahead of time. The electrician will also make sure that their work meets with the current standards set by the government.

As the cost of rewiring a house that the professional electricians will charge would greatly differ, it may be a good idea to request for quotes from at least three different electrical companies before you decide to hire any of them. However, you need to bear in mind that the cheapest quote does not necessarily mean the best one, even if you are trying to save some money.

As mentioned earlier, rewiring an entire house is a truly extensive process. Thus, you must make sure that you hire only the experienced and licensed electricians who are well capable of carrying out the rewiring work.  So do a bit of research before you make a decision.

How Much Does It Cost For an Electrician to Rewire a House?

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