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How to Clean Bamboo Floors

How to Clean Bamboo Floors
The bamboo flooring is a popular choice of flooring for most homeowners these days mainly because of its durability. But despite the fact that this flooring can withstand the daily wear and tear, it is still necessary that you know how to clean bamboo floors if you are using this kind of flooring in your home. This is to ensure that the flooring will stay in excellent condition for a longer time. As you know, the bamboo floor is an expensive investment for your home so you have to keep it in excellent condition at all times. The process of cleaning the bamboo floors will require that you adhere to the proper steps so as to avoid damaging the floors. This article will share the steps on cleaning the floors that should serve as your guide.

Benefits of Bamboo Floors

Before you learn how to clean this type of flooring, it would be a good idea if you find out some information about the bamboo floors. Bamboo, as you know, is a natural flooring material that has the various properties of hardwood flooring, although it is produced out of a type of grass. Furthermore, the bamboo flooring shares a lot of positive benefits with a hardwood floor.

The biggest benefit of the natural bamboo flooring is that it is ecologically friendly. As you know, the bamboo flooring is made out of natural vegetation and that bamboo is a highly renewable resource that could grow to maturity in three to five years. It is much faster as compared to the hardwood trees that can take up to twenty years or more before it reaches its maturity phase.

Another benefit of the bamboo flooring is that it is slightly more resistant to water damage, warping and staining, as compared to other types of hardwood materials. Furthermore, bamboo floors are very affordable so if you are looking for an affordable option on your flooring material, then the bamboo flooring would certainly be a great choice.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the bamboo floors is that they are easy to maintain. This type of flooring material is relatively easy to maintain as you will find out later.

Remove Dust and Dirt

The dirt on the floor will remove the shine off your bamboo floors and therefore, you have to make sure that the floor is free from dirt and dust. You can make use of a fine fiber broom or perhaps a dust mop in removing any loose dirt off the floor. Make sure that you keep the floor dry in order to easily ward off the areas for the dust to collect. Continuous foot traffic on dirty floors will act like grit on sand paper and will cause some scratches on the finish of your bamboo floors.

Mop the Floor

A mixture of water and vinegar is a great cleaning solution. It should be on a ratio of one is to four. The vinegar and water combination serves as a great cleaning agent for your floor. You can also make use of a hardwood floor cleaner in cleaning your bamboo floor and if possible, make use of a sponge mop. But make sure that you will not let the mop to become too wet. With the use of the towel, dry off the floor immediately because you can cause harm on the wood if too much water will sit on your bamboo floor.

Make Use of a Cloth to Clean the Spills

With the use of a spray bottle, fill it with the vinegar solution and then spray off the area right before you wipe it up or you can just lightly dampen the cloth. Make sure that you dry the area immediately with a clean towel.

Polish any Streaks

Drying off the floor with a towel can help to polish the floor and remove the marks that have been left from the dampness of a mop or cloth that you have used. Make sure that you avoid using oil based cleaners as these products can leave your floor streaked and cloudy looking.

Be Very Careful Not to Scratch the Floor

On these steps, the most important precaution to keep in mind is to avoid scratching off the floor. You have to lift off the items and then set them down slowly. Place coasters or felt right below the furniture in order to prevent the pieces from marring the floor as soon as they shift. If you have pets at home, make sure that the nails of your pets are trimmed well. Vacuums that come with a beater bar must not be used in cleaning the floor.

Pay Close Attention to your Shoes

Remember that shoe marks can leave scuffs and dirt on your bamboo floor. Thus, you have to pay close attention to your shoes or slippers when walking on your bamboo floors. This is especially true for heeled shoes as these shoes are often the number one cause of scratches on the floor.

If possible, place carpets or rugs on the areas on your floor that has high traffic. This is to keep the floor protected and prevent any buildup of dirt. This is also to prevent scruff marks and scratches that come from the shoes and slippers. It is also a good idea to place rugs or mats on each doorway in your house so as to minimize the dirt that gets into your room. Make sure that you clean and shake out the rugs regularly.

Take Care of Stains

You should also know how to take care of the stains on the floor. When it comes to removing the stains, make sure that you only use damp cloth along with an appropriate cleaning solution on your bamboo floor. Scrubbing and rubbing the floor aggressively can harm the overall finish of your bamboo flooring. The stains that will set in must be buffed out and the finish should be reapplied.

Preventing Discoloration

You need to make sure that you take the necessary steps in preventing the discoloration of your bamboo floors. You have to hang the curtains or blinds on your windows so as to prevent too much exposure to the sun which might fade off the bamboo flooring. Window tint should also be applied on the windows so as to limit the exposure of UV rays and also to keep the bamboo flooring fully protected.

Buffing off the Wood

You also need to regularly buff off your bamboo flooring with the use of a buff sander especially if you notice that the floor has become so dull. Buffing off the floor can help to restore back its luster and make it to look beautiful again. But remember not to wax the bamboo and avoid using oil cleaners on your floor. You can also check out the website of the manufacturer of the bamboo floor for more tips.

Possible Changes on your Floor Every Season

Just like with any type of hardwood flooring, remember that your bamboo floors are also subject to changes in the temperature as well as the humidity. As such, seasonal fluctuations in relation to humidity can cause your wood flooring to be able to gain moisture along with high periods of humidity as well as lose moisture in the event of low periods of humidity.

All these changes can be noticeable on your floor. During the warm and humid weather, your bamboo flooring could expand. On the other hand, the wood will contract during dry weather. All these seasonal movements are pretty much a normal characteristic of your bamboo flooring and this can be minimized with the use of an HVAC system which can help to maintain a relative humidity of between 40 to 60 percent in your home.

You should know by now that the steps are relatively easy to do. Remember that although the hardwood floors in your home are pretty much very durable. They are still prone to scratches, dents, discoloration, and other natural manmade damage. This is especially true if you have small kids at home and you have pets as well. If you want your bamboo flooring to last longer, then you better follow the tips presented on this article.