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18 Ways on How to Prevent Burglary

How to Prevent Burglary

Most homeowners must bring home security to the next level in terms of quality and safety because of the presence of bad elements around us. Intruders are out there and waiting to break into our house and assault us at the time when we least expect it.

Don’t Take this Issue for Granted

While the rate of incidents involving burglary has declined over the years, it is still a problem homeowners should not take for granted. Whether the decrease is due to the more effective implementation of laws or the advancement in technology, burglary must still be taken seriously to prevent any untoward incidents.

Yes, technology may have helped deter burglary from being committed, but we should keep in mind that the same technology has also helped burglars execute their bad plans more effectively and discreetly. Because of this, we should continue to be vigilant to stop this wrongdoing from happening.

What to Do if You’ve been Victimized

The best approach when you have experienced burglary is to work with the authorities. Make sure to report the incident or even if there is suspicion so a crime may be prevented.

How to Prevent Getting Burglarized

There are other ways on how to prevent burglary. They are presented below to help homeowners avoid being a victim of it.

  1. Most of the time, burglars would break in when it is the best time to do so. And that time is when there is no one at home. One of the ways to prevent burglary is to make your house appear occupied all the time. This can be done by keeping some lights open if you will be away especially at night.

There are devices or tools that will allow you to set the lights to turn off during the day and turn on at night. Doing this will not only prevent intruders from making your house a target, but will also decrease your electric bill.

  1. Aside from item 1, it is also recommended to invest in high-quality home security locks or devices to make breaking in more difficult. The secret to a successful break in or robbery is to execute the plan as quickly as possible. Making it difficult for them to unlock your door will absolutely delay the process and cause them to panic and just walk away as it increases the possibility of them getting caught.
  1. Make sure that all doors and windows, even the ones in your rooms, are properly locked before leaving the house even for a short period. Make this a habit even if you are at home.
  1. In relation to the item above, make sure that your garage door is properly locked as well every time you get in and out of the area.
  1. In terms of properly locking your doors and windows, inspect the locks you use at home and make sure that they are all in good condition. Replace old locks as needed and get a more sophisticated locking device such as an electronic deadbolt if possible. Get one with additional safety features like anti-lock bumping quality to make it difficult for burglars to open the lock.
  1. If you having sliding doors at home, then be aware that they can be opened more easily than the normal doors we use at home. However, there are effective ways to secure them. Visit the hardware store near you and ask a store personnel about what options are available to you.
  1. Aside from sliding doors, windows may need special locks as well. Check with an expert to understand how you can better secure your windows at home.
  1. If you plan to be away for a few days, do not let daily supply of newspapers or other letters to continue. They will pile up and could clearly mean that no one is at home to receive them. This can be taken by thieves as a sign and could take the opportunity to break into your house and rob you your house completely.
  1. It is also recommended not to get the attention of thieves. As much as possible, do not give them the idea to make your house an easy target. Do this by keeping valuables away from sight.
  1. Do not let the inside of your house to be seen through windows, garage doors, and the likes. Cover them with curtains, blinds, or other window treatment options you prefer.
  1. If you are moving out and getting a new place that was owned by another family before you, make sure to change all the locks before officially moving in. You should do this regardless if the previous owner is close to you or not. You would not have any idea how many duplicates or copies of the keys have been made before you.
  1. If your door keys are missing or stolen, be sure to change the locks immediately. Do not assume that you dropped it away from home and no one will know who owns it. It might have been taken from you intentionally so better to be safe than sorry.
  1. Make sure that the outside of your house is well-lighted. Install motion-sensitive lights around the area to startle potential intruders.
  1. Cut tree branches especially those that hang over your roof or backyard as they can be used by thieves to get in to your premises easily.
  1. Clear bushes or shrubs as well around your house as they can be used by intruders when hiding.
  1. If possible, have guard dogs as well by the entrance. Their noise when strangers are around can deter intruders from executing their plans to break in or rob your house.
  1. Aside from guard dogs, installing an alarm system around the house is also an effective way to protect your house against intruders. Putting up a CCTV is also an option for your peace of mind.
  1. On top of all the options presented above on how to prevent burglary, making sure that there is always someone at home is still the best way to keep your house protected. If it is unavoidable or if you have a family vacation, ask a relative or a friend to stay in if possible.

Implement them Now

Now that you know how to prevent burglary, it’s just a matter of implementation. So implement these tips to lessen the chances of your home getting burglarized. If you need help, there are home security contractors that you can hire.