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How to Clean Fiberglass Shower Floor With The Best Cleaner

How to Clean Fiberglass Shower Floor
Fiberglass is a common material used for bathroom floor installations such as in the bathtubs and the shower floor. This material is lighter as compared to the porcelain material and it is very easy to install since it will not require any gout or caulking. But the sad thing about fiberglass material is that it is very fragile and it could scratch so easily. It is therefore important that you keep the fiberglass clean at all times.

If your shower floor is made of fiberglass and you noticed that the bathtub or the shower floor has accumulated mildew and soap scum, then refer to these steps for a guide on how to clean off the flooring without the need to use any abrasive cleaners and sponges.
A lot of bathrooms today are indeed made of fiberglass flooring. In fact, even the shower stalls are made of fiberglass material with a textured surface that provides added safety. The molded bath fixtures are installed even without grouting and caulking. And again, it is important that you maintain the sparkling new look of your fiberglass flooring and you can do this by learning some tips.

Cleaning the Fiberglass Flooring

First of all, you need to open all of the windows in your shower room or bathroom. This can help to make the area to be properly ventilated which is necessary before you begin cleaning up. The next thing to do is to remove tough and dark stains with the use of a nail polish remover. This is very useful for oil based stains, iodine, tar and adhesives. Make sure that you wear protective rubber gloves when working with the nail polish remover. Simply soak the soft white cloth in the nail polish remover and then rub it gently on the stains until such time that the stains will be taken off the fiber glass flooring. Make sure that you take off any excess polish remover with the use of a wet cloth which you can simply throw in the garbage when you are done. Remember that the gloves must not be thrown towards the drain.

The next step is to prepare a cleaning solution of the baking soda with warm water. Make sure that you pour enough water on the mixture so as to arrive with a paste like texture. You can also make use of mild detergent or bathroom cleaner for this if you do not want to use baking soda. Among the detergent that you can use are dish washing soap, all-purpose cleaners and liquid laundry detergent.
Next, wet the surfaces of the stall or tub if they are not yet wet. Then rub the paste like cleaning solution towards the surfaces of the tub or stall with the use of a soft sponge. You can make use of a brush made of nylon to clean up the crevices and seams of the tub or shower. If you will use a brush for cleaning up the fiber glass flooring, make sure that you use the type of brush that is made of nylon, polyethylene or polyester material. You have to also make sure that the brush is characterized as non-abrasive so your flooring will not be damaged.

Scrub off the surface well thoroughly and rinse the flooring well. Make sure that no residue coming from the cleaning agent will remain. Afterwards, the next step is to dry the area with the use of a soft cloth.

More Tips in Cleaning the Fiberglass Flooring

In order to avoid the growth of mildew, it is important that you open the window in your bathroom or turn on the fan if the surfaces in your bathroom are drying. Keep a squeegee handy or a towel by the shower and dry up the surfaces right after every use. This can help to prevent growth of mildew on fiberglass and prevent hard water stains as well.

Some people might find that the process is easy, but the task can be quite cumbersome for others. The presence of moisture on your shower might gradually result in the accumulation of some mineral deposits as well as soapy scum right on the flooring surface of your shower. As time goes by, fiberglass flooring might fade and become dull because of weathering and this is the reason why it is important that you are aware of some tips on how to prevent the growth of soap scum and mildew on the fiberglass flooring.

Preventing the Growth of Mildew and Soap Scum

The best way to prevent the growth of mildew and soap scum is to wipe off the shower flooring with the use of a small sponge or cloth right after you take your shower. This way, the soapy water will not dry out on your flooring. It is also a good idea to improve the ventilation system of your flooring right within the bathroom by turning the exhaust on or opening the window of your bathroom. In addition, it is advisable that you use shower gels or liquid soap in showering so as not to dry the floor out.

Using Vinegar

In order to clean the fiberglass flooring of your shower, it is highly recommended that you make use of environment friendly products like vinegar which you most likely have in your kitchen. Vinegar is a great alternative to commercial products because of its acidic property. It is also a great idea that you spray off the fiberglass flooring with vinegar and then leave the vinegar to sit for 10 to 15 minutes right before cleaning the flooring with a sponge.

