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How to Clean Concrete Floor

How to Clean Concrete Floor
Concrete is a highly durable and versatile material. This is the reason why it remains a standard material used for outdoor flooring and is a great alternative to traditional flooring. The concrete flooring material can be smooth and plain or it can also be stamped with some unique designs and be stained in order to match with the overall decor of your home interiors. Furthermore, the concrete flooring can also be customized to fit certain space requirements. But remember that in order for the concrete flooring to stay in excellent condition and improve its longevity, you need to clean it regularly. If you have concrete floors in your home, then this article on how to clean concrete floor can surely benefit you.

Come up with a Strategy

First of all, you need to figure out what strategy you want to follow when it comes to cleaning your concrete floor. This includes determining the type of cleaners and tools you will be using in cleaning a certain style of your concrete floor. You have to also remember that when it comes to the maintenance of your concrete floor, this will depend on the specific type of concrete flooring that you have.

Cleaning Interior Concrete Floors

First of all, you need to dry mop stamped or stained interior concrete flooring in order to remove dust as well as other debris. You can make use of a mop that is made of soft cotton as this is the most ideal mop in cleaning concrete floors and it also helps to prevent scratches on the floor. Then, apply a damp mop along with a mild cleaner to the small section of the interior concrete flooring and then move the mop back and forth in removing the dirt on the floor surface. Make use of a clean towel in drying up each sector of the freshly washed concrete floor before you go on to the next section of your flooring.

There are certain things that you need to remember when it comes to this method. First of all, you need to use mild detergent or a neutral cleaner that provides optimum cleaning results. Next, you have to wash and dry off the concrete floor in sections in order to ensure that no section of the flooring will remain wet for a long period of time. The concrete floors, most especially the stained concrete flooring, can become discolored if the moisture will not be promptly removed. Finally, use a cotton towel in order to avoid any scratches on the floor due to the synthetic fibers found on blended fiber towels.

Cleaning Exterior Concrete Floors

For the steps on the exterior of your house, begin by pushing up and down a broom that is made of synthetic bristles. This can help to remove large pieces of dust and debris on the surface. Then, with the use of a garden hose, remove the surface dirt off the exterior concrete flooring. The pressure that is generated by the average garden hose is enough to remove the usual buildup of dirt on the exterior concrete flooring.

Make sure that you seal the exterior concrete flooring after every one to three years in order to keep the concrete floor protected against the harsh environment and against the daily wear and tear, and of course, from heavy traffic as well which is often common among exterior flooring.

Removing Stains from Concrete Flooring

Your concrete floors could get stained. This is normal and is really hard to avoid no matter how much you take good care of your floor. Thus, you also need to learn how to remove the stains from your concrete flooring.

The first step is to apply a dry laundry detergent on the stained area on the concrete floors and then leave it there for at least ten minutes. After that, scrub the area well along with hot water and make sure that you use a scrub brush made of nylon bristles. Repeat the process over and over again until such time that the stain is completely removed.
Another method of removing the stains is with the use of diluted bleach. To do this, simply pour the diluted bleach directly towards the stain and then leave it there for several minutes. Make use of a scrub brush that has nylon bristles and pour hot water on the stained area as well. Do this method again until such time that the stain disappears.

Another great alternative is to make use of a power washer in removing difficult stains off the exterior concrete. Make sure that you make use of the right nozzle in order to avoid damaging the surface of your concrete flooring.
Aside from the tips mentioned above, there are several other effective ways on how to remove the stain off your concrete flooring and these tips will vary depending on the type of stain on your floor. If there are oil stains on your concrete flooring, you can follow the bleach method. For this method, begin by applying bleach on the oiled area on your floor. Leave the bleach for 20 minutes and then scrub it off well with the use of a brush and then rinse it off thoroughly.

Remember to always exercise caution if you are using bleach because this material is considered hazardous. Furthermore, you have to avoid getting the bleach into your clothing as this could certainly stain what you are wearing and make sure that you keep it from your skin as well as your eyes as this can lead to irritation.

For grease on the floor, simply spread a thick layer of the kitty litter on the stained area. Let it sit there for 2 – 3 days then sweep the kitty litter and dispose. If the stain still remains, simply sprinkle it with a dry concrete mix and leave it there to sit for 2-3 days. Then sweep off the dry concrete well.

For removing marks, simply wet the area with an over the counter degreaser, like the orange citrus concentrate. Let the degreaser to sit on the spot for a few hours and then scrub the area with brush and rinse it thoroughly.

Cleaning Decorative Concrete

As mentioned, the method will pretty much depend on the type of concrete flooring that you have for your home. Decorative concrete flooring is a great way to enhance the overall look of your home interiors. It is highly durable as well and could resist stain. But of course, in order to maintain its great looks, you have to make sure that you clean the flooring in a regular basis.

For this step, you will need a broom, mop and bucket, as well as mild cleaner and warm water. The first thing that you will do is to sweep the floors the usual way in order to remove all of the loose dust and debris. Afterwards, run your dust mop on the floor in order to pick up all those fine particles and the dust and debris as well.
Next, fill in the bucket with a gallon of water and then add a small amount of the mild cleanser. You can make use of dish soap for this but never use vinegar or ammonia as this can cause damages on the finish.

The next thing that you will do is to dip the wet mop in the cleaning solution and then wring it well. Then, mop the floor in small sections while you rinse and wring the mop off. Then, refill your bucket with clean water and then mop again in order to rinse off any of the remaining residue from the detergent that you have used. Again, work in small sections while you rinse off the mop frequently.

More Cleaning Tips

Remember that you might need to rebuff your concrete floor occasionally in order to maintain its luster. For this, you can use a heavy duty buffer that comes attached with a pad and this machine can be rented from various rental stores.

To keep the looks of your decorative concrete flooring fully protected, reseal it every three to four years. Even though there are certain products that can do this for you, it is highly recommended that you call a flooring professional in order for this task to be done properly and well efficiently.
Also, you have to remember that although properly sealed concrete flooring is often stain resistant, if you let a spill to settle on the floor for a long time, this can eventually lead to staining. To prevent this, just wipe the spills promptly with the use of a damp cloth.

Another effective tip to clean and maintain the floor’s good looks is to wax the flooring every three years. Waxing the flooring regularly can help to protect the finish of the floor and help to maintain the aesthetic looks of your concrete flooring.

Be very careful with using acid based products that may contain harmful chemicals as this might just cause damage on the overall finish of your concrete flooring. As much as possible, use mild cleansers only and when buying cleaning products in a hardware store or home improvement store, refer to the list of ingredients used at the label. Ask the store attendant if you have questions regarding the cleaning product, or better yet, do your research online to find out which ingredients of cleaning products are safe for your concrete flooring.