Using Detergent and Household Bleach

In order to give your shower flooring that beautiful glossy look, you can clean up with detergent and household bleach. Simply add a cup of bleach and detergent to a bucket of hot water. Using bleach can help to remove tougher stains that are present on your fiberglass shower flooring. When you are done, rinse it with water and then leave the floor to dry up. If any of these products are not available in your home, you might also make use of dishwashing soaps and even shampoos in cleaning up the shower floor.

Using a Polish

If the fiberglass flooring in your shower has already weathered and has faded, you can make use of a soft cloth in applying some polish in a small area of your floor. The proper method of application is through a circular motion by rubbing the polish directly to the floor to achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

Right after you go through the steps, it is highly recommended that you apply a coat of wax directly to the floor to keep the surface protected aside from enhancing its gloss. If you do not have any floor wax, you might want to use a car wax as an alternative but you must make sure that you leave it to dry right before you walk towards the floor.

Remember to use nonabrasive cleaners in cleaning the fiberglass flooring of your bathroom. The most recommended cleaners are dishwashing liquid and laundry detergents made of liquid. All-purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners are also ideal for cleaning the flooring. Using baking soda that is moistened with water is also a great way to clean the floor.

Regardless of the cleaners that you use for this process, make sure that you use a sponge or any type of nonabrasive applicator that is made of polyethylene, polyester or nylon material. When rubbing the sponge on the floor, you have to do it gently and always refer to the instructions provided for by the manufacturers of the products that you are using in cleaning the hardwood flooring. Do not every use any abrasive cleaners no matter how dirty the fiberglass flooring might be.
Stubborn stains might need a little extra attention. You can simply sponge a stained area with any of the products already mentioned and let the cleaner to remain on the stain for at least an hour then rinse it well.

For tougher stains like tar, adhesives, iodine and oil based paints, they can be easily removed with the use of an acetone or the nail polish remover which was also mentioned above. You can also make use of paint thinner for these types of stains. Simply saturate a clean cotton cloth with the solution and then rub it lightly on the affected areas until such time that the stain will disappear. Remember that utmost care must be taken when it comes to using these products.

Benefits of Fiberglass Flooring

Now that you know, you probably want to know some facts about this flooring. First off, let’s start with the benefits of this type of flooring so you will understand why lots of people would prefer this material for the flooring of their bathroom despite the fact that it is very fragile and is a bit difficult to clean.
First of all, water will not cause the fiberglass flooring to curl or shrink. Unlike the usual type of flooring for the bathroom, you can soak the fiberglass flooring on the bathtub, and when you take it out, it will still be the same shape and size than it was before. Several years ago, if you will gouge the vinyl flooring and it becomes wet, the vinyl material will be ruined as it will curl away far from the floor.

Another great thing about the fiberglass flooring for your shower is that it provides more comfort on your foot. In fact, some homeowners will choose this kind of flooring material for their kitchen as well since it provides them that little bounce as compared to other types of flooring material. As a matter of fact, some people have said that their back pain has subsided a bit because of this flooring.

The biggest benefit of fiberglass flooring is that it can be easily repaired and if it needs to be repaired, the repaired area will not look any different. But if you opt for a different type of flooring, the repaired areas of the flooring will be visible which will make your flooring to appear less appealing.
Another benefit of fiberglass flooring is that it is among the strongest flooring materials in the market. It has gone through a rigorous process of manufacturing that will produce a tensile material ideal for outdoor installation. Because of the flooring’s high resilience, it will create a decking with excellent dimensional stability that enhances the overall functionality of your deck.

Another great benefit of the fiberglass flooring is its ease of installation. Some homeowners also learn how to install the flooring since they know that it is very easy to do. This is due to the lightweight nature of the fiberglass. You can easily do the process on your own and the material can be carried without so much effort that will save you on labor cost during the process of installation. Moreover, fiberglass is very flexible so it is extremely easy to work with. You can also attach fasteners and then drive the nails without a lot of trouble which helps to speed up the installation process.

So as you can see, the process is very straightforward. Hopefully, this article can serve as your guide on how to maintain your fiberglass flooring despite of its very fragile nature. If you keep all these tips in mind, the fiberglass flooring in your bathroom, most especially in your shower, will sure to last for a longer time.